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King Size Bed vs Queen: Which is Better for Sharing? - Megafurniture

King Size Bed vs Queen: Which is Better for Sharing?

Ready to toss your old, saggy mattress and upgrade to a new one? Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best mattress for your family.

When buying a new bed or mattress, size is one of the most important factors to consider. Choosing the size might be straightforward for single sleepers, as they can select a single-size mattress or a super-single mattress if they need more space. For room sharers, the choice will need to be based on some additional considerations to ensure the ease and comfort of both sleepers.

If you share your room with your partner, kids, and/or pets, two of your mattress choices in Singapore are the queen and king varieties. Although the best choice arguably depends on your personal preferences, it's important to base the selection on some other factors. 

When it is not a one-size-fits-all situation in terms of mattress preference, we have compiled some questions you can ask yourself before deciding what to buy.

King Size vs Queen Size Comparison

Queen Mattress vs. King Mattress: Comparison

Wondering which is bigger, a king or queen bed? Check this size chart for dimensions.

Queen Size Mattress

King Size Mattress

W: 152cm L: 190cm

W: 183cm L: 190 cm

W: 60 in L: 75 in

W: 72 in L: 75 in

Ideal for single sleepers who want more room to stretch out

Good for couples who want more room to stretch out

Good for couples with no children and pets

Ideal for family-sharing

Excellent for space-saving

Great for large main bedrooms


A king-size mattress is not longer than a queen-size model, but it is significantly wider. This is the main difference between the two mattress types. Other factors like thickness and price are also worth considering when choosing a mattress.


What is the Size of Your Bedroom?

What is the Size of Your Bedroom?

Do you have a spacious main bedroom or a smaller one where you have to squeeze in as many furniture pieces as possible?

Before splurging on a new mattress, take out your tape measure and check the dimensions of your room. To help you visualise your layout, a standard king size mattress in Singapore is 12 inches wider than a standard queen size mattress. However, this is not the only size difference that you should consider. Getting a bigger mattress means you need a bigger bed frame that takes up more space. 

When factoring in the size of your room and bed frame, it's also important to consider the measurements of other furniture in your bedroom space. We encourage you to leave enough allowance, or at least 24 inches, between your bedroom furniture pieces so you can walk through your room without obstructions. While it’s typical to use a queen bed in guest rooms, some prefer giving guests more space to sleep on, especially on bigger occasions. This is because guest rooms require less furniture than the main bedroom, giving it more space for the bed.

Who Will Sleep on the Mattress?

Who Will Sleep on the Mattress?

A queen-size mattress can usually accommodate two adults. For those who prefer a larger surface to sleep on, a king mattress provides extra space for tossing and turning. If you share your mattress with an adult and a kid, it's advisable to go for a king size mattress to provide adequate space for everyone. 

When choosing a mattress, it’s important to note your physical size and sleeping needs. Taller or heavier couples, as well as those who toss and turn often, may want to upgrade to a king mattress.

Both mattresses can accommodate sleepers who are shorter than 6 feet. If you are taller than 6 feet, you may want to opt for a longer mattress. 

Back and stomach sleepers may need more sleeping space than side sleepers. While a queen bed can fit two adults and provide a little allowance, a king mattress can add more room to sprawl without taking up the other’s space. The key is to talk it out with your partner to assess your needs and budget.

What is Your Budget?

What is Your Budget?

King-size mattresses are generally more expensive than queen-size mattresses. Aside from this, you will require a king size bed and bedding accessories that fit your mattress. If you look at the additional sleeping area and comfort the bigger mattress brings to your bedroom, the extra price is worth it. However, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. If your room size and traffic allowance can't accommodate a more spacious mattress, you might not make the most of the price you paid.

How Do You See Your Future Use?

How Do You See Your Future Use?

Your mattress stays in your room for at least 10–15 years. This means there will be many changes in your setup while your mattress stays the same.

If you're a young couple without children, you might want to think about reserving a room for your future child. If you see your family growing in size over the years, you may want to consider investing in a bigger mattress. You can also invest in a queen mattress and add a trundle for your kids later. This all depends on how you plan your space.

Consider Ease of Transport

Consider Ease of Transport

King mattresses are obviously bulkier than standard queen-size mattresses. When moving your bed or simply flipping your mattress, it's necessary to consider how often you restyle your room or flip your bed. If you are a frequent room designer, choosing a queen mattress might be a good choice. 

Communication is the Key

It's Important to Communicate

With all the considerations, the best way to decide on the size of the mattress you're buying is to talk it out with your partner. It's good to settle based on both your needs and comfort preferences. It's also vital to list all the pros and cons together and talk about the potential compromises, especially in terms of space.

Other Mattress Sizes in Singapore

Single Size Mattress (91cm x 190cm)

Single Size Mattress (91cm x 190cm)

The smallest standard mattress in Singapore, a single mattress is ideal for children, or single adults. It is ideal for smaller rooms with single beds, daybeds, bunk beds, trundles, or convertible sofa beds.

Super Single Size Mattress (107cm x 190cm)

Super Single Size Mattress (107cm x 190cm)

Wider than a single mattress but smaller than a queen bed, a super single mattress offers ample space for a single adult to toss and turn. However, this mattress size is considered too small for sharing.

Read More: The Complete Guide to Buying a New Mattress

Read More: The Complete Guide to Buying a New Mattress

The size difference between the queen and king mattresses is substantial. The extra space can significantly improve your comfort, but it may take up a lot of room in your room.

So do you need the extra 12 inches or not? The choice is yours. If you want to check out some actual mattresses to compare before you buy one, you may check out our extensive collection of mattresses that come in different sizes that fit Singaporean homes.

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