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Best Virtual Tool Applications for Your 2-Room HDB Renovation - Megafurniture

Best Virtual Tool Applications for Your 2-Room HDB Renovation

Are you enticed with beautiful HDB renovations being featured in facebook or instagrams and is now planning to renovate your 2-room HDB apartment? Embarking on a renovation project can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. With so many design choices and layout options, it's essential to have the right tools to visualise and plan your renovation effectively.
In today's digital age, virtual tools have become invaluable for homeowners and interior designers. For a starting point, consider exploring two 2-room HDB floor plans and free HDB floor plan tools to aid your renovation journey.


DIY HDB Application Tools Exist!


Renovating a 2-room HDB apartment requires careful planning and consideration. Every decision counts, from choosing the right colour scheme to optimising furniture placement. Fortunately, virtual tool applications can simplify renovation by providing realistic visualisations, accurate measurements, and endless design possibilities. Let's dive into the virtual tools available for your 2-room HDB renovation.


Virtual Room Planners


Virtual room planners allow you  how to get a digital floor plan of hdb flat and experiment with different layout options. Here are three popular virtual room planners:


Here's how to get HDB floor plan: RoomSketcher is a user-friendly tool that enables you to design floor plans, experiment with furniture placement, and visualise your 2-room HDB apartment in 3D. It offers an extensive library of furniture and décor items, allowing you to explore different styles and configurations.


Homestyler is a powerful virtual room planner that offers a wide range of features. With Homestyler, you can create accurate floor plans, customise walls and floors, and even try different paint colours. It also provides a vast selection of furniture and accessories to help you bring your design ideas to life.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is an intuitive and comprehensive virtual room planner that allows you to create detailed 2D and 3D floor plans. It offers an extensive catalogue of furniture, textures, and materials, allowing you to experiment with different styles and finishes to complete your 2 room flat design picture ideas. Planner 5D also allows you to visualize your design in augmented reality, making it a versatile tool for exploring your HDB floor plan free.

Colour Visualisers


Choosing the right colour scheme is crucial for setting the mood and ambience of your 2-room HDB apartment. Colour visualisers can help you explore various colour combinations before deciding. Here are three popular colour visualiser apps:

Dulux Visualizer

Dulux Visualizer lets you preview different paint colours on your walls in real-time using your smartphone's camera. You can also explore pre-selected colour schemes or create customised palettes. Dulux Visualizer helps you visualise how different colours will look in your space, ensuring you make the right choice.

Behr Color Smart

Behr Color Smart is a versatile colour visualiser app that offers a wide range of paint colours. With its photo match feature, you can capture a picture of any object or room and find the closest Behr paint colour match. It also provides colour coordination suggestions and allows you to digitally paint your walls to see how different shades will appear.

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap is an excellent tool for exploring and selecting paint colours. With its integrated colour-matching technology, you can take a photo or upload an image and find the closest Sherwin-Williams paint colour match. It also offers pre-designed colour palettes and lets you paint your walls virtually to see how different colours will transform your space.


Furniture Layout Apps


Arranging furniture in a small 2-room HDB apartment can be challenging. Another challenge would be if you have an HDB living room platform to consider. 

Furniture layout apps can assist you in optimising your space by providing accurate measurements and virtual placement options. Here are furniture layout apps worth considering for 2-room flat design picture ideas:


MagicPlan is a comprehensive app that allows you to create floor plans, measure rooms, and design furniture layouts. By simply capturing images and walking through your space, MagicPlan generates accurate floor plans and suggests furniture arrangements based on your measurements.


Amikasa is an intuitive app that enables you to design and visualise furniture layouts in 3D. With its vast furniture catalogue, you can experiment with different styles and configurations, ensuring you find the perfect arrangement for your 2-room HDB apartment.


Capture is a professional lighting design and visualisation software architects and designers use. It allows you to create detailed lighting layouts, experiment with various fixtures, and simulate how lighting will affect your space. Capture provides accurate renderings and helps you make informed decisions about lighting design.


Dialux is a powerful lighting design software that enables you to create precise 3D lighting simulations. It offers a vast catalogue of lighting fixtures, allowing you to experiment with different types and placements. Dialux provides photorealistic visuals and comprehensive lighting analysis to enhance your 2-room HDB renovation project.


Relux is a user-friendly lighting simulation software catering to professionals and homeowners. With its intuitive interface, you can create virtual lighting scenarios, test different fixtures, and evaluate the impact of lighting on your space. Relux offers accurate calculations and renders, ensuring you achieve the desired lighting effects.

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences


Immerse yourself in your 2-room HDB renovation project with virtual reality experiences. These apps provide interactive and realistic simulations, allowing you to explore your interior design ideas in a virtual environment. Here are three popular VR apps:


Houzz offers an extensive collection of interior design ideas and inspirations. With its VR feature, you can visualise different design concepts and walk through virtual rooms. Houzz allows you to explore various styles and gather inspiration for your 2-room HDB renovation.


DecorMatters combines social media and virtual reality to create an engaging platform for interior design enthusiasts. With its VR capabilities, DecorMatters allows you to design and decorate your 2-room HDB apartment in a virtual space. You can experiment with different furniture, colours, and styles and even get feedback from the community.


Roomle is a versatile VR app that offers an intuitive interface for designing and visualising spaces. With its extensive library of furniture and decor items, you can furnish and decorate your 2-room HDB apartment in a virtual environment. Roomle's VR experience provides a realistic sense of scale and helps you make informed design decisions.


Augmented Reality (AR) Apps


Augmented reality apps bring virtual elements into the real world, allowing you to see how furniture and decor will look in your 2-room HDB apartment. These apps use your smartphone or tablet camera to overlay virtual objects onto your physical space. Here are two notable AR apps for 2 room flat design picture ideas:


TapMeasure is a versatile AR app that offers various measurement and visualisation tools. With TapMeasure, you can measure your space, visualise furniture in 3D, and even create floor plans. It's a practical tool for planning and visualising your 2-room HDB renovation.

AR Home Design

AR Home Design is a user-friendly app offering an extensive furniture and decor catalogue. Using AR technology, you can place virtual objects in your space, experiment with different layouts, and get a realistic preview of your 2-room HDB renovation. AR Home Design simplifies decision-making by visualising how elements will look together.


Material and Texture Visualisers


Selecting the right materials and textures for your 2-room HDB renovation is crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic. Material and texture visualisers allow you to explore different options and visualise how they will look in your space. Here are three noteworthy visualiser apps:

Morpholio Board

Morpholio Board is an all-in-one digital tool for designers and homeowners. It allows you to create mood boards, explore materials and finishes, and visualise how they will appear in your space. With its extensive library of products, Morpholio Board provides a comprehensive material and texture visualising experience for your 2-room HDB renovation.


Roomle, besides its furniture layout capabilities, also offers material and texture visualisers. With Roomle, you can experiment with different flooring options, wall coverings, and finishes to create a cohesive and visually appealing design for your 2-room HDB apartment.



Embarking on a 2-room HDB renovation journey can be exciting, and virtual tool applications can greatly assist in planning and visualising your design ideas.

From virtual room planners and colour visualiser to furniture layout apps and VR experiences, a wide range of tools is available to make your renovation process smoother and more enjoyable. These virtual tools allow you to explore different possibilities, experiment with styles and layouts, and make informed decisions about your 2-room HDB renovation.

Embrace the power of technology and transform your space with confidence!

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