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The Carpenter's Workshop

The Carpenter's Workshop Details

Established in 2006, The Carpenter's Workshop has evolved from its roots as a carpentry factory into a leading interior design company in Singapore. With over 15 years of experience, this firm boasts an impressive journey of combining artistic craftsmanship to create mesmerising living spaces.


Company Name


HDB Directory Number


Address/ Showroom

5 Sungei Kadut Street 2, #07-05, JTC Trendspace, Singapore 729227


+65 6346 7555




  • HDB-Registered
  • Qanvast SuperTrust Awards

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The Carpenter's Workshop Highlights

Introducing Carpenter Direct – the embodiment of where skilful craftsmanship and visionary creativity converge, transforming your home aspirations into reality. The journey began as a humble carpentry factory and flourished into an interior design powerhouse. The team, a blend of dependable creative minds, brings a unique flair to every project. The in-house carpentry workshop is where your home concepts come alive. With a decade and a half of experience, the company excels in producing pieces that effortlessly blend aesthetics with quality. The essence lies in designs and the unwavering reliability and patient approach that defines this firm's ethos.


Services Offered

Services Offered

Specialising in rejuvenating and revitalising living spaces, The Carpenter's Workshop delivers transformations that seamlessly merge form and function. 



What sets The Carpenter's Workshop apart from other interior design firms? 

The Carpenter's Workshop is your go-to destination for an essential carpentry workshop Singapore. It harmoniously blend craftsmanship and visionary interior design in Singapore, elevating your home aesthetics to new heights.

Can I actively participate in the design journey? 

Your involvement is highly encouraged as we believe in a collaborative process, channelling your aspirations into every facet of the design.

What distinguishes the in-house carpentry workshop? 

Our exclusive in-house workshop enables meticulous oversight, ensuring your design concepts are perfectly crafted while adhering to our exacting standards.

How does The Carpenter's Workshop ensure reliability? 

With an unwavering commitment to timely project completion, we're renowned for our steadfastness and transparent communication, ensuring a seamless experience.

Can specific design themes be accommodated? 

Certainly! Our diverse design team is adept at tailoring their expertise to align with your unique design inclinations – modern, traditional, or a fusion of styles.

What can I expect during the initial consultation process? 

The initial consultation marks the commencement of a collaborative journey. We keenly understand your vision, preferences, and lifestyle, transforming them into design blueprints.

How does The Carpenter's Workshop balance aesthetics and functionality? 

Our design philosophy is anchored in striking the perfect equilibrium between visual allure and practical functionality, culminating in spaces that captivate and cater to daily living.

What The Carpenter's Workshop extends post-project support? 

Our commitment extends beyond the project's completion. We offer post-project support, ensuring your living spaces sustain their beauty and functionality over time.


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