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Best Electric Kettle Singapore: Features to Look Out For - Megafurniture

Best Electric Kettle Singapore: Features to Look Out For

The electric kettle had journeyed from just another appliance to a must-have companion in our households. Have you ever wondered why?

This kitchen must-have is not just about getting that water to a boil anymore; it's become a part of our daily rituals. From those early-morning caffeine fixes to late-night cups, the electric kettle Singapore scene is thriving. 

Let's pour into this trend and uncover what's steaming, shall we?


Best Electric Kettle Singapore Key Features

Quick Boil [Best Instant Hot Water Kettle]

Time is precious. The best electric kettles understand this and heat your water rapidly.


Quiet Operation

A loud boiling sound isn't ideal, especially on tranquil mornings. High-quality kettles operate quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance.


Temperature Settings

Different drinks require different temperatures. Superior kettles offer adjustable settings to get the proper water temperature for your brew.


Cool Exterior

Safety first! It's essential that while the water heats up inside, the kettle's exterior remains cool to the touch, preventing any accidental burns.


Auto Shut-off

It's easy to forget the kettle once it's on. The best electric kettles have an automatic shut-off feature, ensuring they turn off once the water is boiled or if it's accidentally turned on empty.


Built-in Filter

Clean water is a must. Top kettles include a scale filter to ensure no unwanted particles make it to your cup.


What Electric Kettle To Avoid in Singapore

Unknown Brands with No Reviews

While not all new or lesser-known brands are wrong, buying kettles that other consumers have reviewed is beneficial. If a brand has no online presence or reviews, you should approach it cautiously.

Non-BPA-Free Plastic

A BPA-free kettle made of plastic should ensure harmful chemicals aren't leached into your water when it's boiled.

Non-Disconnecting Base

For ease of use, many kettles come with a base connecting to the power source, allowing the kettle to be lifted off without a cord. Kettles with this feature can be more convenient.

Lack of Auto Shut-off

This is a significant safety feature. Kettles that don't automatically turn off when water reaches its boiling point or when empty can pose a fire risk or damage the kettle.

Irregular Boiling

If a kettle has reviews mentioning uneven or inconsistent boiling, it might indicate an inferior heating element.

Metallic Taste

Poor-quality kettles can impart a metallic taste to the water, usually a sign of subpar materials or manufacturing.

Difficult to Clean

A kettle should have a wide enough opening and be designed to be easy to clean. Any kettle with intricate designs that make cleaning difficult might harbour limescale or mould over time.

Poor Warranty or No Warranty

A lack of warranty or a short period might indicate the manufacturer's need for more confidence in the product's longevity.

Types of Electric Kettles Available in the Market

Types of Electric Kettles Available in the Market

Corded vs. Cordless Kettles

Corded Kettles: These have a power cord attached directly to the kettle.

Cordless Kettles: These have a separate base with a power cord. The kettle can be lifted off the base for pouring, making it more convenient for serving.

Material-Based Kettles

Stainless Steel Kettles: Durable, resistant to staining, and often have a sleek appearance.

Plastic Kettles: Generally cheaper lightweight, but should be BPA-free to avoid potential chemical leaching.

Glass Kettles: Offer a modern look, allowing you to see the water boil. They can be heavier and may be prone to breaking if dropped.

Ceramic Kettles Have a traditional aesthetic that retains heat well but can be heavier and more fragile.

Temperature-Controlled Kettles

These kettles allow you to set specific temperatures, ideal for different teas and coffees that require varying brewing temperatures.

Gooseneck Kettles

It is specifically designed with a long, thin spout for precise pouring. It is ideal for manual coffee brewing methods like pour-over.

Travel or Portable Kettles

Smaller in size, often foldable or collapsible, making them perfect for travelling.

Kettles with Built-in Infusers

Come with an infuser or mesh basket for brewing loose-leaf tea directly in the kettle.

Keep-Warm Kettles

These kettles have a feature that allows the water to be kept at a specific temperature for an extended period, which is helpful if you're not pouring immediately after boiling.

Smart Kettles

Equipped with modern technology, these kettles can be controlled using smartphones or voice-controlled devices. They might have features like custom temperature settings, brewing times, or even water quality indicators.

Multi-purpose Kettles

Not just for boiling water, these kettles might have settings for making soups, hot cocoa, or even instant noodles.


Best Instant Hot Water Kettle Recommendation from Megafurniture:

  • Cordless Kettles are tops for convenience. Their detachable base makes serving straightforward, ideal for frequent use.

  • For durability and aesthetics, Stainless Steel Kettles stand out. They resist stains and maintain appearance over time.

  • If precise temperature control for various teas and coffees is crucial, Temperature-Controlled Kettles are unmatched. They allow for exact temperature settings, enhancing the brewing process of the instant hot water ketle.



How much is a kettle in Singapore? 

The price of an electric kettle in Singapore can range widely based on the brand, material, features, and capacity. Basic models can start as low as SGD 20-30, while high-end models with advanced features can cost upwards of SGD 150-200 or more.

What brand is good for an electric kettle? 

Several reputable brands produce high-quality electric kettles, including Toyomi, Odette and SMEG. These brands are available at Megafurniture. When selecting a brand, it's crucial to consider factors like warranty, customer reviews, and customer service availability in your area.

Are cordless electric kettles better than corded ones?

Cordless kettles offer more convenience when serving, as you can lift them off their base without a trailing power cord. However, both types function effectively to boil water. The choice often comes down to personal preference.

Is there a significant difference in boiling time among different kettles?

Yes, boiling time can vary based on the kettle's wattage, design, and capacity. Higher-wattage kettles generally boil water faster. However, other features, like temperature control, can also impact boiling duration.

Are glass kettles better than stainless steel ones? 

Both materials have advantages. Glass kettles allow you to see the water boiling and are often appreciated for their aesthetics. Stainless steel kettles are durable and retain heat well. The best choice depends on your aesthetics, durability, and maintenance preferences.

How do I maintain and clean my electric kettle? 

Regular descaling is essential, especially in areas with hard water. You can use white vinegar or descaling solutions. Always ensure the kettle is unplugged before cleaning, and never immerse the kettle in water.

Key Takeaway:

Navigating the world of electric kettles can feel like a whirlwind, given the vast array of available types, features, and brands. Yet, understanding what's out there is vital to boiling down your choices (pun intended!). Whether you're seeking rapid boiling speeds, precision temperature controls, or the sheer aesthetic of a glass or ceramic kettle, there's something for every tea and coffee lover.

So if you are asking yourself what is the best electric kettle in Singapore? It all boils down to your preferences.

Bonus Treat: The Unexpected Uses of Electric Kettles

Instant Meals

From ramen to oatmeal, the rapid boiling capability can help you whip up quick meals in a pinch. Just pour the hot water over your instant meal ingredients, cover for a few minutes, and voila - a hot meal is ready!

Warming Baby Bottles

Electric kettles can be a lifesaver if you're a parent on the go. Heat water in the kettle and then place the baby bottle in a bowl of hot water to warm it evenly.

Sinus Relief

Are you battling congestion? Boil water in the kettle and then pour it into a bowl. Drape a towel over your head and the bowl, and inhale the steam to help clear nasal passages.

Quick Cleaning

Hot water acts as a natural disinfectant. The kettle's boiling water can come in handy, whether sanitising a chopping board, cleaning a sticky residue, or even helping to unclog drains.

Home Spa

Fancy a relaxing foot soak or need to soften your cuticles for a manicure? Your electric kettle can quickly provide the hot water for these mini home spa treatments.

Rehydrating Dried Foods

Some recipes call for rehydrated ingredients, from mushrooms to sundried tomatoes. An electric kettle speeds up the process, letting you focus on crafting that delicious dish.

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