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Refrigerator Buying Guide │ Megafurniture

Refrigerator Buying Guide │ Megafurniture

Space, appearance, features- what do you look for when buying a refrigerator?

There are lots of considerations to think about when buying a refrigerator. This major appliance isn't just a one-time purchase that you can use for months, but it will stay and serve your home for years. If you haven't shopped for a refrigerator in a while, you will be surprised that this once easy-to-buy appliance, due to limited choices, is now available in more innovative varieties. From built-ins that become a part of your kitchen's interior design to more gadgety types that come with smart features, 

Whatever you are looking for in a refrigerator, rest assured you get a unit that will fit your needs.

In this definitive refrigerator buying guide, we'll get to know the types and list down some features you can look for when buying your new appliance unit. 

What Type of Refrigerator is the Best for Me?

There are various refrigerator styles that can fit the needs of your household. Knowing the type you want for your home makes the purchasing process more straightforward as you narrow down your choices. Here are the major refrigerator types available in the market of Singapore.

Refrigerator Style

Defining Features

Top Freezer Refrigerator

  • Also called the top-mount refrigerator
  • The freezer of this traditional fridge is placed above the refrigerator compartment

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

  • Also called a bottom-mount refrigerator
  • Unlike the top freezer refrigerator, bottom-mount refrigerator, the compartment of this fridge type is positioned at the top of the freezer

Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Features a two door design that opens from the centre to give you ample space to access the interior of your fridge
  • Has more freezer capacity than other fridge units

French Door Refrigerator

  • Presents a pantry-style layout
  • Offers a larger capacity than other fridge units
  • Usually features a different compartment for storing food and a different compartment for the freezer


Top Freezer Refrigerator

Toshiba 313L Top Mounted Fridge

When we talk about refrigerators, a top freezer unit is what typically comes to our imagination. Also called the top-mounted refrigerator, this appliance is described as the traditional fridge type. If you have a tight space, this refrigerator offers you ample freezer and compartment areas without the need for a big room. As its name describes, the freezer of this unit is positioned at the top of the fresh food compartment, giving you easy access to your frozen goods. If you are looking for more affordable fridge styles, a top-mounted refrigerator is one of the economic choices, ideal for small families with compact spaces.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Smeg FAB32 Two-Door Refrigerator

In contrast to the basic top-mounted refrigerator, a bottom freezer unit offers the convenience to access the fresh food compartment easier. Bottom-mounted refrigerators offer more notable features than a typical top-mounted variety but are significantly pricier. If you are willing to add a little more to your budget to get a better refrigerator than a basic unit, a bottom freezer unit might be the best option for you.

Bottom freezers have larger capacities than top freezer units, perfect for larger families. To access the bottom freezer easier, manufacturers use a drawer-type freezer compartment instead of the usual open-door design. This helps you access even the frozen goods pushed at the back of the freezer. 

Side by Side Refrigerator

Midea Side-by-Side Refrigerator MRM584S

Perfect for modern kitchen designs, a side by side refrigerator is loved by many homeowners because of its elegant design that blends well with the kitchen's interior. Based on its name, a side by side fridge presents two doors that you can open from the centre to the side. One side of this fridge is dedicated to frozen food, the other is for fresh goods. Some models have two equal sections for both, but some units allocate more space for fresh items. If you want a fridge with a bigger capacity but you're short on traffic clearance, this fridge is a great choice.

French Door Refrigerator

Toshiba 503L Top French Door

One of the highly popular and highly rated refrigerator units in the market, a French Door Refrigerator offers multiple compartments to store and preserve the quality of food. It combines the design of a side by side fridge and the efficiency of a drawer bottom-mounted refrigerator. This means you'll have good access to your upper and bottom shelves while enjoying the full capacity of your whole unit.

A French door fridge is also renowned for its energy efficiency and utilitarian design. Because of its two-door upper design, the internal temperature will not be affected that much when you open a side of the fridge. The same goes for the freezer. You don't have to open the whole unit to get your frozen goods.

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What Fridge Size is Ideal for My Kitchen?

What Fridge Size is Ideal for My Kitchen

Before going to an appliance store or browsing online for a new fridge, be sure to measure your kitchen and plan the position of your refrigerator. Consider your requirements in terms of the capacity, your door clearance, and the space you need when you slouch and rummage through the items in your fridge. When planning the layout of your fridge, it's also important to consider its possible exposure to direct sunlight and other heat-emitting kitchen appliances that can affect its temperature. It's also vital to allow a space between your refrigerator and walls to give your unit adequate ventilation.

What is the Refrigerator's Energy Level?

What is the Refrigerator's Energy Level

Aside from the design, size, and special features of your fridge, one important factor that you don't want to overlook is the energy efficiency of your appliance unit. You want to keep in mind that your expenses do not end once you purchase your refrigerator. Buying a fridge will affect your electricity consumption, and of course, your energy bills. Getting an energy-efficient unit will help you save a hefty amount of money in the long run.

In Singapore, energy efficiency is measured by NEA Tick Rating. When searching for a refrigerator, look for the yellow energy-efficiency tag with green checkmarks. This tag depicts how energy-efficient a unit is. The higher the tick rating (green checkmarks), the more energy-efficient the refrigerator is. It's no secret that energy-efficient units are pricier than basic varieties, but they will surely help you save more in the long run.

What Design Should I Choose?

What Design Should I Choose

Aside from the innovative features of the refrigerator, choosing the design that will complement your space also matters. Refrigerator designs vary from traditional designs, modern units, and themed looks that give your kitchen a more personal appeal. There are light, chrome, and dark finishes. Some have unique detailing with a variety of colours. If you're a fan of vintage aesthetics, there are fridge designs that will surely have a unique impact on your kitchen's interior design.

What Additional Features Shall I Look For?

What Additional Features Shall I Look For

Make the most out of your investment by looking for additional features to make your fridge experience more convenient. Some refrigerator types come with water dispensers and ice makers. Others offer adjustable compartments and spill-proof containers for liquid and meat products to prevent contamination. More advanced features include adjustable temperature to keep food fresh for a longer period.

What is My Budget?

What is My Budget

One of the biggest considerations when buying a refrigerator is your budget range. The price tag of refrigerators depends on the type, brand, and features. Since a refrigerator is a long-term investment, it's good to plan not only the initial cost but the benefits that you will get with the money you'll spend.

Form Meets Function

Form Meets Function

At the end of the day, the best refrigerator that you can buy is something that suits your budget and your appliance needs. While there are various innovative and appealing refrigerators sold in the market, there will always be a frigde that will serve your family well for the years to come.

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