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Jesigns Interior Design

Jesigns Interior Design is a reputable and reliable company that has been creating stunning interiors for homeowners in Singapore.

With its exceptional creativity and attention to detail, Jesigns has established itself as a leading name in the interior design industry in Singapore. Their team of skilled professionals is committed to turning your vision into reality while ensuring your utmost satisfaction.


Jesigns Interior Design Details

With Jesigns Interior Design as your trusted partner, you can be confident that your home will exude elegance and sophistication, reflecting your unique personality and style.

Jesigns Interior Design

Jesigns Interior Design Pte. Ltd

HDB Directory Number



21 Hougang Street 51, Hougang Green Shopping Mall, #02-19, Singapore 538719


+65 9795 9279

+65 9144 3951




  • Jesigns Interior Design provides customised services for homeowners looking to transform their spaces or build their dream homes.
  • With a commitment to innovation and creativity, Jesigns Interior Design is dedicated to bringing dream spaces to life, making every project truly one of a kind.
  • Jesigns Interior Design boasts a portfolio of successful projects across residential and commercial domains, firmly committed to creating captivating living environments that seamlessly blend style with practicality.
  • Received the average rating of 5.0 on Qanvast


    Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and not encompass the ID's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


    Jesigns Interior Design Highlights

    Jesigns Interior Design - staircase and living room

    About Jesigns Interior Design

    Designs Interior Design distinguishes itself by providing cutting-edge and imaginative planning for residential and commercial spaces, offering clients a truly personalised and exceptional experience. With a track record of building lasting relationships with satisfied clients, the company has grown from a humble two-man team to a dynamic group of over ten talented individuals.

    Jesigns Interior Design takes pride in its commitment to out-of-the-box designs, setting itself apart by embracing creativity and originality in every project. Rather than adhering to conventional norms, the firm seeks to challenge traditional design boundaries, infusing each space with innovative concepts and fresh perspectives. By thinking beyond the ordinary, Jesigns crafts unique and daring solutions that resonate with clients' tastes and aspirations.


    Portfolio and Design Style

    • Jesigns Interior Design showcases a remarkable portfolio adorned with an array of exceptional designs that exemplify their steadfast dedication to creativity and excellence.
    • Each project within its portfolio reflects the firm's relentless commitment to crafting unique and personalised spaces tailored to its client's specific needs and preferences.
    • Their designs boast a seamless fusion of contemporary trends and unique elements, resulting in living environments that exude style and practicality.
    • Jesign Interior Design's portfolio is a testament to its ability to transform visions into breathtaking realities, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter its exceptional work.


    Services Offered

    Jesigns Interior Design- bedroom with study table

    Jesigns Interior Design offers a comprehensive range of interior design services and home renovation, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of their clients. Their expertise spans across both residential and commercial projects revamping existing spaces. With a focus on out-of-the-box designs and innovative concepts, Jesigns excels in crafting personalised and captivating living environments that blend functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.


    Jesigns Interior Design Credentials

    • HDB Licensed Renovation Contractor
    • bizSAFE 3
    • CaseTrust
    • Nippon Paint Exclusive Partner


    Jesigns Interior Design FAQs

    What makes Jesigns Interior Design stand out from other firms?

    Jesigns Interior Design stands out due to its dedication to out-of-the-box designs, creativity, and commitment to creating unique and personalised spaces that reflect the client’s individual style and vision.


    Can Jesigns handle both residential and commercial projects?

    Yes, Jesigns Interior Design has expertise in both residential and commercial projects.


    How long does a typical interior design project with Jesigns take?

    The duration of each project may vary based on its scope and complexity.


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