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How Many Air Purifiers Do You Need for Your Home? - Megafurniture

How Many Air Purifiers Do You Need for Your Home?

Home air purifiers are proven to help improve the air quality in the home. An efficient air purifier offers deep filtration of pollution, pungent odours, and harmful particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. These dangerous microscopic particles can be tackled using a True HEPA filter air purifier.

But will a single air purifier suffice? Do you need multiple air purifiers for various rooms in your home? How many air purifiers do you need to protect your indoor air quality?

It is generally recommended to place an air purifier in each room. But you can put at least one room air purifier in the most used rooms in your home, mainly the bedroom, living room, and kitchen/dining area. It’s also vital to check the air purifier’s CADR specifications to measure the effectiveness of the appliance for your room's requirements. Specifically, it describes the volume of clean air that the air purifier releases per minute.

Before buying an air purifier, consider the number of your rooms, their sizes, the vicinity, and the capacity of your air purifier. These are the main deciding factors when determining the number of air purifiers for your home.


Room Air Purifier: Which Rooms are Your Top Priorities?

Which Rooms are Your Top Priorities?

To choose the rooms to prioritise, consider the amount of time you spend in each room and the level of air pollutants present in the area. Ultimately, we spend almost ⅓ of our days in the bedroom, so it’s vital to maintain this room’s air quality, especially if you have pets at home. Scented items like candles also contribute to indoor air pollution. Other places where people usually hang out are the living room, kitchen, and dining areas. The living room can be susceptible to many indoor allergens, especially pet dander, while the kitchen is filled with smoke and odours from cooking. 

Always look for air purifiers with True HEPA filters for your home. This is the standard air filter that experts recommend.

How Big are Your Rooms?

How Big are Your Rooms?

While different rooms have different pollutant levels, they also differ in size. Many flats in Singapore follow an open-concept design that combines two or more rooms into a single spacious area. Always check the CADR of the appliance to determine the right size for your room. CADR stands for the Clean Air Delivery Rate of an air purifier. A high CADR rating means the air purifier cleans the air faster. This means that if your room is big and more susceptible to many air pollutants, it will require a higher CADR. However, be careful not to buy an air purifier that is bigger than your room’s requirements to prevent wasting energy.

Where Should You Place Your Air Purifiers?

Where Should You Place Your Air Purifiers?

We highly recommend placing your air purifier in a place with good airflow. This can help the purifier work faster. Efficient areas to position the air purifier include the doorway, near the window, and entryways to filter the air as it enters the area.

How Much is the Cost of Maintenance?

How Much is the Cost of Maintenance?

You will need to replace the filter of your air purifier regularly to maintain its efficiency. This means that if you have more air purifiers in your home, you will have to change all their filters regularly. It’s vital to consider this when setting your budget for buying your air purifiers. It’s also important to check the electricity consumption of each air purifier. The good news is that many air purifiers are energy-efficient.



So, how many air purifiers do you need for your home? While it’s ideal to have one unit per room, placing an efficient air purifier in each priority area is also a good option. Knowing your priorities, the size of your rooms, the air pollution levels, and the efficiency of your air purifiers will make your choice easier and more effective.

Once you determine the number of air purifiers for your home, you may check out Megafurniture’s collection of True HEPA filter air purifiers in Singapore. Invest in innovative and energy-efficient products that are worth your investment.

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