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A Comprehensive Bedsheet Size Chart

A Comprehensive Bedsheet Size Chart

Sleep is a precious part of our lives, a time for rest and rejuvenation. And to get the best out of your sleep, you need the right bedding. A well-fitted bedsheet might seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference in your sleep comfort. Imagine wearing shoes that are too tight or loose; they won't be comfortable to your feet. Well, the same goes for your bed because too small a bedsheet, and you'll find yourself constantly tugging and adjusting. Too large and a wrinkle-filled mess that's tough to manage. That is why we help you choose the right bedsheet size with this comprehensive chart.


Bedding Size Chart in Singapore [Singapore Mattress Size Chart]

Bed Size

Sheet Dimensions (inches)

Sheet Dimensions (centimetre)



36” x 75”

91 cm x 190 cm

Compact size designed for one person.

Super Single

42” x 75”

107 cm x 190 cm

Slightly larger than a standard single bed.


60” x 75”

152 cm x 190 cm

Perfect for couples.


72” x 75”

182 cm x 198 cm

Larger than a queen-size bed.

California King

72” x 84”

183 cm x 213 cm

Longer but narrower than standard king size. 

Why Choosing the Right Bedsheet Size is Crucial for Comfort and Aesthetics?


Using sheets that fit your mattress properly ensures a snug and secure fit because ill-fitting sheets can lead to wrinkles, bunching, and discomfort during sleep, making it difficult to enjoy a good night's rest.


Properly fitting bedsheets also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your bedroom because neatly made beds with correctly sized sheets tend to look more inviting and visually pleasing. In contrast, too small or too large sheets can give a messy appearance.


Bedsheets that fit correctly are less likely to undergo wear and tear, such as tearing or fraying at the corners, and properly sized sheets can last longer and maintain their quality.


How do Mattress Depth and Bed Frame Style Impact Bedsheet Choice?

How do Mattress Depth and Bed Frame Style Impact Bedsheet Choice?

Mattress Depth

Standard vs. Deep Mattresses: Standard depth sheets should suffice if you have a standard mattress. However, if you have a pillow-top or extra-deep mattress, you'll need deep-pocket or extra-deep-pocket sheets to accommodate the additional thickness.

Fitted Sheets: Fitted sheets should have deep pockets that can fully encase the mattress without slipping off, which ensures a secure fit and prevents the sheet from constantly coming undone.

Bed Frame Style

Platform Beds: If you have a platform bed with a solid base, you may not need a bed skirt. In this case, the flat sheet should hang nicely over the sides of the mattress and tuck under it for a clean look.

Four-Poster Beds or Canopy Beds: These bed styles may require larger flat sheets to drape elegantly over the posts and create a luxurious appearance.

The Importance of Measuring Your Bed for Accuracy


Measuring your mattress's length, width, and depth ensures accuracy in selecting the appropriate sheet size. Don't rely solely on the bed size label (e.g., queen, king) because mattress dimensions vary.

Avoiding Mistakes

Measuring helps you avoid purchasing sheets that are too small and won't fit properly or sheets that are too large and will look messy, as it saves you the hassle of returns and exchanges.

Custom Beds

Measuring becomes even more crucial if you have a custom or non-standard bed size. In such cases, you may need to order custom-sized sheets to ensure a perfect fit.


Tips for Buying Bedsheets in Singapore

Tips for Buying Bedsheets in Singapore

Measure Your Mattress and Bed

It is crucial to ensure the sheets you buy fit snugly and stay in place, so before you start shopping, measure your mattress's length, width, and depth.

Consider the Bed Size

Singaporean beds typically come in standard sizes like single, super single, queen, and king. Make sure you know your bed size to avoid buying the wrong sheets.

Fabric Selection

Bedsheets come in various materials, each with its advantages:

Cotton: Breathable, soft, and durable. Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are premium options known for their quality.

Linen: Cool, moisture-wicking, and perfect for Singapore's warm climate.

Microfibre: Affordable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to care for.

Silk: Luxurious and smooth but can be delicate and require special care.

Flannel: Ideal for cooler months, providing warmth and cosiness.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. A thread count of 200-400 is typically sufficient for comfortable and durable sheets. However, higher thread counts can indicate softer sheets but are not the sole quality indicator.

Weave Type

The weave affects the texture and feel of the sheets. Common weaves include percale (crisp and cool), sateen (smooth and silky), and flannel (soft and warm).

Colour and Design

Consider your bedroom's colour scheme and aesthetics, and select sheets that complement your decor. Neutral colours are versatile and easy to match, while patterns and vibrant colours can add personality.

Pillowcases and Extras

Check if the set includes pillowcases and extra features like fitted sheets with deep pockets for thick mattresses.

Quality and Brand

Research reputable brands are known for producing high-quality sheets, read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family members.

Personal Comfort

Ultimately, choose sheets that feel comfortable because your preference for fabric and texture matters most.


Bedsheet FAQs

What are the standard bed sizes in Singapore?

The standard bed sizes in Singapore include single, super single, queen, and king. California king beds are less common but also available.

Are single bed sheet sizes in Singapore compatible with standard single bed dimensions?

Yes, single bed sheet size in Singapore are typically designed to fit standard single bed dimensions, ensuring a proper and snug fit for your bed.

What’s the ideal thread count for bedsheets in Singapore’s climate?

A thread count of 200-400 is typically sufficient for Singapore's warm climate. Higher thread counts may feel heavier and less breathable.

Are there any specific care instructions for bedsheets in Singapore’s humid weather?

While it's essential to follow care instructions provided by the manufacturer, in humid climates like Singapore, it's a good practice to dry sheets thoroughly to prevent mould or mildew growth.

What’s the difference between percale and sateen weave sheets?

Percale sheets have a crisp, matte finish and are known for their breathability. Sateen sheets have a silky, smooth surface and offer a luxurious feel.

How can I prevent my sheets from slipping off the mattress in Singapore’s climate?

Consider using fitted sheets with deep pockets designed for thicker mattresses to prevent sheets from slipping. Additionally, tucking in the sheets securely can help.

Can I use the same bedsheets throughout the year in Singapore’s climate?

While you can use the same sheets throughout the year, consider switching to lighter, breathable materials like linen during hot seasons and warmer, cosier options like flannel during cooler months.


Final Thoughts

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, where the climate often leans towards the warm and humid side, choosing the right bedsheets is not just about style but also comfort and practicality. From understanding the dimensions of your bed to selecting the perfect fabric and weave for your preferences, the journey of buying bedsheets is thoughtful. It's a reminder that our sleep environment plays a significant role in our overall well-being, and investing in quality bedding is an investment in the quality of our rest. By considering the tips provided in this guide, you can start on this journey with confidence, ensuring that your choice of bedsheets not only suits your style but also provides the comfort you deserve, night after night, in the vibrant heart of Singapore.

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