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Reasons to Choose a Round Coffee Table - Megafurniture

Reasons to Choose a Round Coffee Table

Your coffee table is one of the main focal points of your living room. This furniture piece isn’t just stylish but also full of purpose. When incorporating a coffee table into your interior design, it’s vital to choose the right shape that can complement your layout while maximising your footprint. 

When it comes to fitting many functions and allowing a comfortable space between your living room furniture pieces, a round coffee table is a reliable choice.

Check out the following benefits of a round coffee table to help you make an excellent furniture buying decision.

Round Coffee Tables are Elegant

Round Coffee Tables are Elegant

Round coffee tables present a smooth and flowy feel that makes a living room more elegant-looking. They are a perfect pair for L-shaped sofas and sectionals, as they soften the look of the space. Due to the lack of angles, round coffee tables provide less visual weight, creating a warm, cosy, and relaxing atmosphere for any interior style.

Round coffee tables come in various designs, materials, and colours. If you opt for a more spacious coffee table, you may try nesting tables with round table tops to get rid of the bulky look of your living room.

Round Coffee Tables Encourage Conversations

Round Dining Tables Encourage Conversations

Like round dining tables, round coffee tables support more conversational living room layouts. It also gives everyone equal footing. Think about having an L-shaped sofa in your living room. Opting for a rectangular or square table may create some restrictions since both focal points have angles. But a round table can make the conversational space more fluid.

Round Coffee Tables are Ideal for Small Spaces

Round Coffee Tables are Ideal for Small Spaces

Short on space? With their absence of vertices, round coffee tables fit well in tight areas. Round coffee tables also come in different leg structures, so you can choose the types that work best for your space. Modern round coffee tables also feature seamless storage drawers where you can store small living room essentials like remote controls and coasters.

Round Coffee Tables Are Safe for Kids

Round Coffee Tables Are Safe for Kids

One of the advantages that we love about round coffee tables is that they are safer than coffee table shapes with sharp corners. When designing a family room, a round coffee table won’t just make your overall design more fluid, but it will also make the space conducive for your little ones. This can also decrease your risk of bumping into the edges when moving around your living room.



Whether finding a piece that works with your limited space or simply adding some flair to your interior design, a round coffee table is an excellent choice to create a soft yet remarkable feel in your living room. Round coffee tables offer various design and practical benefits that you’ll surely love. If you want to promote conversations or add a unique feel to your space, a round coffee table is a must-have.

Ready to upgrade your living room design? Browse through Megafurniture’s online collection of modern coffee tables in Singapore to score the best furniture for your home.

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