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Can a King Size Mattress Fit into the HDB Lift? - Megafurniture

Can a King Size Mattress Fit into the HDB Lift?

Mattress shopping in Singapore involves multiple decision-making processes, from choosing the best material to determining the best size for your needs. Once you figure these things out, you can properly select the best mattress online or in-store. However, one thing that is often overlooked when buying a mattress is the final step, the delivery.

If you live on the upper floor of your HDB flat, you might be wondering how a king-sized mattress can fit into your HDB lift. In this article, we’ll try to cover some common mattress delivery questions for your HDB flat.


Can HDB Lift Fit a King Size Mattress?

Can a King Size Mattress Fit into the HDB Lift?

Ideally, a mattress in a box can comfortably fit a standard HDB lift. However, movers may have to use the stairs to deliver a bulkier mattress.  

It is worth it to physically check the dimension of HDB lift to determine the HDB lift height or HDB lift size, and whether your mattress will fit the space, especially if you are buying a thicker mattress. For reference, a standard king-size mattress in Singapore is 183 cm long and 190 cm wide.

Before shopping for your mattress, you should first measure your room, the doorways, and your HDB lift. Note that some older HDB flats may have smaller lifts. If your lift is not big enough to fit your mattress, we highly recommend extending your budget to accommodate some delivery conditions that may arise.


What is the Delivery Fee Work in Singapore?

How Does the Delivery Fee Work in Singapore?

Delivery charges may differ based on the company, the price and size of your purchase, and your location. At Megafurniture, we offer free delivery charges for purchases above S$150, given that there is an accessible lift in your location. If your order does not qualify for free delivery in terms of price and location, standard charges may apply.

Standard deliveries in Singapore may vary from case to case. If the HDB lift is too small for the product or is unavailable, broken, or under maintenance at the time of delivery, the delivery crew will assess the feasibility of a staircase delivery. This process will be handled with the utmost caution to guarantee that your mattress will be delivered in its best condition while ensuring the safety of the crew. Delivery prices will vary depending on how far away your location is. 

In the event that the item is not feasible for delivery due to hazards or the narrow size of the staircase, the delivery crew reserves the right to cancel the delivery.


How Can I Save on My Mattress Delivery?

How Can I Save on My Mattress Delivery?

The best way to save on your mattress delivery is to carefully measure your HDB lift to ensure the fit of your mattress. Measure the height, width, and diagonal length of your HDB lift and compare it to the size of your mattress (including potential packaging layers). It’s also important to measure the doorway and the thickness of your mattress to ensure a more convenient delivery process.

Another efficient way to save money and avoid hassles is to purchase a mattress in a box. This mattress innovation allows larger mattress sizes to fit into narrower spaces by containing them in vacuum-sealed boxes. Mattresses in a box are also easy to expand once positioned on your bed.


Connect with Us 

Connect with Us

Have delivery concerns? Our friendly team is willing to answer your questions! Feel free to contact us to ease your concerns. We are more than happy to make your mattress shopping experience more convenient.

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