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TV Console Size Guide - Megafurniture

TV Console Size Guide

It’s nice to create a cosy and well-arranged entertainment centre with your ideal television and the right TV console or stand to support and decorate your television space. When buying a TV console, one of the biggest concerns is its size. Since there are myriads of size and style choices available on the market, it can be tricky to choose the right one that fits your television’s needs.

Should a TV console be bigger than the television? Can a TV console be smaller than the TV?

As a rule of thumb, a TV console should be at least 3 to 6 inches longer than the television. Here’s how you can measure your television to decide on the size of your entertainment unit.

How to Measure the Television

How to Measure the Television

The actual measurements of a television are taken by diagonally measuring it from the top corner to the bottom of the other side. This means that the 50 inches of a 50" television don’t describe its width but its diagonal dimension. So, if you are buying a long TV console for a 50" television, you should measure the actual width of the TV with a tape measure since these consoles are measured horizontally. Do this by taking the size from the left to the right of the television. You can also refer to the TV’s width on the manufacturer’s website.

After doing this, you can follow the standard TV console measurement that fits your TV size.

Why Is It Important to Follow the Right TV Console Size?



Leaving enough allowance for your television will make your whole entertainment setup more balanced. You can also use the extra space to add some decorations to enhance the personality of your living room. In terms of height, a TV console that is lower than your TV’s height will make it look more expansive, which many homeowners love. However, this depends on the distance and sightlines of the users.



A TV console that is longer than the television will help prevent accidents like bumping into it. The three- to six-inch allowance will help your television remain steadily at the centre.



When deciding on the height of your TV console, make sure to maintain a comfortable setup that allows the middle of the TV screen to be a little bit below eye level. This is dependent on how big the television is. 

The viewing distance compared to the TV size and resolution is also an important factor to consider. It is recommended to maintain a viewing distance that is double the TV size for comfortable viewing.

Other Considerations

Other Considerations

Your personal preference, the size of your room, and other living room furniture pieces present in the area are also important details to note when buying a television console. If you need extra storage for your living space, you can also choose a console with extra shelves or drawers to keep your items in place.

Megafurniture presents a wide selection of premium TV consoles in Singapore. Choose from the variety of TV console sizes, materials, and styles available online.


What are the standard TV cabinet dimensions I should consider when purchasing a TV console?

Standard TV cabinet dimensions vary, but typically, you'll want a TV console at least 3 to 6 inches longer than your television's width. Ensure you measure your TV's width, as its size is described diagonally. This measurement helps select the appropriate TV console size for a balanced and safe entertainment setup.

Can a TV console be smaller than the TV?

Ideally, a TV console should be slightly larger than the television it supports. Ensuring the TV console is at least 3 to 6 inches longer than the TV helps provide stability and prevents accidents like bumping into it.

How do I determine the ideal TV console height for my television

When determining the perfect TV console height, consider maintaining a setup where the middle of the TV screen is slightly below eye level for comfortable viewing. This height depends on the television's size and the seating area's distance.

What factors should I consider besides TV console dimensions when choosing an entertainment unit?

In addition to TV console dimensions, consider factors such as your personal style preferences, the size of your room, and other furniture pieces in the space. Also, evaluate storage needs and whether you require additional shelves or drawers in the TV console.

How do I ensure a balanced and aesthetically pleasing entertainment setup with my TV console?

To achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing entertainment setup, ensure that your TV console dimensions complement your television's size. Aim for a slightly larger console than the TV, allowing space to decorate around it. Additionally, consider the height of the TV console relative to the TV and seating area for optimal viewing comfort.

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