12 Bathroom Interior Designs to Inspire Your Own Space

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your HDB or BTO space, but it's also one of the most important. This should be clean, comfortable, and well-organised, but it doesn't have to be only limited to its function.

A well-designed bathroom can be a luxurious retreat that you and your guest can look forward to. However, with so many styles and designs to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on a look for your bathroom. To help inspire your own space, we've compiled a list of some of the most beautiful and functional bathroom designs out there.


Nature is one of the most beautiful sources of inspiration when it comes to design. There's something about the organic shapes and textures that can bring a sense of calm and serenity to any space. This is also true for your bathroom design.

To create a nature-inspired bathroom, start with a colour palette that evokes the natural world. Think earthy tones like soft greens, warm browns, and muted blues. 

Another way to bring nature into your bathroom is to use natural materials. Think stone, wood, and woven textiles. Consider using natural stone tiles for your shower or vanity, or adding a wooden stool or bench for a touch of warmth and comfort.

Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist design is all about simplicity, so choose bathroom fixtures that are clean and streamlined. Look for a simple sink with a single faucet, a sleek bathtub or shower, and minimal hardware. Avoid anything overly ornate or decorative, as this can detract from the overall minimalist aesthetic.

When it comes to minimalistic storage, look for cabinets or shelves that are simple and unobtrusive, and keep your bathroom essentials organised and out of sight. You could also consider using storage baskets or trays to keep smaller items like towels or toiletries tidy.

Touch of Modern Interior Theme

One of the hallmarks of modern bathroom design is statement fixtures. Think bold, freestanding bathtub, a unique sink basin, or a striking showerhead. These fixtures can add a touch of drama and elegance to your bathroom, while also serving as functional elements.

To add interest and depth to your modern bathroom, consider incorporating bold textures like textured tiles, patterned wallpaper, or a textured rug. These elements can introduce some personality and warmth to your space, while also providing a visual break from the clean, minimalist lines.


Introducing Contemporary Elements

When talking about interior design, the terms modern and contemporary speak about two different themes, although they share some common elements.

Create a clean and uncluttered bathroom design that is free from modern theme restrictions by incorporating contemporary elements into your decor. Instead of opting for clean-line storage or furnishings, you can experiment with geometric pieces to add a focal point to your space. Statement lighting can also give your bathroom an instant aesthetic boost.

Charming Scandinavian Bathroom Design

Are you a fan of clean lines, cosy textures, and minimalism? If so, then you'll love the charming simplicity of a Scandinavian bathroom design. 

Scandinavian bathrooms favour simple, streamlined fixtures like pedestal sinks, wall-mounted faucets, and basic shower heads. These are not only practical but also add to the overall simplicity of the space. Consider incorporating soft textures like plush towels, a fluffy rug, or a cosy knit blanket. 

Bold Wallpaper

Whether you choose a bright, graphic print or a subtle, textured pattern, wallpaper can add a whimsical appeal to your space.

Depending on your theme, you may use bold wallpaper on an accent wall or your bathroom ceiling to draw the eye upward. These are great, especially when you are working on little bathroom space.

Metallic Accents 

Add glamour to your bathroom design by incorporating metallic accents to your furniture, decor, and bathroom fixtures. 

A mirror with a metallic frame can add shine and reflection to the space, creating a sense of depth and dimension. Build a luxurious look by furnishing your bathroom with cabinets with metallic accents or handles. Complete this by opting for light fixtures with metallic materials.

Art-Inspired Bathroom

If you're bold and extra creative, you can level up your bathroom design by creating an art-inspired theme. Choose tiles with bold patterns or vibrant colours to create a statement wall or shower surround. You may also consider hanging a large, bold painting or print on one of the walls to create a focal point. 

Splendid Marble

With its beautiful veining and natural elegance, marble is the perfect material to add a touch of sophistication and opulence to any bathroom. Marble countertops are not only beautiful but also durable and practical. They can be used to create a seamless look with the statement walls or used in combination with other materials like wood or glass to create a stunning contrast.

Classic Wooden Bathroom Furniture

You can also go cosy and classic by adorning your space with wooden bathroom furniture pieces. A wooden dressing table is a classic choice for any bathroom design. You can also surround your space with elegant wooden cabinets. These can be used to store bath towels and toiletries to keep clutter at bay.

Bright and Airy

There's nothing quite like a bright and airy bathroom to start your day off right! A well-lit and spacious bathroom can make all the difference in creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. 

If you have the option, consider adding large windows to your bathroom design. Large windows can flood your bathroom with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. White walls and strategically placed mirrors also add to the beauty of this bathroom theme.

Small In Size, Big In Style

Who says small bathrooms can't be stylish? With the right design elements and a bit of creativity, a small bathroom can pack a big punch.

If your bathroom is small, consider ditching the bulky bathtub in favour of a walk-in shower. This takes up less space and can give your bathroom a modern and sleek look. 

Just because your bathroom is small doesn't mean it can't have a statement piece. Choose one element of your bathroom, like a bold wallpaper or a unique mirror, and let it take centre stage. This will draw the eye and give your bathroom a big dose of style.


The key to a successful bathroom design is to consider both form and function. Choose elements that not only look great but also serve a purpose, such as ample storage and good lighting. And don't be afraid to get creative – choose furniture and fixtures that speak your personality.

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