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Holiday Gift Ideas in Singapore Every Family Will Love

Holiday Gift Ideas in Singapore Every Family Will Love

Aside from the food and festivities, what we look forward to during the holiday season are the presents that everyone shares. While some make it a point to create a long gift-giving list and personally look for items, others keep the magic gift card ready for these occasions. The third scenario is last-minute shopping before the gathering. If you are short on time but want to give something functional that comes from the heart, here are some simple but thoughtful gift ideas that the family will love. 

Family Gift Idea #1: Home Decors

Family gift Ideas #1 - Home decors

If you plan to buy items for the family instead of splurging into individual gifts for every member, here are some easy and lovely gift ideas for a beautiful home. 

Home decors and art prints

Lovely home decors and art prints effortlessly make a home more alive and personal. Give your loved ones a piece of your heart with an art print gift that you hand-picked. Whether you prefer minimalism or intricate retro, a lovely piece of art will undoubtedly make someone smile. 

Decorative soaps

Even the simplest gifts can be special when spiced up with various designs. There are fragrant soaps with lovely decorations that are available on the market. From flower designs and shells to a variety of colours, you will get lots of choices that will fit the personality of the family you want to send gifts to.

Lamp set

Whatever the interior theme is, there will always be a variety of lamps that can fit in. Lamps come in many shapes, colours, and sizes. You can also choose from extravagant designs or simpler ones. Whatever the preference, lamps are generally admired by homeowners. If you are able to spark joy and a relaxing mood, kids will also adore your gift. These practical home decorations will surely be the family's favourites. 

Mini projector

Since the pandemic, families have started to look for bonding alternatives that they could do indoors. What's more exciting than watching your favourite movies with your loved ones? A mini projector connected to small devices can ignite family bonding. A portable mini projector can be used almost anywhere.

Family Gift Idea #2: Bedroom and Relaxation

Family gift Ideas #2 - Bedroom and relaxation

Your loved ones will surely enjoy these thoughtful gifts that will help them relax and enjoy a good night's sleep. Bedding sets and relaxation kits are already packed to be presentable, especially during gift-giving seasons. You might also invest in your own bedroom sanctuary. Here are some cosy pillow and bedding gifts that you can send your loved ones.

Weavve spa hotel kit

This spa hotel kit comes with a soft bath towel, bamboo bath tray, loofah scrub, and a body wash. Perfect for a relaxing retreat after the holidays, this spa kit is a great gift for every family member. If you have no time to wrap your gifts, this set already comes with presentable holiday packaging.

Weavve everyday bath kit

If you love to send a thoughtful gift but you're short on budget, this bamboo fibre towel and body wash set is the perfect holiday gift solution. This lovely set is wrapped in a special holiday box.

Weavve the best of sleep kit

Satisfy the five senses with this all-in-one sleep kit from Weavve. Weavve The Best of Sleep kit includes a lyocell pillowcase pair, eye mask, sleep spray, even light candle, and a tea pack. A simple yet relaxing gift for your loved ones.

Weavve power nap kit

If you plan to send a gift to a loved one who enjoys traveling, a power nap kit might be your ideal present. This nap kit comes with a lyocell pillowcase, an eye mask, and a tea pack. Perfect for long travels, this kit is handy and affordable.

Aromatherapy pillows

Whether for your loved ones, family, friends, or colleagues, an aromatherapy pillow can fit any personality. This relaxing gift can improve the quality of sleep and help someone relax. Aromatherapy pillows are advantageous for your health, are within your budget, and are packed beautifully. An aromatherapy pillow as a gift will always be appreciated.

Pillows and bolsters

For those who prefer simpler sleep buddies, you can buy comfortable pillows and bolsters. From latex, cotton, and memory foam, you will not run out of comfortable options. You might want to treat yourself to a new pillow too!

Towel sets

Towel sets are proven to be functional for the whole family. Towel sets are at the top of the list of gifts that will not go unnoticed. To spice up your towel set, you can look for creative towel folding or gift wrapping ideas.

Scented candles

We all love some romantic ambiance in our homes. The relaxing scented candles come in various aromas and designs that can fit anyone's taste. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your colleagues, they will definitely love delightfully scented candles.

Family Gift Idea #3: Kitchen and Dining

Family gift Ideas #3 - Kitchen and dining

Here's the section for certified foodies, home chefs, and those who love baking. Check out these small kitchen gadgets, utensils, and dining items. 

Customised mugs

This holiday season, a simple yet special way to make your loved ones smile is to give customised gifts. You can DIY a personalised mug or work with a printing service.


handy cookware set is a perfect gift for kitchen lovers. The combination of small to medium pans and utensils will paint a smile on your loved one's face. You can choose from a variety of colours, sizes, and cookware combinations.


Another thoughtful present to send your loved ones is a well-wrapped dinnerware set. From elegant selections to simple designs, you will undoubtedly find a set that fits the personality of the one you want to send a gift to.

Kitchen gadgets

You don't need to be too extravagant when sending gifts to kitchen lovers. You can buy small and handy kitchen gadgets that make cooking a breeze. Milk frothers, hand mixers, and other small to medium kitchen utensils will be very appreciated. If you don't know what specific items to buy, you can go for bundles. 

Family Gift Idea #4: Bags, Organisers, and Children Items

Family gift Ideas #4 - Bags, organisers, and children items

Personalised bags

Tote bags with personalised designs are pretty popular these days, and for good reason. When people shop online and basically get the same things easily, many people are looking for unique items that they can use. Getting personalised items might take you a little more time to prepare, but they are worth it.

Board games

When sending gifts to the little ones, it's good to focus on pieces that will ignite bonding and stimulate their minds and senses. Since the past few years were full of gadgets, now is the perfect time to give them a technology break and help them bond with their families.


You don't want to forget about the book lovers. From children's stories, informative books to novels, you have myriad choices. And we can tell you. We love antique pieces and book hand-me-downs.  


The holiday is sometimes a good reason for a wardrobe upgrade. Although this might be tricky because of the size and style differences, when you get the right pieces, gifting clothes is worth the effort.

Let's gift!

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