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Ash Wood vs. Dark Maple Wood Furniture Comparison Guide - Megafurniture

Ash Wood vs. Dark Maple Wood Furniture Comparison Guide

Creating a warm feel with your wooden living room furniture? How about a cool and refreshing look with cool-toned bedroom items? 

Wooden furniture pieces offer their own distinctive style and unique warmth with their tones, grains, and textures. Whatever your design choice is, you're guaranteed to see versatile wood selections that will complement your desired theme.

Ash wood and dark maple wood are two popular choices when it comes to wooden home furniture. Both wood types are classified as hardwoods and are normally found in high-quality furniture pieces. This means that the seeds that produce both trees are coated. These hardwoods are light-colored, dense, and durable, making them amazing choices if you’re looking for stunning furniture pieces that are built to last.

Ash Wood

Ash Wood

Ash wood is a hardwood that is generally light in color, is smooth, and has fairly straight grains, making it a good choice for many minimalist, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian interior themes. Ash wood is used to make a variety of furniture types, including wooden sofas, bed frames, coffee tables, TV consoles, cabinets, and other small to large furniture options.

When designing your home with ash wood furniture, rest assured that its light, creamy brown tone will give your home a simple yet striking appeal. This effectively creates a more spacious look in a compact space with its charming visual texture and light wood tone.

Dark Maple Wood


Due to its expressive look and notable durability, maple is a highly preferred furniture wood type. It features a general straight grain, a clean appearance, and a consistent texture. Many maple furniture pieces possess a birds eye or fiddleback pattern, which makes many maple furniture pieces unique.

Soft maple has a lighter tone and a more pronounced grain and is easy to work with, making it an excellent choice for many home furniture pieces. Hard maple is highly durable and used in many high-end furniture pieces and wooden items. Maple, like ash wood, can be used in a wide variety of furniture, from bed frames to sofas, cabinets, and accent pieces.


Differences Between Ash Wood and Dark Maple Wood Furniture

Wood Appearance

Wood Appearance

Dark maple wood furniture pieces are known for their pale tones, even grains, and smooth texture. There are also various maple wood furniture varieties with curly or wavy grains. Maple furniture varieties with birds-eye patterns are usually found in high-end and more expensive furniture designs. 

Ash wood also presents a creamy brown or light grey tone and straighter grains in dark brown or reddish tones, depending on its type. Ash wood furniture pieces can be easily distinguished by their straight, marbled patterns. Blue ash wood furniture pieces are generally darker than white ash wood varieties. 

Ash wood absorbs wood stains very well. This creates a versatile feel that fits many interior styles. If you’re looking for effortless ways to brighten up your space, ash wood furniture pieces are excellent additions to your home.



Dark maple is a durable and attractive wood type used in creating various quality furniture pieces. Maple may not be the most durable wood type used in creating furniture, but this dense wood variety offers its notable durability while costing less than other hardwood types. Due to its durability, you can find various dining tables, sofas, desks, and other furniture pieces that are heavily used that are made from this material.

Ash wood is also one of the toughest furniture materials that can hold up to daily wear and tear while retaining its remarkable beauty. Ash wood is shock resistant, which makes it a popular material not only in furniture-making but also in many durable items like baseball bats and tool handles. 



Due to its resistance to shock, ash wood has become one of the most notable materials in furniture making. It is also an excellent floor material due to its clean look and refreshing feel. When shopping for home furniture, you will see a wide variety of indoor ash wood furniture, from tables to seats, to storage and accent furniture pieces. 

Ash wood has long fibres, which gives it its excellent bending properties. Since it is easy to work with, manufacturers can combine ash wood with other furniture materials to create a versatile piece that can easily transform the look of the space. Upholstered sofas with ash wood frames, for example, are perfect for mid-century modern households.

Dark maple is a resilient material that is popular in furniture making but is harder to work with than ash wood. Maple is moisture resistant and is also an excellent material for kitchen cabinets and other furniture pieces with heavy use. Maple takes a variety of wood stains that fit many interior styles.

Ash Wood vs. Dark Maple: Which One Should You Choose?

Ash Wood vs. Maple: Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between the two wood types depends on your design preference. Both wood types offer unique looks and excellent detailing. They are also both durable and dependable. In terms of appearance, ash wood offers a creamy white to reddish hue, while maple leans more towards a creamy look. Ash wood is closer to oak in terms of its coarse and porous grain, while maple furniture presents its finer texture. Both wood types make amazing home furniture pieces with a vast range of uses.

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