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The Best Storage Bed in Singapore: What is a Hydraulic Storage Bed? - Megafurniture

The Best Storage Bed in Singapore: What is a Hydraulic Storage Bed?

After the pandemic, the rising demand for multifunctional spaces became inevitable. This is especially true for our bedrooms, where the line between working and resting became blurry due to remote work opportunities. The thing is, while the need for functional space at home increases, the space itself doesn’t expand.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an area where you can neatly keep your essentials without having to bump between furniture? Luckily, there is a multifunctional solution to your space problems: a hydraulic lift storage bed! While there are various types of beds with storage in Singapore, some of the most popular varieties feature German hydraulic systems.


In this guide, we’ll answer the following:

1.What is a Hydraulic Lift Bed?

2. How Does a Hydraulic Lift System Work?

3. Benefits of Using Hydraulic Systems for Storage Bed Frames

4. Hydraulic Bed Lift System vs. Manual Bed Lift System

5. How to Open or Lift a Hydraulic Storage Bed?

6. What Can Fit in a Hydraulic Storage Bed?

7. What Should You Not Put in a Hydraulic Storage Bed?


What is a Hydraulic Lift Storage Bed?

hydraulic storage bed

A hydraulic lift bed, also known as a hydraulic storage bed, is a clever and practical piece of furniture designed to maximise storage space in your bedroom. The bed frame is equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that typically uses hydraulic gas pistons and allows you to effortlessly lift the mattress platform, revealing a spacious storage compartment underneath.


Did you know? Megafurniture’s storage beds use German hydraulic lift systems to ensure easy and safe access to the storage compartments. This means that you can now lift the mattress base, access the storage, and put the base back in place without exerting too much effort, hurting your back and shoulders. 


Learn more about this revolutionary system in this guide.


How Does a Hydraulic Lift System Work?

Hydraulic storage bed

Hydraulics is undeniably one of the most important developments in modern engineering. This system is found in many of the things that we use daily, such as storage bed frames, cabinets, and the elevator. This powerful device, derived from Pascal’s Principle, is used to handle heavy loads safely and ergonomically. According to the principle, when a fluid at rest in a confined container receives an increase in pressure, there will be an equal increase at every point of the container.


Ultimately, hydraulic lift systems convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to reduce load pressure. Storage beds with hydraulic systems feature an under-the-bed compartment, which you can access by lifting the mattress base.


Here's a detailed explanation of how it works:


  1. Hydraulic Pistons. The storage bed frame is equipped with hydraulic pistons, or gas struts. These are cylindrical devices filled with hydraulic fluid and sealed with nitrogen gas. They are strategically placed to provide the necessary support for the lifting mechanism.
  2. Hydraulic Fluid. The hydraulic fluid inside the pistons doesn't compress easily. When force is applied to one end of the piston, the fluid is pushed through the connected channels, exerting pressure on the other end.
  3. Lifting Mechanism. When you apply force to lift the mattress platform, the force is transmitted to the hydraulic pistons. The pistons use the hydraulic pressure to resist and counterbalance the weight of the bed, making it feel much lighter.
  4. Smooth Movement. The hydraulic lift system ensures a smooth and controlled movement, allowing you to lift the bed with minimal effort. It's a practical solution for accessing the storage space underneath without struggling with heavy lifting.
  5. Locking Mechanism. Many hydraulic lift beds are designed with a locking mechanism to secure the lifted position, ensuring safety and stability when accessing or organising items in the storage compartment.



Benefits of Using Hydraulic Systems for Storage Bed Frames

pillows in storage bed

Effortless Lifting

Hydraulic systems make it easy to lift the bed, allowing you to access the storage space underneath without much effort.

Smooth Operation

These systems provide a smooth and controlled lifting motion. No sudden jerks or difficulties. Just a gentle, user-friendly lift.

Space Optimisation

By using hydraulics, bed frames can maximise the space underneath for storage.


Hydraulic system bed frames are built to last, providing a sturdy and reliable mechanism for lifting and lowering the bed. This means fewer worries about wear and tear.

Quiet Functioning

Hydraulic systems operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed sleep environment.


These systems can be incorporated into various bed frame designs, offering flexibility in terms of style and aesthetics. In short, you can have a functional storage solution without sacrificing the look of your bedroom.



Hydraulic Bed Lift System vs. Manual Bed Lift System

hydraulic bed vs manual bed

The hydraulic bed lift system sounds impressive. But will it actually make a difference? The answer is yes. Here’s a rundown of its advantages compared to the manual storage bed lift system:



Hydraulic Bed Lift System

Manual Lift System

Lifting Mechanism

Utilises hydraulic pistons or gas struts

Relies on manual effort and physical force

Ease of Operation

Effortless lifting with minimal physical exertion

Requires manual lifting and strength

Controlled Movement

Provides smooth and controlled lifting

Lifting may be less controlled and even

Weight Handling

Can handle heavier loads due to hydraulic support

Weight capacity may be limited by manual strength


Offers convenient access to storage space

May be less convenient, especially for heavier storage  beds

Safety Features

Often includes a locking mechanism for safety

Relies on user's ability to secure the bed in the lifted position


Typically more expensive due to hydraulic components

Generally more affordable without hydraulic components


Hydraulic components may require occasional maintenance

Minimal maintenance, as there are fewer moving parts




How To Open or Lift a Hydraulic Storage Bed?

ho to use a hydraulic lift bed

1. Clear the Area. Before lifting the bed, ensure that the surrounding area is clear of any obstacles or items that might hinder the movement of the bed.

2. Locate the Handles or Access Points. Identify the handles or access points provided on the bed frame. These are usually located near the footboard or sides of the bed.

3. Apply Even Pressure. Stand at the foot of the bed and use both hands to apply even pressure to the handles or access points. Make sure to lift with your legs rather than your back to avoid strain.

4. Initiate the Lift. Begin the lifting motion by applying a steady and upward force. The hydraulic lift system will assist in raising the mattress platform smoothly. The bed should start to lift with minimal effort. 

    Note: When lifting your hydraulic storage bed, make sure that the mattress is present, especially when it was there when the bed was assembled.

    5. Lift to Desired Height. Continue lifting until the bed reaches the desired height. Most hydraulic storage beds have an intermediate position that allows easy access to the storage space without lifting the bed entirely.

    6. Secure the Bed (if applicable). If your bed has a locking mechanism, engage it to secure the bed in the lifted position. This ensures stability when accessing the storage space.

    7. Access the Storage. With the bed lifted, you can easily access the storage compartment beneath. Organise or retrieve items as needed.

    8. Lower the Bed. When you're finished, gently lower the bed by releasing the locking mechanism (if engaged) and guiding the mattress platform down. The hydraulic system will control the descent, so you can guide it down without exerting much force.



    What Can Fit in a Hydraulic Storage Bed?

    bedding in storage bed
    1. Bedding and Linens. Storage beds often feature spacious compartments beneath the mattress, providing an ideal space for storing extra bedding, pillows, and linens. This helps to keep the bedroom organised and clutter-free.
    2. Seasonal Clothing. Utilising the under-bed storage for seasonal clothing, such as off-season garments or bulky winter coats during the summer, is a practical way to free up closet space.
    3. Shoes and Accessories. Storage beds with drawers or cubbies are excellent for storing shoes and accessories. This is particularly useful for keeping everyday items easily accessible yet neatly tucked away.
    4. Books and Magazines. The space beneath the mattress can serve as a discreet bookshelf. Storing books, magazines, or even a small reading nook can make efficient use of the storage capacity in the bed.
    5. Extra Blankets and Throws. Keeping extra blankets or throws in the storage compartments ensures they are readily available when needed, especially during colder seasons.
    6. Kids' Toys. In children's rooms, storage beds are a practical solution for keeping toys organised. The drawers or shelves can be designated for toys, promoting a tidy and functional play area.
    7. Electronic Devices and Cables. Some storage beds come with built-in charging stations or cable management features. This is convenient for keeping electronic devices, chargers, and cables organised and within reach.
    8. Hobbies and Crafts Supplies. For those who enjoy crafting or have hobby materials, a storage bed can be a discreet storage solution. It keeps supplies neatly tucked away while providing easy access when needed.
    9. Travel Luggage. The space under the bed can be utilised for storing travel luggage, ensuring it's out of the way and freeing up space in closets or other storage areas.

    Extra Bedding for Guests. Having spare bedding easily accessible in the storage bed is convenient for accommodating guests, providing a quick and accessible solution for additional sleeping arrangements.



    What Should You NOT Put in a Hydraulic Storage Bed?

    flammable items and allergens
    1. Heavy or Overloaded Items. Be cautious not to overload the storage compartments with excessively heavy items. Doing so may strain the bed frame, affecting its structural integrity and longevity.
    2. Sharp or Pointed Objects. Refrain from storing sharp or pointed objects in the storage areas to prevent damage to the bed frame, mattress, or other items. This also reduces the risk of injury when accessing the storage compartments.
    3. Wet or Damp Items:. Avoid placing wet or damp items in the storage spaces, as this can lead to the development of mould and unpleasant odours. Ensure items are dry before storing them to maintain a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
    4. Chemicals or Hazardous Materials. Do not store chemicals, cleaning agents, or any hazardous materials in the storage compartments. These substances can pose a risk to your health and safety.
    5. Valuables. It's not advisable to store highly valuable items, such as jewellery or important documents, in a storage bed. Opt for more secure storage options, like a safe or locked drawer, for such belongings.
    6. Electronics Without Proper Ventilation. If your storage bed has compartments designed for electronics, ensure there is proper ventilation. Avoid enclosing electronic devices without adequate airflow to prevent overheating.
    7. Flammable Items: Keep flammable items away from the storage compartments. This includes items like candles, lighters, or any materials that could pose a fire hazard.
    8. Items That Attract Allergens. Avoid storing items that attract dust mites or allergens, such as old newspapers or clothing that hasn't been cleaned. This helps maintain a healthier sleeping environment.



    Introducing Bansbach Easy Lift German Hydraulics

    Video credit: Bansbach® Easylift's YouTube Channel


    Founded in 1919, Bansbach® Easylift is leading gas spring production with its high-quality choice of materials and innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures. These Germany-made innovations are used for aviation, medicine, and in the comforts of our homes.

    Today, these Bansbach® Easylift components can be found in Megafurniture’s range of storage beds to provide you with safe and trusted storage accessibility.


    Looking for a Hydraulic Storage Bed Frame in Singapore?

    If you're looking to elevate your bedroom storage game, explore the range of hydraulic storage beds at Megafurniture Singapore! Transform your space with ease and style.

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