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Art of Integrity Studio (AOIS)

Have you ever wanted to make your living spaces more elegant and useful? Do you wonder how design and authenticity come together? Art of Integrity Studio has the answers you’re looking for.

Art Integrity Studio is one of the well-known interior design firms in Singapore, and they specialise in creating beautiful and practical aspects that reflect your individuality. They don't follow short-lived trends. Instead, they focus on creating spaces that look great and feel right for the people who use them. 

Can a room show someone's personality? Can design be both attractive and useful? The answers await you at Art of Integrity Studio, where your design dreams can come true.

Art of Integrity Studio (AOIS) Details

Art of Integrity Studio's belief in honest and thoughtful design makes it unique. 

Art of Integrity Studio

Art of Integrity Studio


81 Ubi Avenue 4 #03-25 Ubi One Singapore 408830


+65 8823 0594




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Art of Integrity Studio (AOIS) Highlights

About the Art of Integrity

Art of Integrity Studio (AOIS) is about high quality and creativity. They aren't afraid to think differently and develop new ideas to make spaces special. They believe that art is more than just things you look at – it's about how those things make you feel.

AOIS likes to do things creatively. They know that design is more than looks; it's about how a place makes you feel inside. Whether it's a calm and peaceful spot or a comfy home, AOIS makes places look amazing and work well. With a team that loves thinking up new things and taking on challenges, Art of Integrity Studio is the one to choose when you want your space to show off your style and be just right for you.

Portfolio and Design Style

Art of Integrity Studio's collection of work shows how they design. They mix creativity with usefulness to make spaces look great and work well and ensure their designs feel right for the people who use them. With new and imaginative ideas, they create designs that fit different styles and needs. The projects in their portfolio are proof of their aim to turn spaces into special experiences that feel just right.


Services Offered

Services Offered



Can Art of Integrity Studio accommodate different design styles?

Yes, Art of Integrity Studio has a versatile design approach, capable of adapting to various styles, and they tailor their designs to suit the client's preferences and the specific nature of each project.

How can I get started with Art of Integrity Studio for my project?

You can contact Art of Integrity Studio through the contact information provided above.

How long does the design process typically take with Art of Integrity Studio?

The timeline for each project can vary depending on its complexity and scope.




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