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2022 Trend Guide to Decorating on a Budget - Megafurniture

2022 Trend Guide to Decorating on a Budget

2022 Interior Design Trends: What's hot and what's not? Check out these new year, new home trends that you'd love to follow.

2022 is here! Another year just ended and we are now approaching a new beginning. For interior designers and homeowners, it means that it's time for a little or not so little home makeover. Whether you are going for a major change or updating your existing design, here are some interior design trends you can adopt for the year 2022.

During the past years, the whole world experienced a major change in lifestyle and home settings. There were lockdowns and heightened safety precautions that caused us to adapt to changes rapidly and shifted how we live in our homes. Our homes that used to be our sanctuary became the home office and a place for education. Because of this, interior design trends started to focus on multifunctional and sustainable living. Multifunctional modern furniture, natural colours and textures, symmetrical and asymmetrical features, natural lighting, and lots of greens are some of the highlights of the new trend. So for the year 2022, we aim to create a sustainable home where we can enjoy life at ease despite many changes.

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We Love Convertible Furniture Solutions

We love convertible furniture solutions

2022 is about versatility. Because you have a lot to do with such a limited space, whether you are designing a BTO or HDB flat, it's important to focus on getting some furniture pieces that will help you maximise your space. Modern furniture units with more than one use are expected to dominate homes this 2022. Here are some convertible or multifunctional furniture ideas that you can get for your home:

Embrace Minimalism

Embrace minimalism

Since we needed room to cater to more activities at home during the pandemic, lots of decluttering and repurposing took place in the past years. Aside from the multifunctional aesthetics, minimalism gives a sense of tranquility and safety with the well-defined area and mindfully curated furniture and design elements. With its benefits for your space and mind, minimalism is definitely still on trend this 2022. Before you get the right furniture and decorations for your minimalist home, start your venture first by purging unneeded items and decluttering your home. Seeing the clutter slowly go out of your sight is undoubtedly a stress reliever.

Light Base and Black Accents

Light base and black accents

Here is good news if you want to give your minimalist home depth and variation. When your base colours are mainly light and natural, black accent furniture like a black Eames Chair can balance the clean look while giving it more personality. A dark sintered stone table or black furniture hardware can also complete your design. Aside from furniture, you can also incorporate a black accent with your floor lamp, pendant light, window trim, wall, or doors. For your modern kitchen, you may choose black appliances to highlight a smart and functional interior design.

Natural Design and Furniture Materials

Natural design and furniture materials

While black accents provide depth and personality to your interior design, natural materials used in your furniture and decorations make a warm and inviting space. Not only do these materials bring charm to your home, but they are also notably durable and sustainable. 

Bring the outside in with materials that naturally go together. Wooden furniture and detailing, rattan, jute, and marble are some materials that make up a cosy and welcoming home. Incorporating these natural materials into your modern home also helps balance the presence of confined, technologically-centred living. A living room with an enormous television unit, for example, can be balanced by using a wooden tv console or a sofa with a mixture of wood and upholstery. 

How About Some Touches of Vintage Deco?

How about some touches of vintage deco

Celebrate limited finds inside your minimalist home by incorporating unique vintage items into your design. Vintage aesthetics is known for the detailed and well-made furnishings and decorations. These high-quality items make a modern space more personal- more like home. Because of their unique design, vintage items are hard to replicate and costly when bought, so it is good to have some hand-me-downs to keep in your possession. Upholstered furniture like fabric, leather, or faux leather sofas are still loved in 2022. Celebrate old pieces that tell stories by incorporating them into your design.

Add Interest with Curvy Furniture Pieces

Add interest with curvy furniture pieces

While straight and crisp lines dominate the past trends, 2022 welcomes lots of curves for a cosy overall look. Curvy furniture like this hemlock grey sofa and round coffee table make a comfortable living room with the soft and relaxing feel that they give. Combining various complimenting shapes makes a romantic and exciting interior design.

Refreshing Green, Earthy Tones, and Warm Hues

Refreshing green, earthy tones, and warm hues

2022 is a year of cosy and natural aesthetics. To achieve this, we need to borrow some colours from nature. The soothing green, paired with neutral colours like white, grey, and natural hues like tan and jewel tones, complete a neat and calming design. You can effortlessly join this outside to inside trend by adding plants or choosing furniture and painting with emerald green or jewel tones.

Natural Light is Still on Trend

Natural light is still on trend

Take advantage of your HDB living by welcoming natural light into your home during day time. Of course, this changes when the heat is scorching. Natural light enhances the colours that you use to complete your design. When you invite natural light into your home, you effortlessly highlight your focal points and improve your rich undertones. Since you've gotten your fair share of gadgets and man-made items in the past years, it's time to shift to more natural elements.

Beautify Your Kitchen

Beautify your kitchen

Natural elements will also dominate kitchen designs this 2022. This includes wooden cabinetry, marble countertops, and dining sets made with natural materials. The base colours are still more of neutrals and light combinations to give your kitchen a spacious look.

An Inspiring Work from Home Space

An inspiring work from home space

For many Singaporeans, the work from home setup is here to stay. When setting up or upgrading your home office, focus on multi-purpose ergonomic furniture that will not only make your job easier but will also help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. To make your home office lively and conducive for work, a tip is to let natural light enter your home office and add some greens to make your space refreshing.

2022 is About Function

2022 is about function

The design trend for 2022 is about functional aesthetics that focuses on carefully curated furniture that is both purposeful and beautiful. Once you redecorate your home, you will discover more functions that you can fit into your small space to support your lifestyle and add to your comfort. Thinking outside the box and going beyond your major room planning can help you notice potential corners and spots in your home that you can repurpose. Eco-friendly and sustainable materials will also gain popularity in the upcoming years. Reclaimed furniture and energy-efficient home appliances will be of great advantage. 

It is Also About Comfort

It is also about comfort

Minimalism, natural light, and sustainable materials all boil down to providing you comfort. Aside from beautifying your space, it's important that everything, your furniture, appliances, and design, give you a place that you will enjoy staying in. 

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