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The Furniture Essentials for Every Bedroom - Megafurniture

The Furniture Essentials for Every Bedroom

A bedroom is not complete without the classic bedroom furniture staples. There is the obvious bed, the functional yet stylish dressing table and at least one nightstand.

That said, how the various elements in your living space blend and interact with one another can also determine how comfortable and relaxed you feel in your bedroom.

By choosing the right ingredients for your sleeping space, you effectively provide your bedroom with the much-needed oomph that will transform it into an inviting and attractive sanctuary that you would want to retreat into after a long day.


The ideal bed

As its namesake suggests, the focal point of the bedroom is the bed. Given that you spend more than one-third of your life in bed, you want to come home to a comfy place to lie and receive a good night’s rest.

Finding the right mattress makes all the difference when it comes to your sleep quality. You want a mattress that offers ample back support and holds your spine in a neutral position regardless of your sleeping posture. This provides you with a good comfort level as you recharge your body.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right mattress. Instead, it boils down to your personal preferences since each mattress comes with pros and cons, meaning it is up to you to evaluate your priorities.

For those with a history of joint pain, a foam mattress essentially absorbs your body weight to relieve pressure on these areas. If you prefer to have your mattress conform to your body shape while you sleep, coil mattresses do the trick with their hourglass silhouette.

Other forms of mattresses also boast different qualities.

Latex mattresses are best suited for individuals prone to allergies as they prevent dust mites from collecting, although they may feel a bit too firm compared to the pocket spring mattress where the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted.

Not to be neglected is the bed frame that your mattress sits upon. Given that the bed frame is the foundation on which the mattress sits, like bricks used to build a house, even the best mattress will be limited with a poor-quality frame. A frame that squeaks and creaks will do no justice to your sleep quality.

Ideally, you would also want a bed frame that meets your storage needs. Storage beds can help streamline your home organisation as it creates new space for you to put away the things you do not need. For example, storing away your winter clothes in summer. Some bed frames can be lifted up for access to the storage underneath while others have drawer cabinets built in.

On an aesthetic front, a bed frame paired with a chic headboard can lend a splash of personality to your bedroom interior. Furthermore, it provides added back support when you want to cosy up with a great book.

From the timeless metal frame and the stylish wooden bedstead to bed frames made of genuine leather, there is bound to be a frame out there that suits your functional and aesthetic needs.


The cosy accessories

Think your bedroom does not feel relaxing enough? You can work on improving it starting with your bed.

Good, comfortable bedding is a reliable way to spruce up your bedroom and create a seamless look and feel. Having just two white pillows can look boring and lifeless, so add some engaging patterns and colours to make your bed feel extra cosy and liven up your bedroom décor.

Ideally use about three or four pillows and choose patterns or textures that juxtaposes with the plain sheets while still matching the overall room décor. Throw in some fluffy quilt comforters and you will feel like you are sleeping on air. They also act as additional padding for your back.

A snuggly bed can go a long way in ensuring you have a good night’s sleep to feel energised for the next day. You can also count on warm, comfy bedding to inject a sense of warmth to your bedroom where you look forward to coming home to every day.


The complementary bedside table 

The bedside table is a loyal mainstay in most bedroom settings. It is the anchor to your bed that enables your bed to blend seamlessly into the bedroom interior, completely in sync with the design of the bed. 

The bedside table is typically positioned at arm’s length from your bed for easy access to your mobile phone, glasses, wallet and a cup of water among numerous other things.

Furthermore, it can also be used to showcase decorative pieces and other beautiful ornaments. A simple lamp, alarm clock, potted cactus or small photo frame can enhance the look of your bedroom.

Before buying a bedside table, you want to carefully consider what you need it for. This is because bedside tables are available in a number of shapes, sizes and features.

A nightstand is ideal if you are only looking to place a few items like your phone and glasses or small knick-knacks. But if you are looking to store bulkier things like books and magazines, then a bedside cabinet complete with small chests of drawers and cabinets would be more appropriate.

Your purchase will depend on the purpose of the table, the size of your room and how much storage you need.


The glamorous dressing table

When it comes to getting a makeover, a dressing table complete with mirror and stool keeps you comfortable and focused as you fuss over yourself. That said, the dressing table does more than allow you to enhance your outer beauty.

A dressing table usually comes with a chest of drawers where you can organise their makeup and beauty products into different drawers in a neat and practical manner. So, the next time you get ready, you would know where to reach for the items you need.

Overall, a well-designed dressing table improves productivity and saves you time every morning, while alleviating the stress of being unable to find the things you need.


The statement standing mirror

A large or full-length standing mirror is the perfect finish to your bedroom design. It serves as indication that your bedroom is a place to get ready where you check your look before heading out.

In terms of visual appeal, mirrors lend an elegant touch to your living space by creating the illusion of increased space and light. This makes your room feel more open and airer.

Having a mirror in your bedroom is therefore the perfect way to make a visual statement and is always a good idea.


The handy trash bin

There will be times where you need to get rid of waste but will simply be too lazy to travel the distance to the nearest bin just to discard that little bit of trash.

Having a small rubbish bin in your bedroom will come in handy since you can easily dispose your unwanted scraps within an arm’s length.

Purchasing a trash bin inevitably helps keep your room a lot tidier. However, it is not advisable to get one that takes up more space than necessary as this makes your bedroom appear cluttered. Always bear in mind that having a clean room results in a healthier and more satisfying environment.


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