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8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen - Megafurniture

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Neutrals reign in kitchen design because of their timeless beauty and easy-to-compliment silhouettes. But since everyone follows this style, it sometimes becomes boring. It's time to add a little spice to your kitchen by introducing colour to your design.

Colour is one of the most important elements of interior design, as it sets the mood of your room effortlessly. It makes your kitchen livelier and more personal. From your walls to your cabinetry to the smallest kitchen utensils, adding some pops of colour to your kitchen helps you break out of the cookie-cutter design. If you are short on budget while remodelling your HDB kitchen, adding those extra hues and patterns still makes a successful upgrade. Here are eight ways to add colour to your kitchen without breaking your budget. No hacking of walls, no renovation needed.

1. Paint Your Walls

Paint your walls

Your kitchen is probably the hardest-working space in your home. Yes, it can also look tired. Those dull walls and lifeless cabinetry make your kitchen look less appealing to work in. Painting your walls can brighten up this area in an instant. When updating your walls, do not limit yourself to neutrals. Bright colours like yellows, blues, and tangerines are very refreshing to the eye. Unconventional hues like aqua or tropical yellow make your kitchen exciting. You can also add a focal point to your kitchen by painting an accent wall. Also, try complementing the colour of your kitchen cabinet for a more uniform design.

2. Keep Your Shelves Open

Keep your shelves open

Although many homeowners prefer closed-door cabinets to hide their kitchen clutter, some are bold enough to use open shelving to boast their collection of coloured dinnerware. If you have a neutral or chrome palette, having a specific part of your kitchen exposed creates a sense of variety and adds depth to your design.

Position your bowls in stacks and your plates against the wall to highlight their patterns. You may also use a wooden plate rack or a multi-pane buffet hutch with a transparent glass door to secure your plate and silverware collection.

You may also paint the inside of your neutral cabinet for an instantly brighter look.

3. Update Your Window Treatment

Update your window treatment

An unexpected yet effective way to level up your kitchen with colours is through your window treatment. Incorporating colours and patterns into your window dramatically upgrades the look of your kitchen. Choose a colour and design that complements your theme or the colour of your cabinets. If your kitchen is more on the neutral side, you can make it subtle yet fun by setting up a sunny yellow or coastal blue curtain on your window. If you want to keep a serene look, an olive-green treatment does a great job of maintaining a clean and refreshing look.

4. Roll Out a Coloured Rug

Roll out a coloured rug

For open-concept kitchens, it is sometimes a challenge to make a distinction between your kitchen space and dining area in terms of their designs. Adding an area rug lessens this dilemma while making your space look more intimate. Placing a large area rug under your dining table makes that area look more coordinated. Style your space with neutrals or more intricate designs, depending on the colour of your floor and the theme of your space.

You can also position a long runner on the walkway between your cupboards to add depth to your floor without entirely hiding its natural design. 

5. Colourful Kitchen Appliances

Colourful kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances are more than white and chrome. Some varieties can make your kitchen look more fun and alive with their colours and glossy finishes. Start with your lovely fridge. Chromes give your kitchen an elegant modern feel, but if you want to spice up your neutral palette, this Retro-style refrigerator with a sleek configuration and a smooth finish can instantly give you a striking focal point in your space. 

Medium-sized kitchen appliances like ovens, coffee machines, and blenders can also come in various colours. This charming pastel coffee machine is perfect for a subtle and refreshing kitchen design. When buying kitchen appliances for your flat, consider getting items that are both efficient and appealing.

6. Colour Your Backsplash

Colour your backsplash

Make a striking kitchen backsplash by adding colours and patterns. You do not need to renovate your walls and tiles to achieve this with a do-it-yourself backsplash with acrylic sheets, available in various colours. Fluorescent aquamarine is an excellent pair with a chrome countertop or white cabinet paint, giving your kitchen a faux glass finish. A waterproof kitchen wallpaper or vinyl backsplash provides added depth and variation. Vinyl backsplashes add patterns and texture to the space without requiring costly renovations. It is also easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about splatters.

7. Use Coloured Dining Furniture

Use coloured dining furniture

Make your open-concept kitchen more enjoyable by updating your matching kitchen chairs with more exciting pieces. You can add patterned seat cushions, new creative slipcovers, refinish and paint your dining chairs, or replace them with coloured stackable pieces. Explore different designs and arrangements to upgrade your space. Mix fabric dining chairs with plastic pieces. For more versatile seating options, arrange coloured chairs on one side of your table and a dining bench on the other. 

You may also update your dining table. Instead of going for a solid-colored centre table, choose a marble or sintered stone table that easily goes with any colour scheme.

8. Add Coloured Light Fixtures

Add coloured light fixtures

Your kitchen lights do not have to be the typical dull pieces that mimic the colour of your ceiling. Hanging some striking pendants not only brightens up your kitchen but also brings extra charm to your space. For a more varied look, incorporate different colour combinations into your lighting. Patterned lamps are also welcome in your lovely kitchen. Install a buttery yellow pendant light on top of your dining table to help ignite conversations.

Also, utilise your recessed lights and those under your cabinet to brighten up your kitchen and give you a better look at your area while working.

Step Out of the Box

Step out of the box

There are numerous ways you can upgrade your kitchen with colours. With your tabletop, tablecloth, kitchen towels, plants, or decor that you hang on your walls, possibilities are almost limitless. 

When designing your kitchen, always look for focal points and areas that you can eagerly work with. It truly takes a bold mind and creative hands to create a remarkable space. But with a few effortless takes, you can still easily achieve a kitchen design that you'll love.

Stuck in your dull kitchen for years? Start upgrading your cooking and dining space with fun and elegant kitchen and dining room furniture and appliances from Megafurniture!

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