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How To Utilise The Space Under Your Storage Bed Frame - Megafurniture

How To Utilise The Space Under Your Storage Bed Frame

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – the one place in your home where you rest and rejuvenate for the next workday. As such, it is crucial for you to maintain your bedroom and ensure it is organised and clutter-free. This is because a messy room can keep you up at night!

However, Singapore is a crowded city where space is increasingly limited. As such, our HDBs are becoming more compact, so you might not have sufficient space to accommodate all your storage needs. This is where choosing multi-functional furniture, like a storage bed frame, can help to maximise the available space you have. 

If you have recently purchased a storage bed and are looking to optimise your storage space, we’re here to help. We have compiled several practical ways for you to utilise the space underneath your bed effectively.

1. Compartmentalise your storage bed with storage bins and boxes

Compartmentalise Bed frames storage in Singapore

Your storage bed frame provides you with ample space to store any belongings you may have no use for currently. However, dumping everything into the space within and calling it a day can hardly be classified as tidying up. Not only is there a mess underneath your storage bed, but it is also challenging for you to find a particular item when you need it. 

Instead, you can consider purchasing see-through organisers to sort your belongings according to their respective categories. By compartmentalising your valuables, you ensure everything is organised neatly, allowing you to search for any item easily should the need arise. This method is especially ideal for couples as the storage boxes function as dividers to help each of you navigate your personal belongings.

2. Use it to store your travel luggage

Bed frames storage in Singapore Use it to store your travel luggage

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on many jet setters’ travel plans. Despite travel restrictions easing as Singapore transitions to an endemic COVID-19 world, some Singaporeans remain hesitant about travelling abroad due to the hassle associated with the various travel measures.

This means that you will likely have at least one bulky suitcase or carry-on bag claiming significant space at your home. Rather than stashing the luggage in a corner collecting dust bunnies, you can consider tucking it away underneath your storage bed. Doing so frees up valuable storage space to accommodate other essential household items that you will use more often.

3. Use it to stow your old clothes

Bed frames storage in Singapore Use it to stow your old clothes

Are you running out of space in your wardrobe to store your new clothes? In that case, you can consider stowing away your out-of-season clothes within your storage bed frame to free up space for your brand-new clothing. 

For instance, since travelling abroad may not be a viable option currently, you can consider keeping any winter wear underneath the bed. If you have any clothes that you have fallen out of favour with, you can stow them away as well. This way, you have the additional capacity to store the essential clothes that you reach for regularly.

There is no denying the numerous benefits associated with storage bed frames. Not only are you buying a bed frame that can last you for years to come, but it also functions as storage to aid you in decluttering your bedroom effectively. 

If you are looking for the ideal bed frame in Singapore, you can check out Mega Furniture’s extensive selection of products, which are available at affordable prices. Furthermore, we hold regular bed frame sales throughout our various outlets in Singapore, so do not hesitate to visit our website to learn more about the best deals on offer!

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