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Top Load Washing Machines Singapore

Top Load Washing Machines

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Top Load Washing Machines

Elevate your laundry routine with precision and performance.

Top load washing machines are marvels of modern engineering, designed for convenience and efficiency, offering a harmonious blend of spacious drums and cutting-edge technology. Experience the whisper-quiet operation, advanced water-saving features, and swift cycles that bring a touch of tranquillity and sustainability to your home. 


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Stay Away From Burdensome Laundry With the Superior Cleaning Power Of Top Load Washing Machines

The top-load washing machines stand at the pinnacle of laundry technology, offering a prime blend of features that make laundry less of a chore and more of a pleasure. With their elevated loading mechanism, you're invited to say goodbye to the back-breaking bends—loading and unloading laundry is now a breeze. The generous capacities mean fewer loads, while the precision wash settings ensure every fabric type is cared for optimally. Energy-efficient operations echo the call for eco-friendliness, and with whisper-quiet cycles, your laundry routine can now coexist peacefully with your life's quiet moments.

Benefits of Top Load Washing Machines

Ergonomic Design

Top load washing machines allow easy access, reducing the need to bend down and thus minimising back strain during loading and unloading.

Large Capacity

Despite their compact size, many top load washing machines offer a larger drum capacity, enabling you to wash more clothes in fewer loads.

Gentle Fabric Care

Equipped with specialised wash cycles, top load washing machines treat your garments gently, extending the life of your clothing by preventing excessive wear.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Advanced models are designed to be energy and water-efficient, conserving resources and reducing bills.

Quick Wash Cycles

For those in a hurry, top load washing machines often feature quick wash options that clean clothes effectively in a fraction of the time.

Steam Functionality

Specific top load washing machines have a steam feature that can help remove tough stains and sanitise clothes, which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Smart Technology Integration

With smart connectivity, some top load washing machines can be monitored and controlled remotely, fitting seamlessly into the smart home ecosystem.

Types of Top Load Washing Machines

Traditional Agitator Washers

These top load washing machines are the classic type that many grew up with. They have a central post (agitator) that twists back and forth, rubbing against clothes to help break apart stains and dirt. They are typically more affordable and have shorter cycle times but can be rougher on clothes and less efficient in water and energy consumption.

High-Efficiency (HE) Top Loaders

High-efficiency top-load washing machines do not have an agitator. Instead, they rely on a drum moving back and forth to toss clothes gently. They use less water and energy, which is better for the environment and can handle larger loads. HE top-loaders also spin faster, which extracts more water and reduces drying time. However, they can be more expensive and have longer cycle times.

Factors To Consider When Buying Top Load Washing Machines


Assess the drum size of the top load washing machines. A larger capacity is ideal for families or those who prefer doing less frequent, larger loads, while a smaller drum may suffice for individuals or couples.


Look for energy-efficient top load washing machines with a good Energy Star rating. This will save you money on utilities in the long run and is better for the environment.

Wash Cycles

Evaluate the variety of wash cycles available. Some top load washing machines come with specialised settings for different fabric types, which can be very convenient.


If you're often pressed for time, consider top load washing machines with quick wash options that clean effectively in a shorter period.

Noise Level

Some top load washers are designed to operate more quietly than others, which is an essential consideration if your laundry area is close to living spaces.

Advanced Features

Decide if you want advanced features such as steam cleaning, smart home connectivity, or automatic dispensers for detergent and fabric softener, which can add to the convenience and cost.

Agitator vs. Impeller

Choose between an agitator or an impeller mechanism. Agitators are traditional and can be tougher on clothes, while impellers are gentler and help make room for larger loads.


Top load washing machines can vary significantly in price. Set a budget beforehand, and consider the long-term energy and water usage costs.

Reasons To Shop at Megafurniture

When hunting for a new top load washing machine, Megafurniture is a destination that makes sense because you're not just picking from the best top load washing machines; you're getting a complete service.

Our staff will walk you through the high-efficiency models and chat about those snazzy features you're curious about. They will be okay with getting into the nitty-gritty of each machine's capabilities. It's like having a laundry expert in your corner.

And let's talk deals—Megafurniture gets that a washer isn't just a purchase; it's an investment. We often have price tags that'll have you doing a double-take, thinking, "Is that right?" Plus, our aftercare is top-notch. Delivery, installation, and that golden warranty service makes the whole process worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do top load washing machines typically last?

Expect a top load washing machine to serve you well for approximately 10 to 12 years, though diligent care may extend this.

Can I wash large items, like duvets, in top load washing machines?

The spacious design of many top load washing machines makes them ideal for washing larger items comfortably.

Are top load washing machines as water-efficient as front loaders? 

Modern high-efficiency top load washing machines are designed to be water-efficient, rivaling their front-loading counterparts.

Do top load washing machines always come with a central agitator? 

No, you'll find both traditional agitator and gentler impeller models among top load washing machines.

How much detergent should be used in top load washing machines? 

You'll typically use less detergent in high-efficiency top-load washing machines, but it's best to follow the manufacturer's recommendation based on load size.

Is it easy to self-install top load washing machines? 

Some may be comfortable with DIY installation, but to ensure it's done properly, professional installation of top load washing machines is recommended.

What if my top load washing machine starts to make a racket? 

First, troubleshoot for any load imbalance or stray objects; if the issue remains, a repair technician should take a look.

Can I manage top load washing machines from my smartphone? 

Yes, select models of top load washing machines come with smart tech that allows for smartphone control and monitoring.

How do top load washing machines fare in water consumption compared to others?

High-efficiency top load washing machines are designed to conserve water, making them much more efficient than older models.

What features are essential in top load washing machines for removing tough stains? 

For superior stain-fighting, look for top load washing machines with specialised wash cycles, steam treatment, and pre-soak capabilities.