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Benefits of a Bolster Pillow- Here's Why You Need One - Megafurniture

Benefits of a Bolster Pillow- Here's Why You Need One

Do You Need a Bolster Pillow? Yes! Here's why.

Pillows are necessary for quality sleep. The sizes, materials, and various styles help determine the support and comfort you receive. Do you want snug conformity? Go for a memory foam pillow. How about the right bounce? Opt for a latex pillow. If you want a softer variety, choose a fiber-filled pillow. You can also choose a down pillow. If you prefer snuggling with an extra pillow during sleep, like most of us, get a bolster pillow.

A bolster pillow is long and narrow, unlike the regular pillow we lie on. This is typically used to add comfort. Cuddle it or place it under your pressure or pain points. A bolster can help you sleep better by doing a variety of things.


What is a Bolster Pillow?

What is a Bolster Pillow?

Bolster cushions are long, cylindrical-shaped, narrow pillows made to add comfort to more specific parts of your body during sleep. It is more than a decorative element that adds style to your bed. It comes in various firmness ratings to target pressure or add comfort to specific body parts that need extra support. Whether you suffer from frequent back pain, want a plush feel between your legs when you sleep sideways, or want to relieve the pain from your pressure points, a bolster has so much to offer beyond its decorative look.

What are the Benefits of Using a Bolster Pillow?

What are the Benefits of Using a Bolster Pillow?

Bolster pillows make a bed space complete and comfortable. It also serves as a cosy piece to hug while sleeping. But there is more to it than what we think it does. Here are some benefits of using a bolster pillow.

A Bolster Pillow Offers Some Orthopedic Functions

A bolster pillow does some orthopedic functions

Bolster pillows are firmer than head pillows. This makes them an excellent choice for targeting areas that need more support. To address back, shoulder, and hip problems, place a bolster under your knees to relieve the pressure exerted on your back. When you sleep with a bolster placed above your hip, it can alleviate the pain in your hip bone. Generally, using a bolster pillow prevents back, bone, and muscle injuries.

A Bolster for Sleeping is Very Comfortable

A bolster pillow is very comfortable

Studies show that sleeping with a bolster pillow has a positive psychological effect on us. Cuddling a bolster to sleep helps release oxytocin, which keeps us calm and relaxed. If you had a busy and tiring day, a bolster pillow could help alleviate the stress. Since a bolster is firmer than regular pillows, it makes it easy to snuggle and enjoy a cosy night's rest.

A Bolster Pillow Helps in Correcting Your Posture

A bolster pillow helps in correcting your posture

Proper posture is paramount to your overall health. Whether walking, sitting, or sleeping, maintaining a good posture can help you prevent backaches and injuries. If you're struggling to maintain a proper posture during sleep, you could use the help of a bolster pillow. Hugging a bolster sideways straightens the back and keeps your hips and shoulders in their proper alignment. This is useful for people who have hunched backs from slouching all the time, as well as pregnant women who find side sleeping to be the most comfortable position to sleep in. 

A Bolster Pillow Helps Improve Your Blood Circulation

A bolster pillow helps improve your blood circulation

We won't easily run out of benefits from bolster pillows. Using a bolster to sleep helps increase blood flow in the body. There is a chance that your mattress won't target all your pressure points, especially with shared mattresses where you have to balance more than one person's sleeping needs. With a bolster, you can lift specific parts of your body—your legs, for example—to improve blood circulation and maintain a good sleeping posture by taking pressure off body parts that usually receive the weight of your body when you lie down.

A Bolster Pillow Can Help Ease Body Pains

A bolster pillow can help ease body pains

Do your legs hurt after standing for a long time? How about your neck and shoulders? Your hips? When sleeping, you can position your bolster against some aching parts of your body and help them relax. Do you know a bolster can help you relieve an upset stomach? Rolling on a bolster pillow while lying down can help alleviate the pain. A bolster placed under the neck can help ease neck tension caused by strain, stress, or fatigue.

A Bolster Pillow Helps Improve Your Mood

A bolster pillow helps improve your mood

A bolster can significantly improve your mood with its snug feel and huggable design. If you're having difficulty relaxing or sleeping in general, it's high time you include a bolster in your bed set. This will help you gain a calmer mind before snoozing. If you’re constantly suffering from difficulty sleeping and staying asleep, we recommend that you seek professional assistance as there may be underlying conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia that hinder you from getting a good night’s rest.

A Bolster Pillow is Decorative

A bolster pillow is decorative

Want your bedroom to be more homey and attractive? A bolster is a great decorative item you can incorporate into your bedroom arrangement without taking up ample space. Depending on your preferred style, you can choose a neutral bolster cover or a more intricately designed piece. This will break the monotony of your bedroom design. Choose a comfortable mattress and durable bedding accessories to complete a cosy bed space.

A Bolster Pillow is Versatile

A bolster pillow is versatile

We're not done with the benefits yet. Aside from sprucing up your bed and improving your sleep, a bolster pillow can be used for other daily activities. It can be an exercise aid, a footrest, a neck support while lying on the couch or leaning against your headboard, or a supportive armrest to keep you relaxed while lounging.

Bolster Pillow Materials

Bolster Pillow Materials

When buying a bolster pillow, it's important to be familiar with its materials. There are varieties that are made of cotton, feathers, latex, synthetic fibre, and memory foam. Memory foam bolsters offer a snug feeling while using your body heat to follow your contour. This is great for targeting pressure points while sleeping. The latex variety introduces bounce for a more breathable sleep sensation.

Invest in a Bolster Pillow

Invest in a Bolster Pillow

Want to improve your sleep quality and overall wellness? Invest in a high-quality bolster pillow. You can look online for high-quality assortments that are specifically designed to improve sleep. You can look online for high-quality assortments that are specifically designed to improve sleep. You can also look for decorative DIY options if your primary function is to spruce up your bedroom.

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