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Sofa: What Type of Fabric Should You Choose? - Megafurniture

Sofa: What Type of Fabric Should You Choose?

The material of home furniture in Singapore is the first thing anyone will notice as soon as they step in and go through the front door. After all, the pieces inside can make the place more inviting and comfortable as they can be. 

As a homeowner, you should take your time and choose wisely since your choices can make your humble abode look and feel distinct. That is why when you think you need a new sofa, not knowing what kind of fabric it should have can be frustrating. 

As a furniture shop online in Singapore, we would not want to let that happen to you. Hence, let us show you the type of fabric you can choose for your sofa.


What Type of Fabric Should You Choose for Your Sofa?

If you do not know their difference, you might get a little confused about which fabric you should choose and whether they are suitable for your home or worth buying for.  

Therefore, before you stress yourself with those thoughts, keep your eyes peeled for the types of fabric below.


It is a type of fabric that comes from plants and animals. As such, they are more eco-friendly and non-allergenic to the skin. If you opt for this type of fabric, here are your options. 


It is the most popular upholstery since cotton can resist pilling and abrasion. If the sofa is 100% cotton, it is surely breathable. That is why it is the most suitable fabric for people with sensitive skin.

White Cotton


This natural fabric is a native material in Bangladesh and India. Though they are initially for ropes or mats, furniture shops in Singapore also use them as upholstery for sofas, but they are less common now due to their rough texture

Brown Jute


Most luxurious home furniture in Singapore uses leather due to its high durability and aesthetic feel. Hence, it is favourable for people with pets or kids.

Gold And Grey Leather


After cotton, linen is the next affordable and comfortable fabric. Plus, it is resistant to mildew and fading.

A Bunch Of LinenSILK.

It is one of the luxurious materials often used in high-end pieces of home furniture, and if taken care of, silk can last for a long time, ideally, around 15 to 20 years.

Pink Silk


Besides its durability, wool is a natural fabric that can insulate temperatures, depending on the weather.

 White Wool


As its name suggests, it is a fabric made to imitate natural materials. Hence, they are cheaper but do not expect their quality to be on par with the real ones.

Nevertheless, if you prefer synthetic fabrics, here are your choices.


It is a material that looks like silk due to its shine and lustre. Also, since it is resistant to humidity, you can expect mould and mildew would not develop there.

Sky Blue Acetate


It is highly similar to wool, and due to its sun-safe feature, furniture shops in Singapore use it in outdoor pieces.

Light Brown Acrylic


Even though it is very soft and comfortable when touched, this material tends to stretch over time. Also, polyester does wear faster when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Blue Polyester


Due to its resistance to staining, it is one of the durable synthetic fabrics.

Black Nylon

What Else Should You Consider When Choosing a Sofa?

Like other types of home furniture in Singapore, many factors come into play when choosing the right sofa. If you want to find out what they are, it may be best to ask an expert. They can explain everything to you and might as well give you recommendations during your search. 

When that happens, let Mega Furniture know. We guarantee you that we will help ease your furniture shopping in Singapore and lend you a hand choosing the right pieces of your home.
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