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How to Create a Holiday-Ready Bed for a Cosy Christmas in Singapore - Megafurniture

How to Create a Holiday-Ready Bed for a Cosy Christmas in Singapore

Isn't the chilly December air refreshing and cool, making you feel lively? The most exciting part is that it makes us feel cosy, making us dive and sink into our bed. So, if you want a sign to transform your bed for the coming holiday season, you've come to the right place.

Amidst the twinkle of city lights and the tropical breeze that whispers of Christmas in the air, get ready to create a holiday-ready bed with these tips that will cradle you in holiday cheer.


1. Choose a Holiday-Themed Bed Linens

Choose a Holiday-Themed Bed Linens

Chilly and cool air is rare in a tropical climate country like Singapore. Why not leverage the coolness of the atmosphere of December and get cosy with your sleep sanctuary? If you’re wondering how to make your bed cosy and comfy, let's start by warming your bed with a holiday-themed bed linen.

So, when creating a holiday-ready bed, start by selecting bed linens that evoke the spirit of the Christmas season. Opt for sheets and pillowcases adorned with festive patterns such as snowflakes, reindeer, or classic Christmas motifs.

If you are a minimalist and want to keep your bed's design as plain as possible, opt for linen with basic colours instead. Consider choosing red, green, blue, sky blue, or gold because these colours warm the holidays.

2. Opting for Warm and Festive Colours for a Holiday-Ready Bed

Warm and Cosy Materials

To enhance your Christmas bed's cosiness, prioritise materials known for their warmth and comfort. For instance, flannel or jersey sheets provide a soft and snug feel, making them ideal for the colder December nights. Additionally, consider a cosy duvet or comforter to add an extra layer of warmth that invites you to settle in and enjoy the comfort of your holiday-bed retreat.

Next, infuse your bed with the vibrant and joyful colours of the season and experiment with a mix of traditional holiday hues such as red, greens, and gold. Don't be afraid to combine patterns and textures for your holiday bed retreat, and remember that the goal is the festive energy of Christmas that makes your sleeping space a delightful extension of the holiday decorations in your home.


3. Time for Christmas-Themed Throw Pillows!

Time for Christmas-Themed Throw Pillows

Who wouldn't want a couple of throw pillows with Santa's reindeer print? Hugging these at night seems like bringing your dream with Santa's Christmas adventure.

So, look for pillows adorned with holiday symbols, quotes, or patterns that complement your chosen bedding with a touch of holiday charm. You can also opt for textured and cosy throws like faux, fur, knit, or fleece to provide extra warmth during the chilly December nights.

Do not forget to arrange your Christmas-themed pillows to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing bed during the holidays.

4. Layering Your Bed with Seasonal Blankets

Layering Your Bed with Seasonal Blankets for Holiday Season

First, choose blankets that feature holiday patterns or designs to align with the festive theme you aim for. For example, choose blankets adorned with classic Christmas imagery, such as snowflakes, Santa Claus, or holly.

Of course, we also want to feel the coolness and cosiness of Christmas against our delicate skin, not only by ornaments and designs. So why not elevate the comfort and aesthetics of your bed by layering blankets with different textures? Combine smooth and silky materials with plush and soft textures to create a luxurious feel like velvet, chenille, or knit to achieve a rich and inviting look.

Important Reminder: Do not get overwhelmed with the excitement of designing your bed to make it holiday-ready. Remember that practicality and comfort go hand in hand to create a mattress that looks inviting and provides a cosy and enjoyable sleeping experience throughout the holiday season. 


5. Sniff Around with Christmas Scents

Sniff Around with Christmas Scents

Imagine waking up with gingerbread or cinnamon scents every morning. It makes you feel Christmas even warmer and will encourage you to get a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows or a coffee with cinnamon powder on top. If the smell of these yummy Christmas Scents makes you productive, why not infuse your holiday-ready bed with the delightful scents of the season with scented candles, essential oils, or scents like gingerbread and cinnamon?

Consider placing Christmas-themed candles with fragrances like cinnamon, pine, or vanilla on your bedside table, or use essential oil diffusers to disperse the comforting scents throughout the room. Alternatively, you may also use scents that evoke the essence of the holidays, like peppermint, gingerbread, or fir, to bring to mind the festive spirit of the Christmas season.


6. Create a Unique and Special Holiday Ambience

Create a Unique and Special Holiday Ambience

Personal touch with a touch of Christmas magic? Why not! Take the opportunity to transform your bedroom into a unique holiday haven by curating a special ambience.

Experiment with fairy or string lights around the bed to create a warm and enchanting glow. Also, consider adding a small tabletop Christmas tree or other festive decorations that align with your personal style to create a holiday ambience that feels yours uniquely, turning your bed into a centrepiece of festive individuality.


7. Ensuring Comfort without Overheating During the Holidays

Ensuring Comfort without Overheating During the Holidays

Important Reminder: Do not get too overwhelmed decorating your bed for the holiday season.

Don’t forget that Singapore has a tropical climate, so it’s crucial to prioritise breathable materials for your holiday bed and opt for lightweight and airy fabrics such as cotton or linen for sheets and pillowcases. These materials promote airflow and help prevent discomfort caused by heat and humidity.

Also, while creating a cosy holiday bed, it's still essential to balance warmth and breathability to avoid overheating. So, consider layering with lighter blankets or throws instead of heavy, insulating ones to ensure you experience the comfort of a cosy bed without feeling too warm in the tropical climate.


Quick Tips for a Cosy Bed in a Tropical Climate in Singapore

Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Cosy Bed
  • Use fans or air conditioners to regulate the room temperature.
  • Choose moisture-wicking bedding to manage humidity.
  • Incorporate cooling elements like gel-infused pillows.
  • Keep the bedroom well-ventilated to enhance comfort.
  • Look for blankets made of natural fibres that regulate temperature effectively to provide a comfortable sleeping environment throughout the holiday season.


As you start on the journey to create a holiday-ready bed for a cosy Christmas in Singapore, remember that the true magic lies in the thoughtful fusion of festive creativity and adaptability to the tropical climate. The holiday bed is a display of seasonal décor and a personalised sanctuary where the chilly Christmas season meets practical comfort.

May your holiday bed be a haven that not only radiates festive joy but also embraces the warmth of home, making each night a celebration of comfort and cheer amidst the vibrant ambience of a Singaporean Christmas.



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