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AC Vision Design Pte Ltd - Megafurniture

AC Vision Design Pte Ltd

AC Vision Design Pte Ltd Details 

In the vibrant world of interior design, AC Vision Design Pte Ltd stands as a beacon of creativity and quality. Based in Singapore, the company's passion lies in curating stunning living environments that resonate with comfort and aesthetics. With a commitment to perfection, AC Vision Design takes pride in crafting homes that reflect individuality and functionality.


Company Name

AC Vision Design Pte Ltd

Address/ Showroom

7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #04-44 Northstar @ AMK

Singapore 569880


+65 6734 0808  / +65 9848 5080



Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.

AC Vision Design Pte Ltd Highlights 

Dedicated to making dreams a reality, AC Vision Design Pte Ltd excels in many home improvement services. Specialising in renovation projects, the company has honed its expertise in interior design, carpentry, painting, and electrical works. Each project is approached with precision and care, ensuring that spaces are visually appealing and seamlessly functional.

Nestled within the Singaporean market, AC Vision Design Pte Ltd shoulders the immense responsibility of shaping living spaces. The company's seasoned team possesses an unmatched skill set to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens. The result? Homes that exude charm, warmth, and practicality, inviting you to embrace a sense of belonging.

At AC Vision Design, a commitment to excellence is the cornerstone. They create enduring beauty that stands the test of time using premium, long-lasting materials. But it's not just about the materials – it's about the attitude. AC Vision Design thrives on exceptional service delivery, ensuring that every interaction with clients is marked by professionalism and a determination to turn abstract visions into tangible, breathtaking realities.

Services Offered 

Services Offered

  • Renovation Projects: A complete space overhaul tailored to your preferences. 
  • Interior Design Services: Curating aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony. 
  • 3D Conceptualisation: Visualise your dreams before they come to life. 
  • Carpentry: Craftsmanship that adds elegance and practicality to interiors. 
  • Electrical: Expert solutions to illuminate and power your space effectively. 
  • Painting: Adding vibrant hues to create an atmosphere of vibrancy. 
  • After-sale Service: Continued support and care even after project completion.


What sets AC Vision Design apart from other interior design firms? 

AC Vision Design Pte Ltd stands out through its unwavering commitment to excellence. Focusing on quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and impeccable customer service, they ensure that every project is a testament to their dedication to turning visions into reality.

How does AC Vision Design ensure client satisfaction? 

Client satisfaction is paramount to AC Vision Design. Their experienced team engages in thorough consultations, active listening, and transparent communication to understand client preferences and expectations. This client-centric approach guarantees that the outcome not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Can AC Vision Design handle projects of varying sizes? 

Absolutely. AC Vision Design Pte Ltd is equipped to handle projects of all sizes, whether it's a small-scale renovation or a complete interior overhaul. Every project is approached with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism, resulting in exceptional outcomes every time.

Is AC Vision Design limited to residential projects only? 

AC Vision Design specialises in crafting exceptional homes, but their expertise extends beyond residential spaces. They also cater to commercial projects, ensuring the same level of creativity, quality, and innovation is applied to create remarkable business environments.

How can I start my dream interior project with AC Vision Design? 

Embarking on your dream interior project with AC Vision Design is as simple as getting in touch. Reach out to their team through their website or contact details, and begin the journey towards transforming your space into a masterpiece of design and functionality.


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