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EHKA Studio - Megafurniture

EHKA Studio

In the present trend of crafting inspiring living spaces, who can you trust to turn your house into a personalised haven? How do you find the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort, where every corner tells a story? These questions often linger in homeowners seeking to revitalise their homes.

Fortunately, there's a company that understands these queries and has built a reputation around answering them thoughtfully.

Introducing EHKA Studio, renowned for its remarkable ability to transform spaces into harmonious living environments. EHKA Studio's commitment to blending aesthetics with functionality has earned them a reputation that resonates with homeowners and design enthusiasts.

EHKA Studio Details

EHKA Studio operates an in-house department named EHKA Interiors, which specialises in offering design consultancy services for interior projects and works in collaboration with reliable contractors to carry out renovation works effectively.

EHKA Studio

EHKA Studio


1 Pemimpin Drive #05-06, One Pemimpin Singapore 576151


+65 6909 2798



  • Jalan Seaview (Stiletto House), designed by EHKA Studio, received the prestigious 5 Stars Award for Best Architecture Single Residence in Singapore 2022/2023, presented by the ASIA PACIFIC PROPERTY AWARDS ARCHITECTURE.
  • Featured in different media and publications.

Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and not encompass the ID's entire portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


EHKA Studio Highlights

EHKA Studio Highlights

About EHKA Studio

EHKA Studio, an innovative and licensed architectural firm registered with the Board of Architects Singapore, is driven by a commitment to ongoing discovery and clear thinking in their design approach. They emphasise addressing practical aspects such as project objectives, client requirements, feasibility, and budget considerations. These elements are meticulously worked through and elevated to create solutions that make logical sense and possess a poetic quality that resonates with human perception.

Portfolio and Design Style

EHKA Studio boasts an extensive portfolio that seamlessly intertwines interior and architectural design. Their exceptional expertise spans diverse projects, where they have consistently proven their ability to blend aesthetics with functionality. Notably, several of their finished endeavours have earned them prestigious awards and gained recognition in various media and publications. This is a testament to EHKA Studio's remarkable capability to create spaces that stand out in terms of design and resonate with practicality and innovation.

Services Offered

  • Full Architectural Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Design Consultancy
  • Authority Submission
  • Tender Documentation
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management

To know more about EHKA Studio’s services, visit their website.

Interior Design Credentials

  • Licensed Architectural firm registered with the Board of Architectures Singapore.


    EHKA Studio FAQs

    Is EHKA Studio a registered architectural firm?

    EHKA Studio is a licensed architectural firm registered with the Board of Architecture Singapore.

    Do they offer interior design services?

    Yes, EHKA Studio operates EHKA Interiors, an in-house department that specialises in interior design consultancy services.

    What services do they provide?

    EHKA Studio offers a comprehensive range of architectural and interior design services, catering to various project types and scales.

    How can I contact EHKA Studio?

    You can contact EHKA Studio through their website and the contact details provided above.



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