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Pizza Oven Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide - Megafurniture

Pizza Oven Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide

With more and more people in Singapore diving into the addictive world of home-cooked pizza, the trend is hotter than a 900-degree oven. But here's the catch—making that drool-worthy, Instagrammable pizza needs more than just culinary flair. We’re talking about the absolute cornerstone of your pizza-making adventure: a top-notch pizza oven.

The average oven won't transform you from a pizza fan to a maestro. Achieving that perfect crunch in the crust and a flawless melt in the cheese is a collaborative feat, with your pizza oven playing a vital role. And given Singapore's insatiable foodie culture, there are better options than settling for 'good enough'. The choices are everywhere, be it a commercial pizza oven for the budding entrepreneurs among us or a charming, portable version for casual Sunday pizza soirees.

If you've found yourself wide awake, staring at the ceiling and pondering the existential question, "Which pizza oven is my soulmate?" stick around. We're diving into a saucy expedition that'll turn your kitchen into your pizzeria.

Types of Pizza Ovens Available in Singapore

We’re diving into the heart of the matter: The different types of pizza ovens you can find in this food-loving city. Trust us, this is where the plot thickens like a perfect tomato sauce!

Commercial Pizza Ovens

First off, let's talk about the commercial pizza ovens. These varieties are not for the faint-hearted or the casual weekend chef.  They're super-fast, incredibly efficient, and, honestly, they've got that wow factor. These ovens are usually the top pick for restaurants, but who's stopping you from going all out in your home kitchen? With a commercial pizza oven in Singapore, you can cook multiple pizzas at once, achieve a sublime crust, and become your neighbourhood's pizza king or queen.

Electric Pizza Ovens

Next on our radar are electric pizza ovens. These are the introverted cousins of the commercial ones—smaller, quieter, but still pretty darn effective. If you're strapped for space or don’t want to build an entire chimney in your HDB flat (as tempting as that sounds), an electric pizza oven in Singapore could be your go-to. The good news? They're super easy to use. Plug them in, preheat, and you’re good to go. The downside? You might not get that authentic wood-fired taste, but it's a small price for convenience.

Portable Pizza Ovens

Okay, let's get to my fave—the portable pizza ovens. They’re light and cute, and yes, they get the job done.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pizza Oven in Singapore


Sure, a commercial pizza oven sounds dreamy, but will it fit in your kitchen, especially when space is a premium in many Singaporean homes? Always measure twice and order once. That's the golden rule of kitchen appliances.

Energy Efficiency

Next up is an energy source. Sounds technical? Electric, gas, wood-fired—each brings its flair to your pizzas. Nothing but a wood-fired oven will do if you're after that woodsy, smoky flavour. But if you're in a high-rise, you might need to stick with electric. You know, unless you fancy a visit from the SCDF.


A budget is more than just a budget for oven types. Sometimes, a pricier model saves you more in the long run—better efficiency, lower energy bills, and you get the drift. Plus, let's not forget a pizza oven is an investment in happiness. And pizza is happiness, am I right?


Last but not least, features. Timer, temperature control, stone surface, or even a built-in rotisserie for those days when you’re pizza-ed out (is that even possible?). Know what tickles your fancy, and make sure your new oven can deliver.



Where to Buy a Pizza Oven in Singapore

Where to Buy a Pizza Oven in Singapore

Kitchenware Stores

The first stop is the kitchenware shops. Imagine aisles filled with gleaming culinary goodies, each whispering, "Take me home!" These stores are like the Chanel of kitchen appliances; think high-quality, chic, and, yes, with a price tag to match. Yet when it comes to pizza ovens, these places often offer the latest models with all the bells and whistles.

Online Marketplaces

If you're the kind who loves shopping in pyjamas (guilty as charged), online platforms have got you covered. The good thing is you can find diverse options, from commercial to portable pizza ovens. Plus, who can resist those exclusive online discounts? Just remember, what you see may sometimes be different from what you get. Always, always check those reviews.

Local Appliance Retailers

The good old trusty spots. These stores have stood the test of time and are usually the go-to for those who love a good bargain. While you might not find the newest model, you could discover a deal that makes your wallet dance happily.

Specialty Culinary Shops

Last but not least, the hidden gem speciality culinary shops. These are usually the havens for professional chefs and serious home cooks. The staff here can talk pizza ovens all day and know what they're discussing. Look no further if you're looking for expert advice along with your purchase.

Installation and Safety Tips

Setting Up: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Okay, so you've got this beast of a pizza oven, but where does it go? You want to ensure you’ve got enough space. Check your measurements, double-check clearances, and, for the love of mozzarella, make sure it's not blocking any exits.

Plug It or Gas It

If you've gone for an electric pizza oven, ensure your plug points are up for the challenge. A regular socket might not cut it for some high-power models. On the gas side? Ensure that gas lines are safely installed and meet all safety standards. 

Don't Be a Daredevil

Yes, we get it; you're excited. But no matter how many YouTube tutorials you've watched, start simple if you're a newbie. Read the manual, understand the safety features, and whatever you do, don't bypass them. 

Do a Test Run (Or Two)

Do a few test runs before inviting the entire kampung for a pizza feast. Learn how your oven heats and how it distributes that heat, and get a feel for your new culinary BFF.

Clean and Check

Regular cleaning is a must. Leftover crumbs or cheese might seem harmless, but they're essentially damaging. Check for wear and tear, too—cracks in the stone, frayed cords, or any other signs of damage. Home safety should always be the first ingredient in any recipe.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Daily Quick Clean

After using your oven, give it a simple clean-up. Brush away any loose crumbs and wipe the surfaces. This small act can prevent potential problems like mould from leftover food bits.

Weekly Cleanup

Every week, dedicate time for a deeper cleaning. If you have an electric pizza oven in Singapore, disconnect it - safety first! Clean the inner walls with a wet cloth and use a soft brush for the corners. Removing ashes from wood-fired ovens with a vacuum can be very helpful.

Monthly Maintenance

Each month, treat your oven to a comprehensive cleaning. Remove and scrub the racks and stones, and inspect for any signs of wear or issues that might need expert intervention. Your oven deserves regular pampering, just like you do.

Seasonal Inspections

Conduct a thorough inspection at the start of each season, especially in Singapore's humid climate. Check the electrical cords, gas lines, and other parts. Keeping your oven in good condition isn't just about cleaning but also about early detection of potential problems to save time and money and avoid a pizza disaster.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Agents

Avoid harsh chemicals or rough cleaning tools. Choose mild, food-safe cleaners and rinse and dry each part completely. This will ensure the quality of your future pizzas.

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Thoughts to Ponder

Thoughts to Ponder

Is investing in a pizza oven in Singapore genuinely worth it? Spoiler alert: It's a resounding YES!

Think about it—how often have you ordered a pizza and thought, "If only it had a bit more of this or a little less." And let's not forget the sheer joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from pulling out a perfectly golden pie, hot and bubbling, right from your oven. It's like your heart does a little happy dance every time.

Your Quick Hit Guide: 

It's time for the grand finale in our pizza-loving quest: transforming your home into a true pizza haven. Now, you might be thinking, where could one find a treasure trove of kitchen wonders to complete your culinary paradise? The answer is - Megafurniture.

Bonus Treat: 5 Easy Pizza Recipes for Your Pizza Oven Singapore

Classic Margherita

Ingredients: Fresh basil leaves, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Preparation: Layer the tomato sauce, cheese, and cherry tomatoes on your pizza dough. Bake to perfection and garnish with fresh basil leaves.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Ingredients: Cooked chicken breast strips, BBQ sauce, red onion slices, shredded mozzarella, and cilantro leaves.

Preparation: Spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce on the dough, followed by cheese, chicken, and red onion slices. Bake and garnish with fresh cilantro.

Spicy Pepperoni & Mushroom

Ingredients: Pepperoni slices, sliced mushrooms, shredded mozzarella cheese, spicy tomato sauce, and chilli flakes.

Preparation: Spread the spicy tomato sauce on your pizza dough. Add a layer of cheese, followed by pepperoni and mushroom slices. Sprinkle with chilli flakes before baking.

Seafood Delight

Ingredients: Cooked shrimp, squid rings, crab meat, garlic-infused olive oil, fresh parsley, and mozzarella cheese.

Preparation: Drizzle garlic-infused olive oil over the dough. Top with cheese and a mixture of seafood. Bake until golden and garnish with fresh parsley.

Vegetarian Feast

Ingredients: Sliced bell peppers, zucchini ribbons, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives, and feta cheese.

Preparation: Arrange the vegetables evenly over the pizza dough. Sprinkle with feta cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. Bake until the crust is crisp and the cheese is bubbly.

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