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Slumberland mattresses offer excellent quality and supremely comfortable mattress solutions. Enjoy an upgraded sleep comfort with these carefully curated mattress units on sale in Singapore.
Slumberland Ashford 3 Pocketed Spring Mattress Singapore Slumberland Ashford 3 Pocketed Spring Mattress Singapore
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Slumberland Ashford 3 Pocketed Spring Mattress
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    Slumberland Ashford 2 Pocketed Spring Mattress Singapore Slumberland Ashford 2 Pocketed Spring Mattress Singapore
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    Slumberland Ashford 2 Pocketed Spring Mattress
    On sale from $1,759.00 $1,759.00
      Slumberland Ashford 1 Pocketed Spring Mattress Singapore Slumberland Ashford 1 Pocketed Spring Mattress Singapore
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      Slumberland Ashford 1 Pocketed Spring Mattress
      On sale from $1,319.00 $1,319.00

        Get the Best Slumberland Spring Mattress

        Innovative and luxurious mattresses—we understand that your mattress choice can significantly change your sleep comfort. Slumberland has an exclusive range of high-end spring mattresses made from premium memory foam, exceptional natural latex, and a high-quality pocketed coil spring system, all encased in a cooling knitted fabric cover. Enjoy breathable sleeping comfort and enhanced motion isolation for a restful and undisturbed sleep. Shop from our vast collection of comfortable Slumberland beds to score the perfect mattress with the best benefits for your night's rest.

        Why Buy Slumberland Mattresses?

        Hotel-Like Comfort

        Experience the cloudy feel and unbeatable support of a luxurious Slumberland bed. Prevent body sores with the unique cradle comfort this mattress offers. Sleep cool and improve your blood circulation with the posture-engineered pocketed springs and Germanium fabric materials. Take your slumber to the next level with luxury Slumberland Mattresses at Megafurniture.

        The Ultimate Sleeping Aid

        Our Slumberland mattresses target both vertical and horizontal pressures to provide absolute sleeping comfort. Enhance your sleep quality and enjoy better support with Slumberland's innovative mattress design.

        Motion Isolation

        Slumberland mattresses feature a Comfortplush pocketed spring system that follows individual body movements during sleep, resulting in minimal disturbance and reliable pressure relief. Say goodbye to restless nights and constant body aches and enjoy the cosy cradle of your new innovative high-end mattress.

        Breathable Sleeping Comfort

        Featuring premium viscose knitted ticking and natural latex materials, Slumberland mattresses boast a cooling sleep sensation that is perfect for Singapore's hot and humid weather.

        Safe and Reliable

        Slumberland mattresses have anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic properties to prevent allergies and skin irritation. All our mattresses are safe for kids and people with allergies.

        Made to Last

        Slumberland's unique mattress design and spring system do not only promote quality sleep support but also make the mattress extra durable. Slumbarland maintains a sturdy structure across the entire mattress to provide excellent support and reliable longevity.

        What Sleeping Positions Do Slumberland Beds Support?

        The bouncy comfort of latex and the excellent motion support of the pocketed spring system, both present in a Slumberland mattress, are ideal for many sleeping positions. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination sleeper, you will surely enjoy more comfort and support from this versatile mattress design. The carefully structured springs support mattress sharers with varying sleeping needs and restless sleepers who toss and turn often.

        What Mattress Sizes Are Available?

        Slumberland mattresses are available in standard single to king mattress sizes in Singapore, ideal for single or shared use. These fit seamlessly with standard Singapore bed frames and bedding sizes.

        How Much Are Slumberland Mattresses in Singapore?

        Take home a Slumberland luxury pocketed spring mattress from Megafurniture starting at $979. Some mattress packages come with a free anti-dust mite pillow and a mattress protector.

        Buy High-End Slumberland Mattresses at Megafurniture

        Shop premium pocketed spring mattresses online for the best prices at Megafurniture. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and prompt mattress delivery with our friendly team.

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