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Styling Tips for a Small Bedroom - Megafurniture

Styling Tips for a Small Bedroom

As house prices continue to rise both in Singapore and across the globe, many of us have compensated by choosing to reside in smaller accommodation. However, having a smaller physical space does not mean that your home should be any less comfortable or pleasurable. When you are limited by space constraints, every styling and design decision you make is more crucial than ever.

The bed, side tables, and fittings that you choose can have an immense impact on the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your bedroom. Making the wrong choices can reduce the visual charm of your bedroom whilst also making the space less practical for your day-to-day needs.

How you layout your furniture is equally integral. Incorporating minimalism by reducing clutter and pushing furniture against walls rather than clustered around the centre will make any room appear more spacious to the eye.

Utilising the ideas outlined here will allow you to enjoy your bedroom space to its maximum potential, while enhancing its visual appeal and improving ease of movement.

Purchase a storage bed

A storage bed can drastically reduce the amount of space required for wardrobes and other storage solutions. With a storage bed, additional storage is cleverly hidden under the bed, either through a fold up hydraulic mechanism or drawers on the side of the bed. For those with very limited space on either side of the bed, either due to the size of the bedroom or because you are placing the bed against a wall, a fold up mechanism is the only choice.

However, if there is sufficient space for pull-out drawers on both sides of the bed, then that is the preferred solution.

Drawers are easier to slide out and access if you wish to store items you need to have access to on a daily basis. They also allow for the flexibility of multiple compartments rather than a single huge space, perfect for those that have a wide variety of items to store.

For instance, you can place electronic devices in one drawer and extra towels in another. Note that some fold up mechanisms can be quite hefty, making them impractical for children and the elderly, or those who suffer from physical ailments. Regardless of your choice in storage bed, they all work to reduce the number of extra wardrobes you require in your room. As per the concept of minimalism, less clutter will make your room more spacious and ensure it holds greater visual appeal.

Having storage under your bed also means unsightly personal items can be placed out of view. This is crucial as no one wants their personal belongings showcased in plain sight, even though not every bedroom has the space for a set of bedroom tables.

Storage beds are undoubtedly an optimal solution in every way given their vast array of uses.

Ensure everything has a second purpose

When faced with space constraints, having room for every item you may ever require is unfathomable. Having all the bedroom furniture that exists in a hotel suite for instance would not only be impossible in terms of space but also requires huge financial outlay. Instead, you want to adopt flexibility and see that everything can be used in more than one way.

For example, a bed placed against the wall can double up as a couch to relax on with a few decorative pillows thrown in for extra comfort and aesthetic purposes. A small side table can provide second use as a study table, coffee table or a decorative shelf among other options.

Rather than having a bulky dresser and mirror combo that is only used for a short time every morning, purchase a console table with a removable mirror instead. That way, you utilise the table as a place to get ready for work in the morning, and the same space as a study or a relaxing spot to unwind in the evening.


Keep your floorspace clear

Ensuring that your floor space has little as possible on it is crucial for making your bedroom appear more spacious. Of course, this can be difficult given the numerous essentials such as a bed, wardrobe space, and lighting fixtures that comprise every bedroom.

The aforementioned storage bed is one method of keeping items off the floor and reduces your need for additional wardrobes.

Having wall-mounted storage solutions rather than a pair of bedside tables also helps, and also provides the flexibility of pushing the bed against a corner, drastically reducing the amount of space occupied.

Wall-mounted storage also has aesthetic benefits. Rather than having everything hidden away out of sight, it allows you to display items to showcase personal style, such as artwork, photographs and books.

For items that you reach for consistently like your smartphone in the morning, ease of access is also dramatically improved with the method. Table lamps, while small, can also be attached to the wall. This is of course only an option if you choose to go with the bedside table-less route.

Purchasing a lamp with swinging arms means light can be directed in different directions depending on where you sit or lie. Wall mounted lights also mean that any wires are hidden cleverly away into the way. Moreover, light can be radiated into different corners of the room to create an illusion of openness in a small room. And as we know, minimalism is the key to making a room appear more spacious.


Remove unnecessary clutter

When space is at a premium, any clutter can drastically reduce the usable space that you have and negatively impact the visual appeal of your small bedroom.

Hence, you want to ensure that everything is kept out of sight. All of your personal belongings should be neatly placed away using the aforementioned storage solutions.

Any unnecessary decorative elements like carpets or paintings should only be retained if they can contribute to the visuals of the space. Otherwise, it should not be on display as this will only clutter your room and make it less functionable and appealing.


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