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Best Microwave Oven to Elevate Your Singaporean Dishes - Megafurniture

Best Microwave Oven to Elevate Your Singaporean Dishes

If you're reading this, you might have avoided takeout and hawker centre dinners every night. Don't get me wrong—Singapore has some of the best makan in the world, but sometimes, you just crave a homemade char siew or laksa right in the comforts of your own HDB flat.

You might think, "Aiyah, need the oven for that, leh." But wait, I'm not talking about just any oven; I'm talking about the best microwave oven perfect for our local dishes.

If you’ve been sticking to reheating yesterday's leftovers in your microwave, you've been seriously underestimating this kitchen superstar. Want to elevate your sambal stingray or chicken rice without slaving away for hours? The best microwave oven can do more than just warm up food; it can take your Singaporean dishes to the next level.

But how to find the right one? What features should you be looking out for? Trust us, you’ll want to stick around to find out.

Let's dive into the ins and outs of choosing the best microwave oven to level up your cooking game. 

What is a Microwave Oven?

What is a microwave oven

What is a microwave oven

Born out of World War II radar technology, this culinary game-changer has come a long way since its invention in the 1940s. Initially a bulky, expensive gadget, today's microwave ovens are compact, affordable, and fixtures in nearly every kitchen, globally and in Singapore.

The best microwave oven 2017-  Several key trends emerged in the market during this year, such as multifunctionality, smart technology integration, compact designs for smaller spaces, energy efficiency, sleek aesthetics, and sensor cooking for precision.

This appliance is more than just a reheating machine in modern-day Singaporean homes. It's your trusty companion for quick, fuss-free meals.

How the Best Microwave Oven Singapore Transforms Local Dishes

Remember those culinary misadventures—when your attempt at whipping up satay or sambal prawns was more inconsistent than an MRT schedule during peak hours?

Thanks to the magic of the convection microwave oven, your meats will boast the tenderness of a Wagyu steak and that sought-after, Instagram-worthy char on the outside. 

A Buyer’s Guide: Microwave Oven Price

Before you rush out and snag the first microwave that catches your eye, let's talk about the elephant in the room—Microwave Oven Price.

Budget-Friendly to High-End Options

Now, let's get real. Only some have the luxury to drop a wad of cash on a top-tier microwave, complete with all the state-of-the-art features. The good news? You've got choices that won't have you tightening your belt. 

Entry-level microwaves can kick off at a wallet-friendly $50, covering the basics like reheating last night's char kway teow or defrosting chicken for Hainanese rice.

Factors That Affect the Price

What causes such a wide range in Microwave Oven Prices? 

Several factors come into play:

  • Brand Reputation: Established brands tend to cost more.
  • Cooking Modes: The more versatile it is, the pricier it gets.
  • Size and Capacity: Larger microwaves usually cost more.
  • Smart Features: Think Wi-Fi connectivity and preset cooking menus; these add to the cost.
  • Materials: Stainless steel and other premium materials bump up the price.

Whirlpool Microwaves

Why Whirlpool Microwaves Stand Out

Whirlpool has been a trusted name in kitchen appliances for years, and their microwaves live up to the hype. Renowned for their durability, these units often come with advanced tech features that offer versatility you didn't even know you needed. Ever thought about steaming fish in your microwave? With Whirlpool, that's a no-brainer.

Features Worth Noting

While the feature list can vary from model to model, most Whirlpool microwaves offer:

Sensor Cooking: Automatically adjusts time and temperature.

Steam Cooking: Ideal for health-conscious Singaporeans.

Crisping Feature: Because who doesn't like crispy prata or spring rolls?

Price and Affordability

Price-wise, Whirlpool microwaves tend to sit in the mid to high range, but you're paying for quality, durability, and advanced features. This could be a worthy investment if you're serious about your kitchen game.

Built-in Versus Countertop Microwaves

Here comes the eternal question: built-in or countertop microwave oven? While both have their merits, choosing between the two can be a real poser, especially when you're trying to maximise space in a cosy Singaporean HDB flat or a compact condo. 

Let's break it down, shall we?

The Pros and Cons

Built-In Microwave Oven


Seamless Integration. A built-in microwave oven fits right into your kitchen cabinets, offering a sleek and uncluttered look.

Space-Saving. Since it's built into the cabinetry, you save valuable counter space.


Pricey. Generally more expensive due to the added cost of installation.

Permanent. Once installed, it's a hassle to move or replace.

Countertop Microwaves


Portable. Moving around or taking with you if you shift homes is easy.

Affordable. Generally cheaper and has no installation costs.


Takes Up Space. Eats into your precious countertop real estate.

Visual Clutter. This may not match the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Our Thoughts:

A built-in microwave oven is the perfect solution for struggling with limited counter space. But they also require a specific cabinet cut-out; not all HDB kitchen cabinets come in that standard size. So, measure, measure, measure before you opt for a built-in.

Countertop microwaves, on the other hand, are your go-to if you're looking for flexibility. 

How to Use Your Microwave Oven Efficiently

How to Use Your Microwave Oven Efficiently

The accurate measure of your microwave's worth comes down to Microwave Oven Use. Are you leveraging all its magical powers? 

Let's unveil some tips and tricks to make sure you do.

Hacks for Defrosting

Thaw in Stages: For even defrosting, set your microwave to defrost for a couple of minutes, then pause to rearrange the item and start again.

Use a Microwave-Safe Dish: Elevate the food on an overturned dish to allow water to drain, ensuring a more even defrost.

Reheating Like a Pro

Stir & Rotate: When reheating leftovers, stop midway to give them a good stir or rotate the dish for uniform reheating.

Cover Up: Use a microwave-safe cover or damp paper towel to trap moisture. This is especially useful for rice or pasta dishes.

Cooking Tricks

Use the Edges: Place food around the edge of the turntable rather than the middle for more even cooking.

Power Play: Don't always default to full power. Lowering the power and cooking longer can yield better results for dishes like steamed fish or baked goods.

Maximising Microwave Oven Use: The Ultimate Tips

Pre-Programmed Functions: Many microwaves come with auto-cook features. Get familiar with these; they're designed to make your life easier.

Batch Cooking: If you're cooking multiple items, start with the one that requires the lowest temperature. As the microwave heats up, you can move on to dishes that need higher temperatures.

Thoughts to Ponder

Navigating the world of microwave ovens involves balancing functionality, space, and lifestyle needs, especially in space-conscious Singaporean homes. While these appliances offer undeniable convenience, they also present challenges like potential health concerns and complexity. The ideal microwave enhances your kitchen experience without overshadowing the joy and nuances of traditional cooking.

Your Quick Hit Guide:

Are you curious about finding the perfect microwave oven that suits your culinary ambitions and fits seamlessly into your Singaporean home? It is enlightening to explore the variety that Megafurniture offers. We’ve got an impressive range that caters to every need—space-saving designs for HDB flats or high-tech models for the aspiring home chef.



Bonus Treat: Microwave Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

Bonus Treat: Microwave Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe


1 chicken breast (about 200-250g)

1 cup jasmine rice

2 cups chicken stock

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 thumb-sized ginger, minced

2-3 stalks spring onions

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp soy sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

For the Chili Sauce:

2 red chilies

3 cloves garlic

Juice of half a lime

Salt to taste


  • Rub the chicken breast with salt and set aside.
  • Mix rice, one clove of minced garlic, and half of the minced ginger in a microwave-safe bowl. Add chicken stock and stir.
  • Place the chicken breast on the rice. Cover with a microwave-safe lid or wrap. Cook on high for about 18-20 minutes. Make sure to check that the chicken is cooked through.
  • Remove the chicken breast and let it rest for a few minutes before shredding.
  • Add a dash of sesame oil, garlic, and ginger to the same bowl of cooked rice. Mix well. If the rice appears too dry, add more chicken stock and microwave for another 2 minutes.
  • Chop the spring onions and sprinkle over the rice and shredded chicken.

Chili Sauce

  • Blend chillies, garlic, and lime juice in a blender. Add salt to taste.


  • Place the shredded chicken over rice, drizzle with soy sauce, and serve with the chilli sauce on the side.

And there you have it—a quick and simple Hainanese Chicken Rice, courtesy of your trusty microwave! Perfect for Singaporeans on the go. Enjoy!


1. What is the best microwave oven safe plates to use?

The best microwave-safe plates are made from materials like glass, ceramic, or BPA-free plastic, which don't absorb heat and are durable for everyday use. Brands like Corelle and Pyrex offer high-quality options that are resistant to chipping and cracking, while also being easy to clean and safe for microwave reheating.

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