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How to Decorate Your Flat The Minimalist Way - Megafurniture

How to Decorate Your Flat The Minimalist Way

You may have come across this word multiple times now-Minimalism. Because of its clean, relaxing, and spacious look, there's no wonder people are rooting for this interior design.

Far from the dull, monotonous look that makes others afraid to try, the minimalist approach emphasises spacious and well-curated aesthetics. This means getting rid of the superfluous and focusing on what matters. Minimalism holds a wide range of styles, from monochromatic, modern, and sophisticated contemporary to simple luxurious designs.

Get your notes ready, and let's transform your home the minimalist way.


Clear Out the Clutter

Clear Out the Clutter

The first approach to minimalism is to make your space clean and uncluttered. Remove the things that obstruct the visual flow in your space, of course, and those that hinder you from moving in comfort.

Examine your space. Do you see some things that are not supposed to be there? The shoes on the floor, the random paper bills in the living room, toys everywhere, or the empty cups that didn't make their way back to your kitchen. These things deviate from visual balance and make your home life complicated. 

Clutter is not just limited to your storage units and shelves; even flat surfaces are breeding grounds for clutter. All the things piling up on your surfaces will soon make you feel like they own your space and you are the visitor.

To effectively spruce up your flat, start first by clearing your cluttered areas. You want your home to free up some spaces so you can focus more on your focal points. Group your items based on what needs to be eliminated, what you need to keep, and what you want to donate. This is probably the most challenging part of transforming your space, but it is definitely worth it to freshen up your home. 

Choose a Neutral Colour Palette

Choose a neutral colour palette

To create a clean and spacious home, neutral and calm colours are important. Garlic Clove by PPG, Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and Pale Powder by Farrow and Ball are some of our favourite neutral bases. Paean Black by Farrow and Ball, Neutral Mauve, Tan, Beige, Green, Smoky Blue, and Grey are excellent additions to the scheme. These colours go well with myriads of furniture and decorations. If you want to infuse elegant aesthetics with the "less is more" approach, neutral colour combinations will help you achieve your design goals. 

Do not be afraid to incorporate darker tones into your furniture and accent pieces to add depth and interest to your design. 

Use the Power of Your Furniture
Use the power of your furniture

Minimalist approach might be cold and bland if you do not know how to combine the right things and focus on the strengths of your design. When you enter a minimalist room, your focal point should be the first thing that catches your eye. To highlight this effectively, choose the pieces of furniture that can blend into your neutral palette but still stand out from the rest. 

For your living room, a contemporary three-seater sofa with clean lines, a dark neutral tone, and a remarkable configuration can work well even in a small space. Arrange some patterned throw pillows to balance the neutral palette. If you want to add some seats but still maintain a spacious look, choose a muted-toned one-seater armchair that you can place in the middle of your sofa and coffee table to ignite good conversations. 

To create a minimalist bedroom, you don't want to build a cold space but a comfortable and enjoyable room. Set the tone with a bed frame and a cosy mattress that fits your needs. As much as possible, do not go for intricately designed bed frames but stick to neutral pieces with cleaner configurations

Look for a bed frame with built-in storage that can hide seasonal items or those you do not need. To maintain a clean room, focus on keeping your clutter away, or at least out of sight, as much as possible. Closed-storage furniture solutions with ample shelving can help you achieve this. It is also good to use organisers that you can keep inside your drawers to arrange smaller items. Play with colours and patterns with your pillows and add a personal touch with accent decorations such as framed art pieces.

Working with a minimal space means working with fewer items, so it is important to choose the furniture you use carefully. Go for furniture pieces that spark your interest and will support your needs even in the future. Think about quality over quantity. If done right, you will achieve a beautiful and well-curated design.

Choose Attractive Storage Solutions

Choose attractive storage solutions

When it comes to minimalism, attractive storage means keeping things together inside one efficient unit while giving it a clean outward appearance. Make sure no one knows there is chaos inside your storage unit.

You never know what your storage needs will be like in the following years, but that doesn't mean that you cannot get a suitable storage unit from the start. You can go for entirely minimalist designs or treat your storage unit as part of your accent decor by choosing one with patterns or a more noticeable silhouette.

To plot a good storage strategy, check your lifestyle. List the things you buy often and where they go after the purchase. Knowing your primary storage needs will make choosing suitable storage easier.

As much as possible, regulate the items you keep in your home. Practice regular cleaning and decluttering. You can rearrange things in a specific part of your home using the 15-minute daily decluttering strategy to avoid clutter piling up.

Welcome Textures

Welcome textures

One of the prominent elements of minimalist design, aside from spaciousness and neutral palettes, is the use of textures. Knitted accents, velvet furniture, rugs, and baskets make your room more varied and warm. When incorporating texture into your design, pair up those that complement the overall theme you are trying to achieve. To choose the right mix of patterns and textures, look at your base paint and the colour of your furniture.

You can use tans and more natural textures if you have warm base paint and black furniture.

Make Your Space Functional

Make your space functional

One of the most crucial parts of the design process is ensuring the function of your space.

Make sure that the things you have in your flat have something to offer aside from their aesthetic appeal. Think about a bed frame that can also keep your clutter out of sight, nesting coffee tables that you can use for both small and large occasions, an extendable dining table, or an ottoman with ample storage area. All these things have multiple purposes.

Invite Natural Elements

Invite natural elements

Allow natural light to enter your home to reflect the colour of your walls and the shapes that you incorporate into your design. This will help you highlight some details that the lack of light can overshadow. Install sheer drapes that will not restrict the light from entering your home. Strategically position a mirror to reflect your focal point. Add natural elements like potted indoor plants, clay pots, wooden furniture, and woven accessories.

Creating a minimalist home should not be complicated. It may be daunting to develop and maintain the clean look that comes with this interior style at first, but once you start your design journey, you will notice how beautiful and efficient minimalism is. 

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