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How Many Bedside Tables Do You Need? - Megafurniture

How Many Bedside Tables Do You Need?

A bedside table is one of the essential bedroom furniture pieces that upgrade the storage, style, and balance of a bedroom setup. A nightstand works as an excellent focal point that introduces a rich and generous style into the space without overwhelming the whole room. But how many bedside tables do you need to complete your bedroom? Is a single nightstand enough? Do you need a pair for each side of your bed? 

The number of bedside tables you need for your bedroom setup can be decided based on different factors, like the size of your room or your style preference. This guide will help you determine the ideal number of bedside tables based on various factors.

Is a Single Bedside Table Enough?

Is a Single Bedside Table Enough?

Here are some reasons why a single bedside table is what you need for your bedroom.

  • Your bedroom is small.
  • You are using a single or super single bed for a single person to use.
  • An additional bedside table might take up your walking space.


Who wouldn’t love to have more stylish storage space in their rooms? While it’s a dream to have two nightstands in the bedroom to achieve a magazine-worthy design, there are instances where using less is more beneficial. Many spaces in Singapore are compact and can accommodate a limited number of furniture pieces and decorations. In this case, two bedside tables might not fit into the room, especially if you have to push your bed against the wall. You should also allow enough floor area to walk through, which means you might have to sacrifice the second nightstand.

Are Two Bedside Tables Better?

Are Two Bedside Tables Better?

Here are some indications that two bedside tables work better for your bedroom.

  • You have enough space to accommodate two nightstands.
  • You have a bigger bed and mattress size.
  • You want to maintain the symmetry of your furniture arrangement.
  • You need more storage space for your bedroom items.


Based on the rule of thirds, placing two bedside tables on each side of the focal point, which is the bed, promotes a sense of symmetry in your overall interior style.

Two bedside tables also double the storage space. An efficient bedside table with a combination of open shelves and drawers will give you enough storage solutions for small items that you need immediate access to, like your reading glasses or remote control. This can reduce the visual clutter in your room by keeping small items inside one accessible unit. You can also place two lamps on top of each nightstand to give your room ample lighting.



A nightstand is a crucial piece that anchors your bedroom and makes it look more complete. While we love recommending two similar or mismatched bedside tables for every room, the decision still belongs to you. When it’s time to decide, always consider the size of your room and bed, your storage needs, and your design preference.

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