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Ultimate Guide to Buying Shoe Cabinets in Singapore - Megafurniture

Ultimate Guide to Buying Shoe Cabinets in Singapore

Shopping for shoe cabinets in Singapore? Here's what you need to know before visiting your favourite furniture store.

Most of us have limited entryways, especially those who live in HDB or BTO flats, so it's challenging to organise our shoes once we enter our homes. Having a reliable shoe cabinet or rack makes a big difference in fitting everything beautifully in one place. 

shoe rack or shoe shelf is an open-tiered storage unit typically used for convenience and easy access. A rack is usually made of metal, wood, or plastic materials, while a shoe cabinet is a closed storage unit preferred by many to keep the shoes safe and free from dust.

Whether you're buying a shoe cabinet or a rack, here are some ways you can bring the perfect furniture to your home.

Why Do You Need a Shoe Cabinet?

Why Do You Need a Shoe Cabinet?

A modern shoe cabinet is a good solution if you are an avid shoe collector or in need of a convenient area to keep your footwear. Without a shoe storage unit or wooden shoe rack, there's a big chance that shoes will be piled in the hallway, contributing to an unsightly and cluttered space. This means all the dirt from outdoor shoes, garden shoes, or boots on a rainy day will stick to household floors. It also means the first thing that will welcome your guests is your pile of shoes.

A shoe rack or cabinet makes it easier to keep the chaos in one place, giving you a more spacious and presentable welcome area.

Wooden Shoe Rack vs. Shoe Cabinet

Shoe Rack vs. Shoe Cabinet

Shoe Rack

Shoe Cabinet

Provides ample ventilation but partial protection from dust and dirt

Offers enough protection from outside dirt, but it is not advisable to handle wet shoes

Makes shoe access easy

Keeps your shoe collection hidden, making your room look tidier

Less prone to germ contamination, but does not hide the pungent smell of used shoes

Prevents unpleasant odours from being all over the place

Unsightly or dirty shoes can be seen by everyone

Can hide unsightly items but can cause clutter since it’s easy to hide the mess


Some Factors to Consider when Buying a Shoe Storage

Some Factors to Consider when Buying a Shoe Storage

When shopping for shoe storage in Singapore, it's essential to consider your household's needs. Every member has various requirements regarding the storage size and the number of shelves needed.

  1. Measure your available space. Before heading to your favourite store or online furniture shop, you must know how much space is needed for your cabinet. HDB entryways are typically smaller, so it's good to see if you can fit a multiple-door cabinet, a slim unit, or a rack. A narrow shoe cabinet is great for limited spaces. Some modular options allow you to add more storage to maximise your vertical space. If you have ample floor space, investing in a four-door cabinet can help you create a welcoming foyer that will surely appeal to your guests. 

    When shopping, don't hesitate to ask for the shelf dimensions and exterior measurements to ensure your shoe cabinet fits your intended space.

  2. Assess your storage needs. Do you have an extensive shoe collection? How about the other members of your family? When space is at a premium, it's important to carefully understand your storage requirements and avoid buying a unit that doesn't fit your needs. If you store a collection, you will need a proper cabinet to secure everything. A rack or a lightweight plastic shoe cabinet will suffice if you are storing fewer pieces. Many shoe cabinets are also designed to hold more complex shoe designs, like heels and high-cut shoes. If you usually use flats or sneakers, you don’t need spacious storage units, but for high heels and larger shoes, it’s good to invest in a more spacious shoe cabinet to preserve the quality of your collection. 

    It's also good to check the number of shoe compartments to ensure you can sort your shoes by category or user and prevent confusion when going through your items. To give you a clearer view, online shoe cabinet stores display the dimensions and the approximate number of pairs a unit can contain. It's good to plan for your future storage by purchasing a cabinet that has a slightly larger capacity than what you initially need.

  3. Consider the design of your cabinet. An open rack is a fantastic solution if you're looking for immediate access to your shoe collection. This also provides ample ventilation to prevent discoloration. A closed shoe cabinet is a secured space to prevent your shoes from accumulating dust when not in use. This design will also make your room tidier and more presentable. To provide ample ventilation, some closed shoe cabinets come with ventilation holes.

  4. Choose the right material. Various storage units are made of metal, wood, plastic, glass, and other durable materials. Wooden shoe cabinets are arguably the finest choice since they give any space a durable and versatile appeal. Wooden shoe cabinets range from classic styles to modern and colourful eclectic pieces. These provide the right protection from direct sunlight and moisture, which can tarnish the quality of your shoes. However, generally, wooden shoe cabinets are not recommended for outdoor use. Metal shoe cabinets are less offered in Singapore but are more commonly used on racks and open shelve units. If you're looking for unique storage, check out some fabric or plastic units or plastic shoe cabinet/waterproof outdoor cabinet varieties.

  5. Look for additional features. Some shoe cabinets come with additional upper shelving to store other items like socks, keys, gloves, and other knick-knacks, making them perfect for your entryway. Another thing to check is the mobility of your unit. Some shoe cabinets come with castors that make them easier to move around when redesigning your space. Castors will prevent your furniture from scratching or damaging your floor.

Important To Note:

In terms of shoe cabinet depth:

Knowing the shoe cabinet depth is crucial to ensure it accommodates various shoe types without wasting space or compromising shoe condition. A suitable depth allows for efficient storage, preserving the shape and quality of shoes, and ensures the cabinet fits well in the designated area, maximising space utilisation.

In terms of shoe cabinet dimensions:

Properly sized cabinets prevent overcrowding, promote organization, and enhance accessibility to your footwear.

In terms of shoe cabinet ventilation:

Shoe cabinet ventilation is particularly crucial for storing sports shoes or in humid climates, helping to extend the life of your footwear and maintain hygiene.


Form Meets Function

Form Meets Function

Some shoe storage units are more expensive because of their materials and design. If you're willing to invest in elegant pieces, you can discover an assortment of luxurious styles that can fit the theme you want to achieve. Remember, cheaper shoe cabinets aren't always the best. On the other hand, pricier units are not always the most suitable. It's important to find the balance between form and function to ensure you get the most out of what you pay for. In the end, it all boils down to your personal needs and style preferences.

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