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Parallelogram Design Projects │Megafurniture - Megafurniture

Parallelogram Design Projects │Megafurniture

Parallelogram Design Pte Ltd, established in 2019, redefines spaces through meticulous consideration of materials and attention to detail. Their approach enriches daily experiences by harmonising form and function.


Parallelogram Design Details

Founded in 2019, Parallelogram Design enhances spaces through material choice and meticulous attention to detail.

Company Name

Parallelogram Design & Co

Address/ Showroom

20 Changi Road #04-11 Centropod Singapore 419715


+65 6980 5557



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Parallelogram Design Highlights

Parallelogram Design stands as a beacon of simplicity in a visually overwhelming world. Their creations, spanning retail, hospitality, commercial, and residential domains, embody tangible interactions and evoke sensory qualities. Through exploration and investigation, they craft customised environments, reflecting their commitment to unique solutions.


Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Interior Design Consultation: Expert guidance for conceptualizing design visions.
  • Space Planning: Thoughtful layout planning for optimized functionality.
  • Identifying Design Styles: Tailoring designs to match individual preferences.
  • Material Selection: Curating materials that align with the overall aesthetic.
  • Bespoke Styling and Procurement: Crafting personalised spaces with attention to detail.



    How does Parallelogram Design stand out? 

    Parallelogram Design sets itself apart by creating environments that engage the senses, enriching everyday experiences.

    What sectors do they specialise in? 

    Parallelogram Design's expertise spans retail, hospitality, commercial, and residential sectors, showcasing their versatility.

    How does their design process work? 

    Parallelogram Design involves meticulous investigation and exploration, resulting in uniquely tailored solutions.

    Can they help with material selection? 

    Yes, Parallelogram Design excels in selecting materials that align with each project's aesthetic and functional goals.

    Are their designs customisable? 

    Parallelogram Design crafts bespoke spaces that reflect clients' distinct preferences and needs.


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