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The Best Types Of Mattresses Explained - Megafurniture

The Best Types Of Mattresses Explained

With a great mattress comes great sleep, and with great sleep comes a healthier and happier life.


When you walk into a store, you are likely to be bombarded with sales pitches as to why you should buy the most expensive mattress the offer. The sales representative would most probably not highlight the things that you should know about the different types of mattress and go straight to pitching the latest stock.  But what many consumers do not know is that there are different types of mattresses, all differ in material, configuration, and purpose.  With a hundred mattresses for sale in Singapore, it can be overwhelming to even to what you are looking for.


Let us help you get better sleep at night. Check out the different types of mattresses in the market and learn which ones fit your bedtime needs.


1. Innerspring

Innerspring or Pocket coil Mattress

Also known as "coil mattresses", this mattress has been around since the early 1900s. It is made with steel coils which are compressed when weighed down. The shape, size, and the number of coils may vary though from one coil bed to another. Big coils provide more bounce-feeling while smaller coils the better the back support is.


This bed is a top pick among many because of its affordability. However, this kind of mattress tends to wear out faster. When it does, you will find yourself with yet another need to replace it. If not, you can experience some nuisances that resulted from being worn out, such as bed creaking, springs protruding, and the uneven mattress surface.



2. Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is widely used because of the "sinking in" sensation that it causes. Once your body weight touches this mattress, you will feel like being cradled. It’s because the foam takes your shape and slowly bounces back once you get up, making it great for extra cushioning and support.  This is the exact reason that makes memory foam ideal for side sleepers and those who have trouble sleeping on their backs.



3. Latex

Latex Mattress

This kind of mattress is considered to be more a natural bedding alternative since natural latex is a byproduct of sap from a rubber tree. If you are looking for a natural bedding mattress in Singapore, it is highly advisable to opt for natural latex foams instead of the synthetic ones.


This material is similar to a memory foam that offers pressure relief and shape contouring but not to the same extent. Latex provides more bouncing feeling and it retains less heat.



4. Gel

Gel Mattress

One of the disadvantages of both memory and latex foams is that it traps heat. This is because the foam needs to be dense enough to support your weight and provide great cushion-comfort, however, its density limits the airflow through the insides of the foam which makes your sleeping experience quite hotter.


Gel mattress works to counter the trapping heat effect of memory foam. It is infused into the foam of the mattress and it naturally becomes cooler. Throughout the night, it will take on the temperature of the material around it but not as quickly as non-gel foams do; resulting in a cooler temperature when you sleep.



5. Pillowtop

Eurotop or Pilowtop Mattress

Also known as the "Euro-top mattress" pillowtop mattresses have a layer of padding that can be up to several inches thick. It depends on the type of material in the mattress, it can provide cooling, durability, bounce, and intense comfort.


Its famous top layer can be made with one or more mattress materials: cotton, foam, latex, and even wool.



6. Waterbeds

Waterbeds, invented by a Scottish physician, Dr Neill Arnott, have been around longer than an innerspring mattress. It was initially designed to help patients with bedsores.


Waterbeds make you feel as if you are floating on a body of water and it could be very soothing. You can determine and adjust the waterbed to your own liking, on how you want the water to react against your weight. It is on how you set up its chambers, you can get either free-flowing or restricted water flow. There are even some waterbeds that allow you to adjust the setting differently on both sides of the bed, so if your significant other has a different preference, you will still be able to meet halfway and have a good night’s sleep.


There will always be the perfect type of mattresses for everyone. The most important thing to consider is what will grant you that great sleep experience?


Find that perfect mattress for your sleeping needs, visit our website to check out highly quality but cheap mattresses in Singapore!

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