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Sofa Lifespan Guide: When to Replace Your Sofa - Megafurniture

Sofa Lifespan Guide: When to Replace Your Sofa

We can all agree that our homes are not complete without a sofa. Aside from bringing personality to the space, a sofa also serves as a comfort spot where you can rest or gather with your loved ones. With the impact a sofa has in every home, it’s understandable why you need to make sure yours is always in its best shape.

The average lifespan of a sofa is 7–15 years. However, there is a benchmark to find out if your sofa is still in good shape to keep you comfortable. So how do you decide whether it’s time to replace your sofa? 

Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Sofa

Generally, if your sofa is already sagging, creaking, has frayed edges, or is overall uncomfortable, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Here are more signs to consider when buying 

1. You Hear Creaking Noise

You Hear Creaking Noise

The creaking noise you hear every time you sit down is an indication of structural damage. This can be caused by an old framework, joints, or damaged springs. You may think about repairing a sofa that has this problem, but structural damage can be as expensive as buying a new couch, and it is not as worth it.

2. Your Sofa Cushions are Flat and Unsupportive

Your Sofa Cushions are Flat and Unsupportive

Your sofa cushions must be supportive enough to keep you comfortable when sitting for hours. If you’re binge-watching your favourite series and find the carpet or sitting on the floor more comfortable than sitting on your lovely couch, it may be because your couch is not giving you the right support. A saggy couch will not efficiently protect your lumbar health. This can be fixed with cushion inserts to give your sofa more life.

3. The Upholstery is Dirty and Unsightly

The Upholstery is Dirty and Unsightly

Over the years, your sofa will accumulate dirt, spills, pet dander, and scratches. As a sofa ages, it can be a potential breeding ground for bugs, mould, and other infestations. While it’s important to vacuum, clean, and protect your sofa, if it’s already too old, its overall quality is definitely affected. If the sofa has stubborn dirt that you can’t seem to remove, is already fading, or is torn, you may need to reupholster it. However, fabric changes and labour costs can be expensive. Reupholstering is a good choice if the piece has a lot of sentimental value. But if you’re considering the price, buying a new sofa is a more practical choice.

4. There is an Overwhelming Odour Build Up

There is an Overwhelming Odour Build Up

Your sofa is a target for pet dander, sweat, spills, sweaty feet, and other things that we don’t even notice. These things can give the sofa an unbearable smell. The vacuum and baking soda hack is a great way to deodorise your sofa, but unless you’ve been consistently taking care of it, these nasty smells can be too overwhelming to handle. Not to mention, these can cause allergies and respiratory problems. If a sofa is too old to handle your regular cleaning, it’s time for an upgrade.

5. You’re Having a Style Change

You’re Having a Style Change

Trends change and style preferences can shift, and it’s totally normal. If you are not as happy as you were when you bought your current sofa, feel free to choose a new style that can satisfy your current style preference. In the end, your sofa is a furniture piece that is meant to express your personality and preferences. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Sofa?

Ready to Upgrade Your Sofa?

Whether you want to bring comfort to a sofa or want a change in interior design, upgrading your sofa is surely a refreshing and a bit challenging phase. A sofa is a significant investment, so it’s vital to carefully choose one that fits your needs, room requirements, and style.

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