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Are Air Coolers Effective Against the Summer Heat? - Megafurniture

Are Air Coolers Effective Against the Summer Heat?

The summer heat in Singapore can really get intense. When the heat rises, it can be really uncomfortable and stressful to stay indoors. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re living in an oven, it’s vital to look for efficient air cooling solutions that can somehow ease the discomfort. Thankfully, we have an energy-efficient air cooler.

Will an air cooler really do its job? Is it worth its affordable price? It’s good to ask yourself these questions before making a significant purchase. In the end, you don’t want to invest in something that is not beneficial.

Let’s talk about how an evaporative air cooler works.

How Does an Air Cooler Work?

How Does an Air Cooler Work?

Many may confuse an air cooler with an air conditioner, but these two appliances work differently. An air cooler or an evaporative cooler uses the natural process of evaporation to provide cooler air into the room. This works when the fan gets the hot air and lets it pass through a water pad. As the water evaporates, it cools down and blows into the room. This circulates cooler and fresher air within the area. It also adds moisture to the dry air.

The same principle applies to sweating, where the water particles from the sweat remove the heat from the skin, giving it a cooler feeling. The natural process done by an air cooler makes it more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. 

Advantages of an Air Cooler

Advantages of an Air Cooler

  • Air coolers circulate fresh air since they don’t need to work in a closed room with their natural evaporating process.
  • Air coolers can be used outdoors.
  • Air coolers are great for dry places, which is beneficial for allergy sufferers.
  • Air coolers are more energy-efficient than air conditioners.
  • Air coolers come in various sizes and capacities that are suitable for different room types and sizes.
  • Air coolers produce no emissions that can harm the environment.
  • Air cooler filters effectively improve indoor air quality.
  • Air coolers are portable.


While evaporative air coolers offer multiple advantages, they also come with drawbacks. Unlike air conditioners, air coolers don’t provide instant cooling or heating. 


Small Room Cooler: Are Air Coolers Effective?

Are Air Coolers Effective?

Although they don’t provide the same cooling capacity as an air conditioner, they work efficiently in places with hot and dry weather. This is because they add moisture to the air, which prevents the dry skin, itchy eyes, or sore throat that dry air causes. However, this moisture will increase the humidity in an already humid area, which causes mould to build up. In this case, adding another source of ventilation is required. When you use your air cooler on a humid day, you can open your windows. The dryer air from the outside will help the evaporation work efficiently without producing too much moisture indoors.

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner

As we mentioned earlier, air coolers and air conditioners work differently and provide varied results. Air coolers use the process of evaporation to cool the air and add moisture to the room, while an air conditioner uses a more complex process that cools and dehumidifies the area. Air coolers can also work well in open rooms, while air conditioners function better in closed spaces.

Choosing between the two is based on your preference, the cooling that you need, the type of temperature, and your budget. If you want an affordable choice for your hot and dry weather, an air cooler is an excellent choice. If you are willing to invest more in an innovative air conditioner for your humid area, opt for an air conditioner.

Air Coolers vs. Portable Air Conditioner - A Quick Comparison

While air coolers use evaporative cooling to lower temperatures, making them energy-efficient and best suited for dry climates, the portable air conditioners, on the other hand, use a refrigerant to cool air and can also dehumidify, offering more effective cooling in various climates but at a higher energy cost.




An air cooler is highly advantageous, especially in places with hot and dry weather. If you’re planning to invest in an air cooler, it’s important to assess your humidity levels to make sure you will really get the most out of your cooling appliance. 

Upgrade your air quality with Megafurniture’s collection of innovative air cooling appliances from trusted brands.

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