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Optimal Furniture for a Small Living Room - Megafurniture

Optimal Furniture for a Small Living Room

For a multitude of reasons, including minimalism, reducing costs as real estate prices soar and improved environmental sustainability, small-space living has dramatically increased in demand over the past few years.

The key to successful small-space living is to maximise the available space so that it retains the comfort and flexibility of a much bigger area. With such compact dimensions to work with, the furniture you choose can make all the difference between a home that feels cramped and one that exudes effortless comfort.

Fortunately, there are a number of practical solutions that will allow you to get the most out of your living space, by offering additional storage space or executing a dual role.

Furniture that offers built-in storage, such as a storage ottoman, openable coffee table or storage sofa allows you to minimise the number of cabinets and storage options you have in your living room. This essentially takes away clutter for a more aesthetically-pleasing environment.

Here are a number of small-space furnishings that are ideal for enhancing every compact living space, without having to compromise on functionality and aesthetics.

Svelte sofa

A large sofa may be perfect for enormous trophy homes built for entertaining guests but will unfortunately look out of place in a small space, leaving insufficient room for everything else.

The key to resolving this is to purchase a svelte piece that features a streamlined profile, slender legs and a low back with minimal depth.

You want a sofa that is narrower from the front to back and sits closer to the ground albeit not directly on it, as this can make the item appear heftier and more overwhelming in proportion to the room. This is to avoid having the item overpower the living room whilst simultaneously creating a sense of air flow which makes the space seem less cramped.

If you do not have enough room for a coffee table, consider a sofa with wide arms that can double up as a table top to put your food and drinks. Nevertheless, a cumbersome armrest is generally not recommended for smaller spaces so only consider this option as a last resort.

When it comes to the sofa shade, stick with a single block colour. Heavy textures like antique leather can also come across as too harsh on the eye so choose a smooth fabric sofa for a lustrous touch to complement a smallish living room. Throw in some extra cushions for maximum comfort.

Something that comes with a slender timber frame can also emanate a timeless appeal. All in all, your best option would be a three-seater fabric-base sofa with a low, slimline armrest to deliver optimal comfort and an understated appeal for those with minimal space.

Petite armchairs

Not having the room for a gigantic plush couch does not mean you cannot have something comfortable to offer your guests when they come over.

Small-scale armchairs are perfect for compact spaces where there is insufficient space for a second sofa but you nevertheless require additional seating. Armchairs provide incredible versatility for more smaller spaces, whilst also being cheaper to purchase than larger ensembles.

A pair of small-scale armchairs can be used to augment the existing living room arrangement, or displayed standalone, for instance in combination with a console table as part of an open sitting area. If your living room lacks space for an armchair, consider having it in the bedroom or elsewhere, taking it out when there are visitors.

Bulky armchairs can be more comfortable with their extra heft and support, but they take up valuable space in the room. Hence for compact spaces, it is best to have armless chairs or upright armchairs such as a barrel chair, as this maximises your floor space.

Handy stools

If a small-scale couch and some dainty armchairs are not enough to accommodate all your seating demands, consider utilising stacks of stools available within arm’s reach. Having them tucked neatly away in a corner can be very useful when extra guests swing by.

Ottoman stools in particular are a versatile way to maximise seating space as they can double up as side tables in addition to extra seats. Some ottomans come with space underneath for a quick and convenient storage solution for your clothes, toys and shoes before guests arrive.

Mesh stools are also a good idea to stimulate the illusion of air flow in a condensed living space to make the area appear larger. Something that is not excessively large and imposing is what you want to look out for.

Adaptable coffee tables

A round design is the preferred choice for coffee and side tables in small rooms. Square and rectangular shapes tend to appear more rigid, not to mention their sharp edges can be a bump hazard especially in a small living space.

Also consider the material and colour of the coffee table. Glass can do wonders in making a tiny space feel less confined since light can be reflected from all corners of the room for a sense of openness. Light timbers like pine or merbau can also have the same effect. 

Just like your sofa, ensure that the coffee and side tables come with lean legs. It also needs to be a lower height than the base part of the sofa that you sit on.

In terms of functionality, go for a coffee table with built-in drawers or shelves for accessible storage. The ideal coffee table for a small living room should be a minimalist piece that features a roundish sleek design and easy-access drawers for practical and concealed storage.

Wall shelving

Shelving is a good way to store, organise and display your valuables in a stylish manner. That said, without the privilege of space, you may be faced with limited options for all your shelving needs.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to circumvent your space constraints so that you have ample storage space for all your items.

Rather than purchasing many large, ill-fitting shelving units, choose smaller and more versatile shelving that can be placed flat on the floor or positioned upright. This allows for the flexibility of placing a pair of shelves side-by-side on a wall, or flanking a TV console among other uses.

When placed on its side, a sturdy shelf can also fulfill a second role as a bench to sit on. That said, this form of shelving nevertheless requires you to have ample floor space. If this is infeasible for your living situation, opt for living room built-ins instead. Not only do they provide storage, but also imbue your home with style and personality.

Wall shelving elevates the design of your living space and makes it clutter-free, while providing you with flexibility to arrange your shelves how you see fit. This is perfect for keeping books, family photographs, vases, video games and anything else you have.

Do ensure that you choose sturdy and robust wall shelving in case you need to store heavier items in the future.

Above all, they offer a perfect method for saving space while also serving functional and aesthetic purposes. You essentially free up floor space for additional furniture or rearrange the existing furniture so that the living room appears less cluttered.


The beauty of a small living room space is that you don't have to worry about excess bland space, thus, buying furniture is less complicated. Get your home furniture inspiration when you browse through Mega Furniture's online collection.

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