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Studio XMSL

Studio XMSL Details 

A cornerstone of the interior design landscape, Studio XMSL has consistently impressed since its inception. With its founding in June 2009, this award-winning design studio has emerged as a leader in crafting captivating interior spaces. Operating across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, Studio XMSL's diverse portfolio encompasses a range of building and interior design projects, captivating audiences with its innovation and creativity.

Company Name

Studio XMSL Pte Ltd

Address/ Showroom

E-Centre@Redhill #01-09,  3791 Jalan Bukit Merah S159471


+ 65 6536 6148



Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


Studio XMSL Pte Ltd Highlights

Renowned for its commitment to design excellence, Studio XMSL embodies the philosophy of XTRAMINISUPERLARGE. This remarkable design office boasts a legacy of crafting harmonious environments that connect aesthetics with functionality. The fusion of artistic vision and pragmatic considerations is evident in every project, delivering tailored designs that testify to Studio XMSL's dedication to its clients' unique ideas.


Services Offered

Services Offered

Private Residences: Studio XMSL's expertise in shaping private sanctuaries is unparalleled. From apartments to landed houses, the studio possesses an innate ability to transform living spaces into personal expressions of style and comfort. Discover how Studio XMSL turns interior dreams into reality.

Residential Developments: Collaborating closely with property developers, Studio XMSL brings residential projects to life through meticulously crafted designs. Showcasing a mastery of creating compelling show units, sales galleries, and communal spaces, the studio ensures that each development speaks of sophistication and elegance.

Commercial Spaces: Studio XMSL's creative ingenuity extends to the design of commercial realms. The studio excels in curating premium office spaces, entertainment hubs, and retail boutiques that resonate with vibrancy and functionality—experience how Studio XMSL transforms spaces into captivating experiences.

Experiential Design: Venturing beyond convention, Studio XMSL thrives in creating immersive experiences. Through experience in showrooms, brand galleries, and exhibition centres, the studio intertwines diverse disciplines into a cohesive narrative. Witness how Studio XMSL elevates brands and products, fostering deeper audience connections.



What defines Studio XMSL's distinction in the interior design industry? 

Studio XMSL's hallmark lies in its unwavering dedication to innovative design, seamlessly blending aesthetics and practicality. Its expansive portfolio spanning various sectors attests to its adaptability and creative prowess.

How does Studio XMSL approach crafting designs for private residences? 

Studio XMSL excels in sculpting bespoke living spaces that encapsulate individual aspirations. By meticulously understanding client preferences, the studio creates designs that transcend the ordinary, resonating deeply with homeowners.

Can Studio XMSL adeptly handle large-scale residential developments? 

Absolutely. Studio XMSL boasts a rich history of collaborating with property developers, crafting interiors that captivate potential buyers. Its expertise ensures that these spaces translate into captivating visual stories.

What industries benefit from Studio XMSL's expertise in experiential design? 

Studio XMSL's prowess extends across industries, from retail to technology and entertainment. The studio empowers brands to forge profound connections with their audience by intertwining design and engagement.

How does Studio XMSL foster a collaborative design journey? 

Collaboration is the essence of Studio XMSL's approach. The studio creates a synergy that brings visions to life by valuing client input. This inclusive process yields spaces harmonising client aspirations with the studio's design acumen.


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