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Tips for Using a Breastfeeding Pillow Safely and Effectively

Tips for Using a Breastfeeding Pillow Safely and Effectively

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way to nourish your baby while fostering a deep connection between mother and child. However, it can also present challenges, especially for new moms navigating this journey for the first time. The breastfeeding pillow is an invaluable tool that can provide much-needed support and comfort during breastfeeding. Whether you're a first-time mom or experienced in breastfeeding, using a breastfeeding pillow safely and effectively can make a significant difference in your nursing experience. So, if you're eager to enhance your breastfeeding journey, read on to discover essential insights and strategies for making the most of this indispensable tool.


Types of Breastfeeding Pillows

Choosing the right breastfeeding pillow is essential for nursing mothers, as it can significantly impact their comfort and the baby's feeding experience. However, it is important to remember that breastfeeding pillows come in various types and have several considerations for selection.

Standard Nursing Pillows

Standard nursing pillows are usually C-shaped or U-shaped ones that wrap around your waist and support your baby's head and arms.


  • These pillows can be used for various nursing positions, including cradle hold and football hold.
  • Many standard nursing pillows come with removable, washable covers for easy cleaning.
  • They tend to be more budget-friendly compared to other options.

What to Consider:

  • Standard pillows can be bulkier, making them less portable for travel or nursing in different locations.
  • Ensure that the pillow comfortably fits around your waist to provide adequate support without being too tight.

Wrap-Around Nursing Pillows

Wrap-around nursing pillows are designed to encircle your body, providing all-around support ultimately, and they often have a buckle or strap to secure them in place.


  • These pillows provide excellent support for your baby and your back, neck, and arms.
  • You can adjust the tightness and positioning of these pillows to find the most comfortable and supportive fit.
  • They are beneficial for nursing twins simultaneously.

What to Consider:

  • Wrap-around nursing pillows can be more expensive than standard ones.
  • They may take up more space and be less convenient for on-the-go use.
  • Some parents find them slightly more challenging to position correctly initially.

Things to Consider When Buying Breastfeeding Pillows

Body Size and Shape

Consider your body size and shape when choosing a breastfeeding pillow, and remember that it should fit comfortably around your waist without being too tight or loose.


Filling Material

Pay attention to the filling material and choose one that feels comfortable against your skin. Also, some pillows use foam, while others use microbeads or other materials.


Cover Fabric

The cover fabric should be soft and hypoallergenic to prevent discomfort for you and your baby.



Ensure the pillow is the right size for you and your baby, as it should provide ample support without being overly bulky or too small.



The shape of the pillow should complement the nursing positions you prefer. For example, a wrap-around or U-shaped pillow may be more suitable if you plan to use the football hold frequently.


Cover Material

Look for a pillow with a removable cover that is easy to clean. Most covers are made from cotton, which is breathable and gentle on the skin.


Filling Material

Consider the filling material's comfort and durability. Memory foam, polyester, and microbead fillings are common choices. Also, ensure it's hypoallergenic and safe for your baby.

How to Set Up Your Breastfeeding Pillow

Ideal Height

It's crucial to adjust the breastfeeding pillow to the ideal height to achieve proper positioning during breastfeeding, as this helps prevent strain on your neck, shoulders, and back while nursing. Also, ensure that the pillow elevates your baby to breast level, aligning your baby's mouth for a comfortable latch.

Aligning with Your Body

Positioning the breastfeeding pillow involves snugly but comfortably placing it around your waist. The key is to align the pillow with your torso, providing support that spans from your lower back to your elbows to ensure proper support for you and your baby during nursing. Additionally, ensure that the pillow allows your baby to rest comfortably on their side while facing your breast, promoting a conducive environment for a successful and comfortable breastfeeding session.

Secure the Pillow

Properly securing the pillow is essential to prevent it from shifting or sliding during nursing, which could lead to an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe breastfeeding experience, so ensure that the straps or buckles are fastened securely, keeping the pillow stable and in the correct position. A securely anchored pillow helps maintain the proper alignment, allowing you to focus on a successful and pleasant breastfeeding session.


Create Nursing Station Setup

Opt for a comfortable chair with proper back support, ideally one with armrests, because they provide additional support for your arms while nursing and help you maintain a stable position. Place the breastfeeding pillow on your lap when sitting in the chair, ensuring it's centred and at the appropriate height.


Use of Additional Cushions

Placing a small cushion or rolled-up towel under the breastfeeding pillow can fine-tune its height and angle, tailoring it to your specific needs. Additionally, a small pillow or cushion behind your lower back can encourage good posture and reduce the risk of back strain. Placing a pillow under your feet can help you maintain a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position, contributing to a relaxed and effective breastfeeding experience.


Portable Options for Breastfeeding Pillow

Inflatable or Foldable Pillows

There are breastfeeding pillow models available that are designed to be inflatable or foldable, and these options are highly portable as they can be deflated or folded into a compact size, making them easy to carry in a diaper bag or luggage.

Travel-Sized Nursing Pillows

Some manufacturers offer smaller-sized nursing pillows explicitly designed for travel. These pillows are compact, lightweight, and often come with a carry handle or travel bag for convenience.

Multi-Functional Pillows

Some nursing pillows are designed to have multiple uses, such as a travel pillow for you or a cushion for your baby to sit on, and these versatile options can save space when packing.


Tips for Using the Breastfeeding Pillow on the Go

Pack Strategically

When travelling with a breastfeeding pillow, you can place it in a dedicated compartment in your diaper bag or carry it separately if it has a carry handle to ensure it's easily accessible.

Choose Travel-Friendly Designs

If you plan to travel frequently with your breastfeeding pillow, consider investing in a model designed specifically for travel. Look for features like compact folding, lightweight materials, and included travel bags for convenience.


Travel can expose your breastfeeding pillow to various environments, so ensure it stays clean by using a removable, machine-washable cover and carrying a spare cover in case of spills or accidents.

Air Travel

If you're flying, remember that you might need to pass your breastfeeding pillow through airport security. It's good to inform security personnel about any medical items you carry, such as breast pumps or nursing pillows.


Airport Lounges

If you have access to airport lounges, these can provide a more comfortable and private space for breastfeeding, so consider using your breastfeeding pillow in a lounge if available.

Public Spaces

When breastfeeding in public spaces while travelling, your breastfeeding pillow can provide added comfort and support. Many mothers find it helpful to use their pillows in airport waiting areas, on planes, or in other public spaces.

Breastfeeding Covers

If you prefer privacy while breastfeeding, consider bringing a breastfeeding cover with your pillow to create a comfortable and discreet nursing environment.


A breastfeeding pillow is a supportive companion on the journey of nurturing your baby, promoting comfort, connection, and successful breastfeeding. Whether you opt for a standard or wrap-around design, mastering proper positioning, latch, and feeding techniques is crucial for a positive experience. This invaluable tool enhances your comfort and encourages a deep and secure bond between you and your baby during each feeding session. With the right guidance and a well-chosen breastfeeding pillow, you can confidently navigate breastfeeding challenges, knowing that you are providing your child with the best nourishment and care while ensuring your well-being.


Disclaimer: All the information, including the texts, images, and other materials on this website, are for educational purposes only. While we aim to provide accurate information, nothing on the Megafurniture website should be considered a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a qualified medical professional before making any decisions regarding your health.

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