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AIDEE Interior Design - Megafurniture

AIDEE Interior Design

Do you dream of transforming your living space into a captivating oasis of style and functionality that reflects your personality and taste?

If you're a Singapore homeowner looking for an exceptional interior design company for your home renovation project, AIIDEE Interior Design might be the one you're looking for. Their proven track record of delivering remarkable interior transformations has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry. Get ready to experience the joy of living in a space that feels uniquely yours, and let AIIDEE Interior Design guide you through the transformative process of crafting your dream home.


AIIDEE Interior Design Details

AIIDEE Interior Design has a team of experts who ensure cost-effective solutions while creating beautiful home or office spaces. With their creativity and material knowledge, they source wisely and match skillfully, delivering impressive results within budget.

AIIDEE Interior Design

AIIDEE Interior Design


320 Serangoon Road #10-08 Centrium Square S218108


+65 8898 8738




  • AIIDEE, a Singapore-based professional interior design firm, excels in adapting to client's needs and surpassing expectations.
  • AIIDEE's interior designers are experts in giving your space a distinct identity through thoughtful spacing, architectural considerations, and well-chosen furnishings.
  • They strive to create mesmerising spaces by exploring unique and innovative designs, ensuring customers are delighted with the final result.


Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and not encompass the ID's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


AIIDEE Interior Design Highlights

AIIDEE Interior Design Highlights

About AIIDEE Interior Design

Established in 2021, AIIDEE Interior Design is a reputable firm based in Singapore and Taiwan. They offer comprehensive design services, crafting elegant residential and commercial spaces for clients with diverse tastes. Every meticulously executed project reflects their deep conviction in the power of high-quality interior design to enhance lives.

Each member of the AIIDEE team brings over five years of professional experience and a world-class education in art and design. Their approach focuses on creating elegant and timeless designs tailored to each individual, with a touch of the occupant's personality, to make spaces truly unique.


Portfolio and Design

AIIDEE Interior Design boasts an impressive portfolio of elegant and sophisticated projects in both residential and commercial domains.

With their team of skilled and experienced interior designers, AIIDEE has successfully delivered aesthetically pleasing and meticulously executed designs. Their approach emphasises creating timeless and tailored spaces that exude a sense of individuality while incorporating high-quality elements that enhance the overall ambience.

AIIDEE Interior Design excels in diverse styles, showcasing its expertise in creating stunning spaces. These styles include:

  • Peranakan & Colonial
  • Oriental
  • Mid-Modern Century
  • Scandinavian/Muji
  • Modern Luxury


Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Residential interior design includes HDB, Condominiums, and landed property projects.
  • Commercial design
  • Office design
  • Interior design consultancy
  • Colour & material proposal
  • Renovation work
  • Site coordination & supervision
  • Interior decoration & styling

 Visit their website to learn more about AIIDEE Interior Design's services.



Does AIIDEE Interior Design handle both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, AIIDEE Interior Design caters to residential and commercial clients, creating stunning and functional spaces for homes and offices.


What services does AIIDEE Interior Design offer?

AIIDEE Interior Design offers interior design and renovation services for HDB, BTO, Landed, Condominium, and Commercial spaces. To know more about their services, visit them at their official website or contact them directly to their phone number, email, or social media accounts.


What is the typical timeline for completing an interior design project with AIIDEE?

The timeline for completing an interior design project with AIIDEE Interior Design depends on the scope and complexity of the project.



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