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Secret Santa Showdown: 8 Practical Gift Ideas for Your Officemates - Megafurniture

Secret Santa Showdown: 8 Practical Gift Ideas for Your Officemates

Choosing the perfect holiday gift for officemates can be a real challenge: You have no idea whether to opt for office supplies or a gadget and sometimes you barely know your recipient, leaving you clueless about what to give them. But instead of flashy gadgets, typical notebooks, and pens, why not give the gift of comfort that would surely last even after Christmas?

Level up the Secret Santa game with these 8 holiday gift ideas for colleagues featuring comfort and restful night's sleep with these bedding accessories.

1. Pillows


If you want a thoughtful gift idea, pillows deserve a spot on your list. Pillows are one of the perfect holiday gifts for coworkers because of the comfort they can bring to your recipient. Additionally, unlike any other gift that could only last for a couple of months, pillows are meant to last for years, giving the comfort of a good night's sleep.



2. Natural Latex Massage Pillow

Natural Latex Massage Pillow

If you want to make your present extra special, choose a natural latex massage pillow instead of a regular pillow. Natural latex massage pillows are made from 100% natural latex derived from sap trees and have hypoallergenic technology, perfect for sensitive skin. Since working 8 hours a day is tiring, a natural latex pillow would be one of the unique and thoughtful holiday gifts promoting rest and relaxation for your colleague.



3. Bolster Pillow and Bolster Case

Bolster Pillow

Another excellent pillow gift is a bolster pillow that your colleague can hug every night for a good night's sleep. Additionally, to make your bolster pillow more thoughtful and perfect, give it a bolster case to protect the main pillow from dirt (make sure that the bolster case is machine-washable for easy maintenance).



4. Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Cotton Bed Sheet Set

What could be more practical and thoughtful than a cotton bedsheet set as a Christmas gift for coworkers? Besides, it's a perfect combination of 1 fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a bolster, guaranteeing the recipient a restful night's sleep. However, look for a 100% pure cotton bedsheet set from higher quality materials with at least 480 thread count (TC). These will determine the product's durability and longevity, especially if you want your present to last more than years.



5. Pillowcases


If you prefer small gifts for colleagues that are easy to wrap, you can opt for pillowcases. Pillowcases are an affordable yet practical and thoughtful gift that you could give on Christmas, promoting a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment for your coworkers. Additionally, pillowcases can be a great Christmas giveaway for your team if you generously want everyone to receive a present from you.



6. Duvet Cover Set

Duvet Cover Set

A duvet cover with two pillowcases as a set is another perfect holiday gift for your coworkers. A duvet cover is a protective and decorative bedding accessory that encases a duvet, a type of blanket. Imagine a large pillowcase that encases and protects our pillow; it is the same as a duvet cover except that it protects the duvet or weighted blanket instead of a small pillow. Aside from the fact that a duvet cover promotes a healthy and restful sleep environment, you can also choose a perfect colour of duvet set that will suit your recipient’s preference.



7. Tricote Blanket

Tricote Blanket

If your office space is too cold due to air conditioner which makes it difficult to focus to workloads because your bodies are busy shivering due to colder temperature, Tricote blanket is the one to the rescue. Tricote Blankets inspired by European stitching patterns would make a perfect gift to help your colleagues stay warm and cosy while working.



8. Quilts

Bedding Quilts

Comforters are overrated and sometimes not suitable for Singapore's tropical climate. But if you want to give the gift of the comfort of comforters, why not opt for a more versatile bedding accessory – a quilt? Quilts can give a warm and cosy layer of feel to your recipient's bed and are suitable for various seasons, making them practical and thoughtful holiday gifts.


Why Are Thoughtful Bedding Gifts in the Workplace Important?

Bedding Accessories

We all want our presents to be well-received by our recipients. Aside from the wow factor from our coworkers’ faces, we all want our Christmas presents to serve the best function it could give, ensuring the gift's beauty and promoting health and well-being. So, let your concern and thoughtfulness reflect on your bedding accessory gifts that are undoubtedly perfect for your coworkers, and give them the best gift of comfort that they’ll surely enjoy day after day, year after year.

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