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4 Practical Reasons Why You Need a Dressing Table - Megafurniture

4 Practical Reasons Why You Need a Dressing Table

Getting ready in the morning is a complete hassle if you are short on time and have a cluttered space. There is a big chance that you will lose your items easily if you have too many skincare and cosmetic products and jewellery pieces kept randomly in your bedroom or bathroom.

A dressing table or makeup table serves multiple functions in your bedroom with its versatile configuration and elegant design. This used to be extravagant furniture but is now a piece that everyone loves. If you are looking for one piece with a mirror, tabletop, and storage space, an exquisite dressing table is for you.

Are you still contemplating whether you need a bedroom dressing table or not?

Here are four reasons you need a dressing table for your home.

You Don't Have Comfortable Place for Your Morning Prep

We all want to look and be our best all the time. On a typical day, we spend minutes grooming ourselves to be presentable and ready to face the grind of the day. It gets frustrating if you are in a hurry and do not have all the grooming items ready for use. If you are still fighting for a slot in your bathroom or are still standing in front of your mirror for minutes while grooming yourself, it is time to consider getting a dressing table.

You Always Lose Your Jewelry or Smaller Items

You always lose your jewelry or smaller items

Losing or misplacing pieces of jewellery is common for people who have no exclusive space to keep their items. It is sometimes not enough to put them in a box and leave them in your wardrobe. It is a hassle to rummage through a large space when you are in a hurry. One of the major advantages of having a dressing table in your bedroom is that it provides dedicated storage space for smaller items, like your jewellery collection. 

Dressing tables also come with pull-out drawers that can be locked to secure important items.

You Don't Have Enough Storage for Your Hygiene and Cosmetic Items 

You do not have enough storage for your hygiene and cosmetic items

Get all your grooming items out of that big pouch where everything gets mixed up and hard to find. 

Dressing tables provide ample shelving compartments and drawers to organise your personal items. This is important if you are in a shared room or if you just want specific storage for everything. For items you want to access easily, like makeup products, lotions, or perfumes, you can set up some plastic organisers on top of your dressing table so you can simply sit in front of your mirror and get the item you need.

You Have a Cluttered and Unorganised Bedroom

You have a cluttered and unorganised bedroom

Your hygiene items are in the bathroom, the jewellery pieces are inside the wardrobe, and your cosmetics are in your mini bag. Sometimes, when you are in a hurry, you rummage through all these different parts of your bedroom. This sometimes leaves your area disorganised and cluttered. 

Having your own dressing table helps you have multiple storage solutions without taking up so much space in your home. Some compact dressing tables come with hidden compartments behind the mirror for toiletries or towels. Some have deep drawers for medium-sized items. For smaller spaces, compact dressing tables are on the rise.

You Want to Increase the Beauty of Your Space 

You want to increase the beauty of your space

You are worthy of a beautiful space. Pamper yourself with a luxurious, picture-perfect piece of furniture with a sizable mirror, ample space solutions, and an elegant ottoman that elevates the beauty of your bedroom. For a minimalist modern bedroom, a sophisticated dressing table works as a notable focal point. For bedrooms shared by couples, a neutral dressing table with clean and subtle detailing works well to anchor all other furniture pieces in your bedroom.

You Want a Multipurpose Furniture for Your Limited Bedroom Space

You want a multipurpose furniture for your limited bedroom space

Aside from its beautiful design and versatile storage capacity, a dressing table can double up as a study or work table as it contains an ample tabletop surface. Bigger dressing tables have pull-out drawers that double as extra storage for clothes or bedding. This multipurpose piece will help you save space and money from buying extra furniture items that have the same functions.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Dressing Table

How to make the most out of your dressing table

Get the Right Dressing Table

The first step to making the most of your dressing table is selecting the right dressing table for your bedroom. Choose the size, configuration, presence of a mirror, and number of drawers depending on your needs and lifestyle. Getting a small dressing table for your bedroom might not be as space-saving as you thought it would be. A small dressing table means limited storage and tabletop surface. On the other hand, something bigger than what your space requires will make your room cramped. To get the right dressing table that works for you, you have to evaluate your current space, storage needs, and other furniture items already present in your bedroom. 

Keep Your Items Organised 

Plan the arrangement of your items by category and by how often you use them. Think about your daily routine. Prioritise the items that you need when you get ready in the morning. These items should be easily accessible and convenient to organise. Similar items like makeup items, cosmetics, skincare products, and hygiene items should be stored together. 

A dedicated jewellery tray or box is needed to keep them organised and prevent your jewellery collection, like necklaces and bracelets, from getting tangled or broken.

Position Your Dressing Table at a Strategic Area

Your dressing table will be busy every morning and on special occasions. This is why it is important to position it in an area where you can freely move and check what you need. Also, you have to set your dressing table in a convenient place where you can plug in your electronic items, like your hairdryer, during your morning routine. 

Accessorise Your Dressing Table

Good lighting is important to achieve your perfect glam look. The right lighting will also serve as an alternative light source at night if you want to keep a subtle and relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. A small lamp on your tabletop can help accessorise and liven up your bedroom. Trendy LED lights also add value to your dressing table. 

To add a personal touch to your dressing table, add small frames, mini potted plants, and other ornaments to spruce up your elegant furniture.

Simple Dressing Table Ideas

Minimalist Design

Keep the dressing table sleek with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Opt for a simple, single-tone finish, like white or natural wood.

Wall-mounted Shelves

Utilise wall space by installing floating shelves to hold makeup and accessories, keeping the tabletop clutter-free.

Fold-down Table

Consider a fold-down table design for small spaces. It can be easily tucked away when not in use, saving valuable floor space.

Mirror with Storage

Choose a dressing table with a built-in mirror that doubles as a storage compartment for makeup and jewellery.

Compact Vanity

Select a compact vanity with drawers or compartments to organise cosmetics and grooming essentials neatly.

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