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How Much is a Queen Mattress in Singapore? - Megafurniture

How Much is a Queen Mattress in Singapore?

mattress is a huge investment that often comes with a hefty price tag. Luckily, this big purchase for your home is built to last for years. However, when buying a mattress, it is important to get the best value for your money. After all, you don’t want to spend thousands on a mattress that will not give you the best sleeping comfort.

So how do you decide on your mattress budget? How can you ensure that it is of the highest possible quality for the price?

This guide will focus on the pricing factors of a queen-size mattress, one of the most popular mattress types in Singapore. We’ll also break down the factors that you should consider when purchasing one for your home to help you formulate your budget based on your needs.


Queen Size Mattress Singapore: How Much is a Good Queen Size Mattress?

How Much is a Good Queen Size Mattress?

When buying a mattress in Singapore, you’ll notice that the options are endless. From complicated features to varying price ranges, it’s easy to get lost when faced with a myriad of mattress selections. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mattress pricing. Since there are many factors to consider, it can be a bit difficult to come up with a smart budget plan. Let’s talk about the price range of mattresses according to their categories.

Generally, you can buy a budget queen-size mattress in Singapore with a S$200 budget. However, when compared to reasonably priced and high-end mattresses, these less expensive options provide less body support. These may also wear out faster compared to higher quality beds.

When looking for a mattress with reliable quality on a budget, always check the structure of the sleep solution and read some reviews. If you are willing to stretch your budget a bit, you will find some good innerspring and foam mattresses online that cost under S$500. 

Specialty queen mattresses from well-known brands range in price from S$500 to S$1000. These include medically certified hybrid mattresses, natural latex, and some higher-end pocketed spring beds.

Well-known brands that use more advanced mattress technology, like Dunlopillo and Slumberland, offer high-end mattresses at higher prices.

The average cost of the mattress depends on its materials, size, height, quality of layers, mattress technology, and features. Ultimately, mattresses made from more supportive and durable materials will cost more. Organic beds also come at a higher cost than synthetic varieties.


Queen Mattress Materials and Their Prices

Mattress Materials and Their Prices

The "best" queen mattress type depends on your sleeping needs and comfort preferences. Here’s what to expect in terms of the price of your favourite mattress material.

Mattress Type



Polyurethane Foam Mattress

All-foam mattresses that are highly affordable but less supportive and durable compared to other mattress types

Recommended for guest beds or rooms that do not require daily use


Innerspring Mattress

Traditional mattress that offers a firm and bouncy feel

Generally produced with standard mattress materials, it has a shorter lifespan than newer mattress types


Pocketed Spring Mattress

Offers a bouncy feel and reliable motion isolation

Preferred by specialty brands and higher-end mattresses


Memory Foam Mattress

Supportive and contouring mattress type, ideal for sleepers who need better pressure relief

Can range from affordable to higher-end options


Latex Mattress

Made from natural latex that offers a bouncy and breathable sleep sensation

Highly durable and may last from 15 to 25 years


Hybrid Mattress

Offers a combination of multiple mattress materials to provide specialised support



Factors that Influence Queen Mattress Prices

Queen Mattress Materials and Construction

Mattress Materials and Construction

Like clothes and furniture, the quality of the materials used in your queen mattress can greatly affect its price. Queen mattresses that are made from premium and organic materials are generally more expensive than those with a standard composition. For example, hybrid mattresses, constructed from premium foam and pocketed spring materials through patented technologies, are more expensive than standard all-foam mattresses.

Due to its natural construction and longevity, latex is also pricier than standard memory foam. All foam beds have different price ranges depending on the quality and mixture of their foam layers.


Mattress Size

Mattress Size

Ultimately, a queen-sized mattress in Singapore is more expensive than a single mattress of the same type. This is also true for their corresponding bedding accessories.


Queen Mattress Quality

Mattress Quality

High-quality queen mattresses offer the ideal support for your back, spine, and other pressure points. They also offer excellent breathability for a cooler and more comfortable night. High-quality mattresses generally offer a higher density structure and excellent durability, helping you save money in the long run.


In-Store vs. Online Mattress Shopping

In-Store vs. Online Mattress Shopping

This factor is often overlooked, but where you buy your queen mattress can also influence its price. Queen mattresses of the same quality are offered online at a lower cost compared to the local brick-and-mortar stores. While it’s tempting to try your mattress out in person, your local mattress store might be selling a mattress for twice or three times its original cost. Online mattress stores, with fewer overheads (rent, payroll, etc.), offer their mattresses at lower prices.

If you’re looking for the "guarantee" of trying the mattress in person, look for online mattress shops in Singapore with long trial periods so you can personally assess your mattress quality at home.


Additional Queen Mattress Costs

Additional Mattress Costs

Some additional queen mattress costs that are worth including in your budget include the delivery fee and bedding accessories that you plan to buy. Many online mattress retailers in Singapore offer free delivery and assembly, so be sure to ask around to save some money. If you have an old mattress to dispose of, you may want to extend your budget for a convenient disposal service.

When shopping for a new mattress, it is smart to purchase a mattress protector to prolong the quality of your mattress investment.




A queen mattress is highly popular in Singapore because of its flexibility. Want some extra sleeping space for your spacious bedroom? A queen mattress will provide you with plenty of surface area to lie on. Looking for a mattress to share with your partner? A queen mattress is the answer.

It’s always good to find a balance between saving money and ensuring your comfort when buying a mattress. If you do it right, you’ll surely enjoy a restful and fulfilling night’s sleep.

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