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Ash Wood Furniture Guide: Advantages and Disadvantages - Megafurniture

Ash Wood Furniture Guide: Advantages and Disadvantages

Ash wood is an excellent material for creating furniture, floors, cabinetry, and many other wooden items. This hardwood makes a range of timeless furniture pieces that we absolutely adore. 

Ash wood furniture pieces are identified by their attractive light brown hues and clean, straight grains that fit various interior styles. Because of its clean and refreshing look, ash wood has become one of the most popular wooden furniture options. It is also notably durable and absorbs wood stains very well.

If you're wondering if ash wood is a good choice to spruce up your home, check out its advantages and disadvantages in this guide.

What is Ash Wood Furniture?

What is Ash Wood Furniture?

Ash wood is a member of the olive tree family, classified as a hardwood that grows in many places throughout the world. This wood type presents a light hue and clean detailing. Some ash wood furniture pieces come in light beige to light brown hues that are popular for mid-century modern and minimalist interior themes.

Ash wood is used in many indoor furniture pieces like the sofa, bed frame, kitchen cabinets, hutches, dining tables, coffee tables, and other accent pieces like the side table.

Advantages of Ash Wood Furniture

Advantages of Ash Wood Furniture

Ash Wood is Aesthetically Appealing

Light hues, clean lines, remarkable grains—ash wood offers a perfect furniture element for mid-century modern and contemporary settings. The refreshing colour of the ash wood makes compact spaces look more spacious and attractive.

Ash Wood is Versatile

Ash wood is easy to work with, which means you can find a vast variety of design options made from this wood type. 

Ash Wood is Durable

Ash wood is one of the most reliable and durable wood products that is not as expensive as other hardwoods like teak. Ash wood furniture pieces resist moisture very well and can hold up to heavy use due to their shock resistance.

Ash wood is Affordable

Ash wood is abundant and easy to use, making it a more affordable option if you are looking for stylish furniture that will last for years.

Ash Wood is Easy to Maintain

Like other hardwood furniture pieces, ash wood is also easy to maintain. When kept in a clean and dry area, ash-finished wooden furniture pieces will need the least amount of maintenance.

Disadvantages of Ash Wood Furniture

Disadvantages of Ash Wood Furniture

Ash Wood has Open Grains

Like teak, ash wood has open grains, which is a disadvantage if you want an ultra-smooth furniture texture.

Ash Wood is Not Ideal For Outdoor Use

Although it is moisture and shock resistant, ash wood is susceptible to insects and fungus when exposed to soil. This makes the material unsuitable for outdoor furniture pieces.

Ash Wood Burns Fast

This material is more flammable than other wood types. To ensure its fire safety, ash wood may undergo some chemical treatments.



Ash wood furniture pieces are aesthetically pleasing and notably durable. However, like other furniture materials, ash wood also presents some disadvantages. When selecting your wooden furniture material, it’s always worth it to check both of these positive and negative factors.

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