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How Many Bed Sheets Do You NEED? - Megafurniture

How Many Bed Sheets Do You NEED?

Compared to the quality of the mattress and the comfort of the pillow, bed sheets do not receive much thought. Ultimately, bed sheets should be washed every week to keep them fresh and changed every 2-3 years depending on their quality. 

If your bed sheet receives so much wear and tear, it may show early signs of damage and fading due to weekly washing. How will you extend the life and quality of your bed sheet? The answer is to get extra bed sheets

So, How Many Bed Sheet Sets Do You Need? 

The magic number is three. Does it seem excessive? Many homeowners might be content with two bed sheets, but decluttering experts approve of having three sheets in the bedroom. 

  • 1 bed sheet on the bed
  • 1 bed sheet in the laundry hamper
  • 1 bed sheet inside the closet

This works this way: one bed sheet is used on the bed while the other is in the laundry. The last bed sheet is an extra piece to avoid inconveniences. This is to ensure that you have a spare bed sheet that you can use when there are spills, pee accidents, or when you are behind on laundry. 

Although suggested, having three sets of bed sheets is completely based on convenience. If you have a consistent laundry schedule, having two bed sheets will work. But if you need to clean your bed sheets more often due to asthma, allergies, or maintenance preferences, it’s good to have an extra sheet to prevent hassles. Having extra bed sheets not only allows you to have a better laundry interval, but it can also help to preserve the quality of your bed sheet materials for a longer period of time.

When washing and changing your bed sheets, we highly recommend changing your pillowcases and blankets, as they also come into direct contact with your skin when you sleep. These bedding accessories, especially the pillowcases and protectors, accumulate body oils, skincare products, sweat, and dead skin cells while sleeping, not to mention drool. These can cause yellow stains and may trigger several allergy symptoms. In this case, you will also benefit from having extra pillowcases.

If you’re one of the homeowners who do not clean their bedding accessories more often, it’s time to change your habits. While it’s a new method, you’ll surely experience the positive difference as you continue with your new cleaning schedule.

Is it Okay to Have More than Three Bed Sheets?

While we love having extra bed sheets in different styles so we can change the design of the bedroom in an instant, having excessive bedding sets may not be the most practical decision since sheets can take up a significant amount of storage space.

When designing your home, we highly recommend choosing timeless pieces to beautifully express your style. You can also add cosy duvets, shams, or throw blankets to your bedding layers to create a warm and refreshing bedroom design.

Note: The number of bedding sets needed in your home depends on the number of people living in the place and the number of rooms present. If you have a guest room or if you entertain guests often, it’s worth it to have extra sheets and towels to accommodate your guests.



Compared to owning a single set of bed linens at home, having two to three bed sheet sets is a more practical choice. This is to guarantee your bedroom’s hygiene and your convenience while ensuring the longevity of your bed sheets. This can also help you create a style that works best for your bedroom.

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Shop High-End Bedding Accessories in Singapore

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