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4 Steps to Cleaning Your Plastic Chairs - Megafurniture

4 Steps to Cleaning Your Plastic Chairs

Among the furniture in your home, plastic chairs are one of the most manageable pieces to clean. Outdoor furniture attracts dirt, pollution, and dust, making it essential to clean plastic chairs thoroughly. It is necessary to clean it regularly to avoid dirt getting stuck in it. However, every plastic chair design has a different level of cleaning. Do you want to know the ways?

Hold on tight, because here are some tips on how to clean your plastic chairs.

Ready your Cleaning Solution

Choosing your cleaning solution depends on the colour, material, and dirt on your plastic chairs. The white plastic chairs sometimes need bleach or stronger detergent, and choose gentle cleaning solutions for the vibrant ones.

Choose the Proper Cleaning Tools

Microfiber towels, soft-bristle brushes, or sponges are perfect for avoiding unwanted scratches on your plastic chairs. Don't forget the bucket and garden hose for easy access to water after washing it. Lastly, cleaning chemicals could harm your skin, so use rubber gloves for protection.

Thorough Spot Cleaning

Plastic chairs, such as plastic stackable chairs, have complex designs. Therefore, it is crucial to clean them thoroughly to avoid missing any hidden parts. These concealed areas are the most challenging to clean, as they accumulate dirt quickly. To clean them effectively, consider using a soft-bristled brush for thorough cleaning.

Air Dry

After rinsing, wipe the plastic chairs with a clean microfibre cloth and let them air dry. To prevent the chairs from becoming brittle, avoid exposing them directly to sunlight.


How Do You Make Your Plastic Chairs Look Brand New?

White dining chair

Cleaning your plastic chairs is a must, but maintaining their vibrancy is another story. As time passes, your plastic chairs may develop a chalky texture because of oxidation. The colours will eventually become pale. You can use car wax or plastic rejuvenator to bring back its beauty. These products are perfect for all colours, especially the vibrant ones.


How Often Do Plastic Chairs Need Cleaning?

dining chair cleaning tools

Plastic chairs are outdoor furniture, so the dirt buildup takes just a few days to accumulate, sometimes a day, depending on the weather, so it is better to clean it every day. Spraying it with a gentle cleaning solution will do, with the help of a microfiber cloth, for regular cleaning. However, doing a deep cleaning at least once a week is essential to removing all the dirt and grime.



Plastic chairs are often neglected, but with just a little effort, you can keep them looking fresh and inviting. Regular cleaning with the right tools and solutions ensures that dirt and grime don't take over. Pay attention to the details, especially those hidden nooks and crannies, as they collect the most dirt. By making plastic chair care a part of your routine, you'll maintain their appearance and make them a more enjoyable and durable seating option in your home or outdoor space. Remember, a little attention goes a long way in preserving the comfort and aesthetics of your plastic chairs.

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