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Reasons to Purchase a "Gas-Lift" Storage Bed - Megafurniture

Reasons to Purchase a "Gas-Lift" Storage Bed

With the growing population and people’s possession of material items, the need for extra storage space has been urgent. Adding to this dilemma is the challenge of doing the right way of organising and dealing with a small space for you to have enough movement, at the same time, have all your belongings stay in one room. Furniture designers, thankfully, have found new ways to give help to homeowners, like you, in getting the storage space they can work with. It is not long after that a bed frame with storage in Singapore has been a popular choice among citizens living in small flats and apartments. Among the other designed storage bed frames, such as the ones with installed drawers, one of the best purchases to date is the gas-lift bed!


What is a Gas-Lift Bed?

What is a Gas-Lift Bed

Named after the gas-lift mechanism, this storage bed uses two gas pistols on either side of the ottoman bed that allows the top part to be lifted. Its strong mechanism gives you the ease of lifting the bed so you can access the vast space that is underneath the bed frame. Aside from these qualities, one of the most liked features of a gas-lift bed frame is the use of a floorboard that provides clean and secured storage!


 1. Attractive presentation

Any theme that you are aiming to achieve for your bedroom is possible with the visually appealing designs of gas-lift beds. From traditional to modern looks, you can find one that suits your aesthetic from a trustworthy provider of these bed frames!


 2. Space efficient

Obvious as it is, it is worth saying that gas-lift bed frames in Singapore are favoured because of their efficiency in space utilisation. In a small space, every open area must have a function. This bed frame makes sure that you get the maximum functionality of your bed!


3. Clutter-free

Research shows that disorganisation and clutter have impactful effects on our brains, such as reducing the ability to focus. When you are working from home, this is not something that should hold you back. It is why a gas-lift bed is an excellent option for a clutter-free workspace!


 4. Fewer hardware issues than drawers

Unlike the face sliding issues that bed frames with storage drawers have, you do not have to worry about facing the same issue with a gas-lift bed! It is a bed frame that promises a durable lifting mechanism so you can enjoy its ease of usage for a long time.


 5. Variety of shape and sizes

Depending on the availability of your current space, you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes that this bed frame can offer. Whether you want it to have a headboard or not, a reliable store can provide you with it! A tip is to explore your options by knowing the measurements of your space first.


Gas-Lift Beds from Mega Furniture

Since flats are getting smaller and smaller, maximising your space becomes a crucial part of comfortable living. To live comfortably, you should not have any problems with space, your clutter, and furniture. Gas-lift beds from us at Mega Furniture is what you would need to achieve that! Trust that we will bring you durability and style when it comes to finding your next bedroom furniture along with your need to buy a mattress online in Singapore.


Expect quality furniture and seamless transactions when you order from us!


To know more about the price range of our furniture, you can visit us on our website today.

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