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Stunning 5- Room HDB Layout Ideas for Your Next Home Renovation - Megafurniture

Stunning 5- Room HDB Layout Ideas for Your Next Home Renovation

Renovating your home is an exhilarating endeavour, filled with endless possibilities and boundless opportunities to unleash your creativity. But what if we tell you there's a huge chance your home resembles the one next door?

Not a fan of the thought of a cookie-cutter 5-room HDB flat?

Whether you're a minimalist at heart, a lover of vibrant colours, or an admirer of timeless elegance, we have many HDB room design or layout ideas to suit your tastes and needs.

Here are 11 room renovation ideas for your next 5-room HDB.

HDB 5 Room Floor Plan: 11 Layout Ideas for Your Next 5-Room HDB Renovation

Are you considering a renovation for your 5-room BTO (Built-to-Order) apartment?

Transforming your living space into a haven of modern design and functionality can be exciting. Whether you're aiming for an open-concept layout or seeking innovative ways to optimise every corner, there are many possibilities to explore in your 5-room BTO renovation.

This 5 Room HDB Renovation Embraces Open Concept Design

open-concept 5-room HDB flat

There's something undeniably captivating about an open-concept HDB layout. Removing unnecessary walls and barriers creates spaciousness and flow within your 5-room HDB flat. Imagine the joy of seamlessly transitioning from your living area to the dining space, allowing conversations and laughter to traverse freely.

In your HDB 5-room living room design, leverage the open-concept layout to create a seamless flow in between spaces. By removing unnecessary walls and barriers, you can enhance the spaciousness and connectivity within your home. Picture the delight of moving from the living area to the dining space, where conversations and laughter can flow freely. Embrace the open-plan design to foster a sense of togetherness and versatility, allowing for intimate gatherings and more significant social events within your inviting living environment.

A 5-Room HDB with Dual Kitchen Space

5-room HDB kitchen dual kitchen space

Why settle for one kitchen when you can have two? Imagine the convenience of having separate counters, sinks, and storage spaces, ensuring a smooth cooking experience for everyone involved. 

Consider creating a dual kitchen space in your 5-room HDB flat, where you can have a designated area for heavy cooking and another for light meal preparations. This setup allows multiple family members to cook simultaneously without getting in each other's way.

Spacious Wet and Dry Kitchen Areas

5-room HDB kitchen wet and dry areas

If you're a culinary enthusiast, having separate wet and dry kitchen areas in your 5-room HDB flat renovation is an absolute dream come true. Your wet kitchen is helpful for heavy cooking, equipped with a robust exhaust system and ample countertop space. On the other hand, the dry kitchen will serve as an efficient space for meal preparation, entertaining, and casual dining. Defining both spaces doesn't only make your kitchen more stylish, but they also make kitchen maintenance a breeze.

In addition, your 5-room BTO kitchen design needs to prioritise functionality and flexibility to adapt to your family's evolving needs—Utilise versatile hdb 5-room kitchen design for efficient workflow and ample storage. Consider integrating innovative technology and energy-efficient appliances to enhance sustainability and convenience. Personalise the space with stylish finishes, lighting fixtures, and ergonomic furnishings to create a welcoming environment for culinary adventures and family gatherings.

How About Double Dining Space for Your 5-Room HDB Entertaining?

5-room HDB kitchen double dining space

Love hosting dinner parties or large family gatherings? Consider creating a double dining space in your 5-room HDB flat. One area can be a formal dining space for special occasions, while the other can be a casual dining nook for everyday meals.

Choose stylish dining furniture, pendant lights, and accessories to create distinct atmospheres within each dining area.

Choose Unique 5-Room HDB Bedroom Layout

HDB bedroom with bay window

When designing your bedroom, why not think outside the box? Instead of the conventional layout, explore unique bedroom arrangements that maximise your HDB space.

For instance, you could position your bed against a bay window, creating a cosy reading nook or a place to enjoy the view. Alternatively, consider a floating bed concept that adds an element of intrigue and visual appeal.

You can also add a mini walk-in wardrobe to your HDB bedroom that prioritises vertical storage solutions and multifunctional furniture.

Let your imagination guide to craft a bedroom layout that perfectly suits your style and enhances your comfort.

Open, Japanese-Inspired 5-Room HDB Flat

Japandi 5-room HDB living room

If you're drawn to simplicity, serenity, and an uncluttered aesthetic, a Japanese-inspired interior design theme might be the perfect choice for your 5-room HDB flat. Embrace the principles of minimalism, natural materials, and clean lines. Create an open and unobstructed layout, allowing natural light to flood your living space. 

Incorporate elements like tatami mats, sliding doors, and low furniture to achieve a harmonious blend of functionality and tranquillity.

Include a Study Area

HDB bedroom with study area

In today's fast-paced world, a dedicated study area in your 5-room HDB flat is a much-needed feature. Whether you work from home or simply need a quiet space for reading, studying, or pursuing your hobbies, a well-designed study area is essential. 

Consider incorporating a spacious desk with ample storage for books, stationery, and electronic devices. Choose a location that offers natural light and a peaceful atmosphere, ensuring maximum focus and productivity. 

Or a Hobby Room

5-room HDB flat hobby room

Do you have a particular hobby that brings you immense joy? Why not dedicate a room in your 5-room HDB flat exclusively to indulge your passion? Whether it's painting, crafting, or playing a musical instrument, having a hobby room allows you to immerse yourself in your creative pursuits. Customise the space with storage solutions, workstations, and equipment catering to your hobby.

Build a Cosy Retreat with Bedroom with a Living Area

HDB bedroom with sofa

If you seek a multifunctional space, consider giving your bedroom a mini living area. Create a mini nook with a two-seater sofa or a stylish armchair so you can relax or read a book before drifting into dreamland. Have a book or album collection? Install a built-in bookshelf to complete your expressive bedroom interior design.

Make the Most of Your 5-Room HDB Space with a Walk-In Wardrobe

5-room HDB bedroom walk-in closet

Dreaming of a wardrobe that's worthy of a fashion enthusiast? Consider building a walk-in wardrobe into your 5-room HDB flat. This perfect HDB 5-room design addition provides ample storage for your clothing, accessories, and shoes while offering a touch of glamour and functionality. 

Install custom shelves, racks, and drawers to keep your wardrobe organised and easily accessible.

Bring Outdoors Indoors

5-room HDB flat vertical garden

Bringing a touch of nature into your 5-room HDB flat can infuse your living space with freshness, offering innovative HDB renovation ideas. Consider incorporating indoor plants or vertical gardens to create an oasis within your home. Combine these green elements with light-treated windows, natural light, and earthy textures to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, allowing you to reconnect with nature without leaving the comfort of your HDB space.

5-Room HDB Flat Renovation FAQs

5-room HDB open concept kitchen

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a 5-Room HDB?

It's no secret that a 5-room HDB flat is the most expensive to purchase and renovate, with a brand-new apartment potentially costing over S$50,000. A resale flat is generally more costly. On average, renovating a 5-room HDB flat in Singapore can cost anywhere between S$30,000 to S$60,000 or higher, depending on the square footage and extent of the renovation. 

We advise consulting with professional renovation contractors or interior designers who can assess your needs, provide a detailed quotation, and guide you through the renovation process. They can help you create a customised budget based on your preferences and requirements.

Can I Customise the Layout of My 5-room HDB Flat?

Of course! While there are restrictions on structural changes, you have the flexibility to customise the interior design and layout of your 5-room HDB flat. Work with an interior designer or an HDB-accredited contractor to personalise the space according to your preferences while adhering to HDB guidelines and regulations.

How Can I Make the Most of My 5-Room HDB Space?

There are several ways to maximise storage space in your 5-room HDB flat. You can utilise built-in cabinets, install overhead storage in the kitchen, incorporate multipurpose furniture with hidden storage compartments, and use vertical space with floor-to-ceiling shelves. 

Can I Apply for a Renovation Loan for My 5-room HDB Flat?

Yes, you can apply for a renovation loan to finance your 5-room HDB flat renovation. Renovation loans are offered by various banks and financial institutions in Singapore, and the eligibility criteria and terms may vary. We advise you to compare loan options and seek advice from financial institutions to determine the most suitable financing solution for your renovation project.

Other Related FAQ:

What are some popular  4 room hdb resale renovation ideas?

Popular renovation ideas include creating an open-concept living space by knocking down walls, updating the kitchen and bathroom for a modern look, incorporating built-in storage solutions, and choosing a coherent color scheme to unify the space.

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