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Myths About Memory Foam Mattresses - Megafurniture

Myths About Memory Foam Mattresses

Debunking Memory Foam Mattress Myths

Believing in myths is why people shy away from buying the things they want, let alone check them out. While it is good to believe in something, it should not be in false statements. 

Myths are what fear creates, and it often bothers you. As a buyer, you must know the truth. That is the only way you could be at ease when purchasing something. To help refresh your view about the memory foam mattress in Singapore, here are some debunked myths about them.

MYTH #1 Make You Sweat.

Experiencing night sweat is common, especially in humid places. At least 8% of memory foam mattresses sleepers complain about this issue, but there is a chance the beds they own are the older and less breathable type of memory foam mattress that you are less likely to find in Singapore.

Today, the memory foam mattress you can get has a 95% airflow compared to its older generation. That means sleeping here is more comfortable, and expect night sweat not to happen.

MYTH #2 Emits Foul Smell.

No one wants to lay down on a bed that smells, but some memory foam mattresses can emit an initial foul odour. 

Fret not since that eventually disappears over time. It usually takes two weeks until it goes away. It could be earlier than that if you purchase a less dense memory foam mattress in Singapore.

To guarantee you would not purchase this kind of memory foam mattress, be sure it does not have the following.

  • Made with Formaldehyde
  • Made with Mercury, Lead and Other Heavy Metals
  • Made from Ozone Depleters
  • Made from PBDE Flame Retardants
  • Made with Phthalates

    MYTH #3 Develop Dips After Weeks of Use.

    It could happen if the memory foam mattress you bought is made from cheap or faux materials. 

    Of course, to not let this happen to you, only buy from a reputable mattress store online in Singapore. A quality memory foam mattress often lasts for ten years or even longer if you take good care of your bed. You could expect that it would not have any dip even after sleeping for long hours.

    MYTH #4 Sleeping on It Feels Like a Quicksand.

    This myth can be true if the memory foam mattress you bought has a dense foam over 5.0 lbs with temperature-sensitive properties. As a result, you feel like you are sinking whenever you move around.

    Contrary to that, the memory foam mattress you should have has a temperature-neutral. This property guarantees that you would not sink in and hard to get out of bed. Also, its foam will move, along with your sleeping pattern. As such, you would have a good night's sleep. 

    MYTH #5  Quite Expensive

    That could be true in a few leading brands, but there are many brands out there that offer high-quality at affordable prices.

    When you search for a mattress for sale in Singapore, be sure the brand of your choice will last for years and has a decade worth of warranty. That is when you know you are paying for what it is worth and get to enjoy a comfortable sleep.


    Now that you know the truth about memory foam, you should not shy away from checking the mattress for sale in Singapore! You can rest assured that the memory foam mattress you would get is worth buying.

    To be absolute about the quality of mattress you will purchase online in Singapore, talk to us experts. At Megafurniture, we can help you find the perfect bed for you and your family!

    Take your time in exploring our website today, and keep us posted if you need a hand.

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